401K To Platinum IRA Rollover

A 401(k) plan enables employees to invest a portion of their income for retirement, with employers often matching contributions up to a specific limit. However, limited investment options are a concern. Financial experts recommend diversifying portfolios with tangible assets like platinum coins and bullion bars to reduce risk and protect against inflation. By converting a 401(k) into a Platinum IRA, investors can broaden their investment choices and safeguard their retirement savings.

5 Best PlatinumIRA Rollover Companies of 2023

  1. Augusta Precious Metals: Editor’s Choice – Great Gold IRA Company Overall (4.9/5)
  2. Red Rock Secured: Runner up – Best at Home Gold IRA (4.8/5)
  3. Goldco: Great Buyback Program (4.6/5)
  4. American Hartford Gold: Best Price for Bullion (4.5/5)
  5. Birch Gold Corporation: Great Staff Overall (4.2/5)

#1. Augusta Precious Metals: Editor’s Choice – Great Gold IRA Company Overall (4.9/5)

Augusta Precious Metals is a pioneer in the precious metals industry, allowing individuals to diversify their investment portfolios with physical gold and silver. Founded in Casper, Wyoming, Augusta has become an advocate for adding physical gold and silver to retirement portfolios, including the option for 401K to Platinum IRA rollovers.

Joe Montana recently instructed his financial team to find the best gold company in the United States, and they found Augusta Precious Metals. With over 2687 likes on Facebook and glowing customer reviews, it’s no surprise that Joe chose Augusta as his go-to source for precious metals investments.

Augusta Precious Metals is an industry-recognized PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) dealer and offers several depositories to store your gold or silver investments. The Better Business Bureau® also accredits them and grants an A+ rate, so you can have confidence that your investments are safe. With the added service of assisting clients with 401K to Platinum IRA rollovers, Augusta ensures a seamless transition for those looking to secure their retirement with precious metals.

Pros & Cons


  • Personalized online chat
  • Offers videos with educational information on their website
  • Customer service that lasts a lifetime


  • Minimum order of $50,000
  • It’s difficult to find internet cost breakdowns.

#2. Red Rock Secured: Runner up – Best at Home Gold IRA (4.8/5)

Red Rock Secured is a privately owned company based in Southern California that offers premium services to protect its clients’ retirement. Founded in 2023, Red Rock Secured provides online services to residents nationwide and specializes in gold and precious metals investments. The company aims to help people secure retirement savings through strategic diversification in gold and silver investments. 

They offer various services such as 401k plans, IRA accounts, physical gold & silver investments, and 401K to Platinum IRA Rollover. Their goal is to provide customers with worry-free retirement savings. 

Red Rock Secured has been featured on multiple platforms, including the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Consumer Affairs, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Crunchbase. They have received favorable feedback from customers who have used their services.

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent ratings on several watchdog websites
  • Excellent assortment of goods
  • Among the most exciting offers is a price guarantee.
  • The majority of customers’ gold IRAs will not incur any costs.
  • They do offer a repurchase program.
  • A gold IRA requires a minimum investment of $10,000.


  • There are no specific product pages.
  • The availability of the inventory needs to be clearly stated.
  • There is no entirely transparent markup.

#3. Goldco: Great Buyback Program (4.6/5)

Goldco is a privately owned business that specializes in wealth and asset protection. Founded in 2006, the Los Angeles-based company has become the #1 ranked Gold IRA provider. Goldco helps investors protect their retirement accounts from market volatility by dealing nearly exclusively in IRA-approved gold and silver coins.

The company is ranked A+ by the Better Business Bureau and Triple-A by Business Consumer Alliance. It provides customers with a variety of ways to invest in precious metals. Goldco assists with setting up new or existing precious metals IRA accounts and helping customers diversify their portfolios with physical gold and silver.

Goldco aims to offer Americans a robust selection to safeguard their IRAs, 401(k)s, and other eligible retirement accounts from the market volatility that can erode savings over time. The company is dedicated to offering top-notch customer service. At the same time, it is offering competitive rates on all its products. In addition, Goldco also specializes in 401K to Platinum IRA rollovers, giving clients even more options for safeguarding their retirement savings.

Pros & Cons


  • Cost-free for the first year
  • High buyback offers
  • With over a decade of expertise dealing in precious metals Rollovers of IRAs
  • Expert help throughout account setup
  • Account diversification ability
  • Simple access to your account and assistance via many devices
  • A BBB-accredited business
  • Free retirement resources and new client bonuses


  • IRAs demand a $25,000 minimum investment.
  • There are no opportunities to invest in other precious metals such as palladium or platinum.
  • There are no public prices for certain precious metals.
  • a competition that is fierce for minimum investment prices
  • Storage fees might not be optimal.

