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Key Takeaways:

  • Apmex has a strong reputation and track record in the precious metals industry, providing customers with confidence in their purchases.
  • Apmex offers a wide selection of precious metals, allowing customers to find the specific products they are looking for.
  • Apmex provides various payment options and a buy-back program, offering flexibility and convenience to customers.

Introduction to Apmex Review

Apmex Review is an assessment of Apmex, a top precious metals vendor. This review looks at different elements of the company, such as its products, customer service, ordering process, and reliability. Apmex is known for its broad selection of bullion and numismatic products, catering to both individual investors and collectors.




The Apmex Review explores Apmex’s standing as a reliable source for buying precious metals. Apmex has a history of delivering quality products and pleasing customers. Its website is user-friendly and customer service is responsive. Prices are competitive, attractive to both new and experienced investors.

In addition, Apmex stands out for its extensive product selection. It includes gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion coins and bars from many mints globally. The company also has rare and collectible coins, making it a favorite for numismatic fans. Apmex’s inventory is constantly refreshed to reflect market trends and customer preferences, making sure buyers have the latest items.

Moreover, Apmex’s focus on security and reliability is another point discussed in the review. The company takes steps to guarantee the authenticity and quality of its goods, giving customers peace of mind. Apmex also offers safe storage for those who prefer to keep their precious metals off-site. Plus, the company has a straightforward return policy, boosting its credibility in the precious metals industry.

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In summary, Apmex Review examines the company’s offerings, customer service, and reliability. Through its vast selection of products, user-friendly website, and security commitment, Apmex is a leading player in the precious metals market. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor, Apmex provides a trusted platform to meet your bullion and numismatic needs.

Apmex Overview

Boasting a stellar track record and an extensive range of precious metals, Apmex has become a go-to destination for investors and collectors alike. With a strong reputation and flexible payment options, coupled with their reliable buy-back program, Apmex offers a comprehensive solution for those seeking to venture into the world of precious metal investing.

Reputation and Track Record

Apmex is renowned for their dependability, trustworthiness and dedication to customer gratification. They have an extensive selection of precious metals catering to different needs and preferences of investors. For instance, they offer competitive prices on junk silver which is attractive to those looking to broaden their portfolio. Though, their prices may be higher than some competitors, the quality and reliability of Apmex’s products often justifies it.

They provide various payment methods and a buy-back program. Plus, they offer special programs such as the Bullion Card and AutoInvest Program for added convenience.

Apmex’s commitment to customer service is remarkable. They are swift and helpful with customer inquiries and resolve any issues that may arise. As an example, they replaced a damaged package and ensured secure delivery when a customer contacted them. This shows Apmex’s strong track record of providing superb service.

Wide Selection of Precious Metals

Apmex offers a plethora of precious metal choices. They boast a wide selection to please every collector and investor. Gold, silver, platinum and palladium are all available in coins, bars and rounds of various denominations.

The table below details the precious metals, denominations, and forms that Apmex Review offers:

Precious Metal Denominations Forms
Gold Ounces, grams Coins, bars
Silver Ounces, grams Coins, bars
Platinum Ounces Bars
Palladium Ounces Bars

This comprehensive inventory shows Apmex’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Free shipping and insurance for domestic orders, plus excellent customer service, completes the package.

If you’re going to purchase from Apmex, consider your investment goals and preferences. Diversify your portfolio and make informed decisions when buying.

And remember – Apmex makes it easy to pay and get paid with their convenient payment options and buy-back program.

Payment Options and Buy-Back Program


Apmex is a respected dealer of precious metals. It offers buyers a range of payment choices and a handy buy-back program. Customers can select from different payment methods to make purchases, making sure of convenience and flexibility. The company also provides a buy-back program, allowing customers to sell their precious metals back to Apmex at competitive rates.

In the Payment Options and Buy-Back Program section, we will explore the various payment methods accepted by Apmex and how customers can access the buy-back program. Here’s an overview of the information:

Payment Options:

Apmex allows many forms of payment for customers. Credit cards, bank wire transfers, PayPal, cashier’s checks, money orders, and even Bitcoin payments are all available. This selection of payment methods makes sure that customers can choose the option that meets their requirements.

Buy-