#4. American Hartford Gold: Best Price for Bullion (4.5/5)

American Hartford Gold is an American precious metals company. Founded in 2012, it provides gold and silver coins, bars, and rounds to investors looking to diversify their investment assets with physical gold and silver. The company provides a wide selection of goods from various mints worldwide, including the U.S. Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Austrian Mint, and Perth Mint. 

They also offer a storage selection for those who want to store their gold or silver securely.

American Hartford Gold is dedicated to providing customers with quality products at competitive prices. They have an experienced team of professionals knowledgeable about the precious metals industry. They can provide expert advice on investing in gold and silver.

In addition to its extensive product offerings, American Hartford Gold provides 401K to Platinum IRA rollover services for those looking to diversify their retirement portfolio with precious metals. This service allows clients to seamlessly transition their existing 401K into a Platinum IRA, which can include investments in gold and silver.

The company also provides educational resources for those interested in discovering more about investing in precious metals. Their website features articles on how to buy gold and silver safely, understanding the different types of coins available, and tips for storing your investments securely.

Pros & Cons


  • Online evaluations and ratings are overwhelmingly positive.
  • A wide variety of coins and bullion are available.
  • Free safes and cost reductions are only two of the many offers.


  • The website’s pricing is not transparent.
  • There are no platinum or palladium items displayed.

#5. Birch Gold Corporation: Great Staff Overall (4.2/5)

Birch Gold Corporation is a leading dealer of precious metals in the United States. They provide a wide selection of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. They provide customers with two ways to purchase physical precious metals: through an IRA or as a cash purchase for physical possession.

Birch Gold Group also offers exclusive interviews with industry experts, providing customers valuable insights into precious metals investing. Additionally, they have resources available to help customers stay up-to-date on market prices and charts.

Customers have highly rated the company for its customer service and knowledgeable staff. They help clients make informed precious metals investment decisions. Birch Gold Group also specializes in 401K to Platinum IRA rollovers, making it easier for clients to add precious metals diversification to their retirement portfolios. 

Pros & Cons


  • Supported by Ben Shapiro
  • Personal expert and reliable client support
  • Low IRA minimum of $10,000
  • Plenty of learning materials are available.
  • Investing amounts over $50,000 in the first year incur no costs.
  • Over twenty years of experience
  • The continually robust buyback plan
  • AAA BCA Rated
  •  A+ with BBB 4.69/5 from their customer


  • They only deal with clients from the United States.
  • Fewer real coins and bars than other gold investment firms

What is a 401(k) plan?

Under the Internal Revenue Code (subsection 401(k)), employees can invest a portion of their pre-tax earnings into 401k accounts for long-term savings. These tax-deferred investments allow employees to deposit earnings before paying taxes, delaying taxation until they withdraw the accumulated funds at retirement. Furthermore, the IRS sets annual limits for 401(k) plan contributions.

Benefits Of Individual 401k Plan

Investing through a 401(k) offers limited possibilities. Still, some plans present a broader range of options, such as money market funds, mutual funds, bond funds, stable value accounts, and corporate shares. These options make it easier for investors to diversify their investment portfolios. Account holders can transfer money between funds as market conditions and circumstances change.

Many employees view the company matching concept as a precious bonus. It means the company matches the employee’s contribution, with the entire amount going toward the retirement savings fund. As a result, the investment amount multiplies, helping investors reach their retirement goals more quickly. Investors need to note that the established restrictions vary from one company to another, as do the maximum time for funds to become vested.

Another benefit of the 401(k) plan is that participants can withdraw funds from their retirement portfolio in the case of a specific, unforeseeable event such as education, home purchase, financial hardship, or medical expenses. The investor must repay the withdrawn money within five years, and any interest paid on the loan goes back into their account. However, the rules change if an employee leaves the company with an outstanding 401(k) loan, which, if not followed, could subject the individual to a withdrawal penalty and taxes on their assets.

When Do You Want To Roll Over A Platinum 401(K) To An IRA?

When an individual changes jobs, they must decide how to handle their outdated 401(k) account. They can roll it over to another 401(k) account or opt for an IRA. Employees often choose the second option when their new employer provides a limited selection of mutual funds or investment choices and imposes high fees.

The main reasons people switch from a 401(k) to an IRA include:

Greater Investment Options

A 401(K) plan usually offers 6 to 24 outstanding investment options. In contrast, IRAs enable investors to choose from an extensive array of funds, stocks, and alternative investments like bitcoin, ETFs, and more.

Lower Fees

Many employers offer to cover their employees’ 401(k) fees. Still, they might not continue doing so if the employee leaves the company or if unforeseen circumstances force the company to discontinue this benefit. Therefore, employees must ensure that their employer-provided retirement plan is within their budget and that they can handle the potential expenses of their 401(k) account.

By converting a 401(k) into an IRA, employees can avoid administrative and personnel costs while accessing more affordable investment options, such as index funds.

Access to Roth Accounts

Many 401(k) programs do not allow employees to roll over directly to Roth 401(k) plans, making the conversion to a Roth IRA a viable alternative. The advantage of rolling over a 401(k) to a Roth IRA includes the absence of income restrictions within the Roth IRA, enabling employees to access their funds tax-free during retirement. Another significant advantage is the elimination of Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs), giving employees greater control over their retirement assets. Additionally, Roth IRAs offer extra perks, such as the ability to transfer them to heirs.

Investors considering converting from a 401(k) plan to a Roth IRA may worry about paying taxes; however, they should recognize that these taxes will be lower than those paid when withdrawing from a traditional 401(k).

Process Of 401(K) To An IRA Platinum Rollover

Select the Destination of Your 401(K) Rollover.

Employees need to choose between contributing to a Roth IRA or a Traditional IRA. If they want to maintain the same tax treatment and RMD, they should opt for a 401(k) to regular IRA rollover. Those with high incomes who desire Roth Tax treatment can use a backdoor strategy by selecting a 401(k) for Roth IRA rollover. However, employees nearing retirement should remember that rolling over to a Roth account may offer little benefits.

Select an IRA Provider for the Rollover Process.

Employees need to select a suitable brokerage firm that offers various investment options. To do this, they should compare the services and fees of different Robo-advisors and brokerage firms before deciding. Additionally, investors interested in exploring alternative investments beyond bonds, stocks, mutual funds, or ETFs must choose a self-directed custodian who can assist them in establishing a self-directed IRA.

Inform your current employer and any new private employers.

The 401(k) administrator should transfer funds directly to the new IRA. However, not all custodians support this method and may deposit the funds into a personal bank account first. It can lead to additional taxes and penalties if the requirements are met within 60 days.

Invest Regularly

Employees should consistently invest in their retirement accounts. Although contribution limits in IRAs are lower than those in 401(k) plans, balances do not affect these limits. By combining contributions to both the retirement plan and IRA, employees can maximize their investments.

Investing in platinum enables investors to diversify their retirement plans through various assets, such as coins, bars, bullions, and platinum company stocks. 

For those who do not closely monitor the economy or stock market, transitioning from a 401(k) plan to a direct platinum rollover is a wise choice. However, investors should remember that financial experts advise against placing all savings into one investment type and instead encourage diversification. To enhance risk tolerance, investors must incorporate various strategies into their retirement plans, as diversifying across different assets serves as a risk buffer.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Are the Advantage of Rolling Over My 401K to a Platinum IRA?

Transferring your 401K to a Platinum IRA can bring various advantages, including increased flexibility and investment possibilities. Furthermore, an IRA may make it easier to manage many accounts in one location.

Are There Any Fees Associated With Rolling Over My 401K?

No expenses are connected with rolling over your 401K to an IRA. Nevertheless, you should consult with your financial advisor or the custodian of your current retirement plan for precise information on any potential fees that may apply.

How Long Does the Process Take?

From start to end, the process usually takes two to four weeks. You must execute the rollover within 60 days to avoid penalties or taxes on the rolled-over funds.

What Documents Could I Need to Complete the Rollover?

To complete the rollover procedure, you will need documentation from your current retirement plan and the new account you are transferring into. Account numbers, beneficiary designations, and other personal information relating to both accounts are included.

Final Thought – 401K To Platinum IRA Rollover

A 401K to Platinum IRA rollover is an excellent selection for individuals looking to diversify their retirement savings and protect their financial future. By converting a portion of their 401K into a Platinum IRA, investors can take advantage of the unique benefits offered by precious metals, such as their ability to hedge against inflation, economic uncertainty, and market volatility. 

Furthermore, platinum has proven to be a valuable and rare commodity with solid industrial demand, making it a potentially lucrative addition to any investment portfolio. However, paying close attention to your financial objectives, risk tolerance, and the cost of a Platinum IRA rollover should all be considered before taking the plunge. 

Consult a qualified financial advisor to determine if a 401K to Platinum IRA rollover is the right choice for your retirement strategy.

When considering a Platinum IRA rollover, it’s essential to select a reputable company to help you through the process. Here are five of the best Platinum IRA Rollover Companies to consider:

Augusta Precious Metals: Known for their exceptional customer service and educational resources, Augusta Precious Metals is a top choice for investors seeking a seamless rollover experience.

Red Rock Secured: With a focus on safety and security, Red Rock Secured offers a variety of precious metal investment options, including platinum, to help diversify your retirement portfolio.

Goldco: As a leading provider of precious metals IRAs, Goldco has a strong reputation for helping clients achieve their long-term financial goals through strategic precious metal investments.

American Hartford Gold: American Hartford Gold is committed to assisting you with the rollover process and offers various precious metals, including platinum.

Birch Gold Corporation: With a commitment to transparency and customer education, Birch Gold Corporation is a trusted partner for those looking to add platinum and other precious metals to their retirement savings.

While these companies are highly regarded in the industry, it’s essential to research. It consults with a financial advisor to determine which provider best aligns with your investment goals and needs.

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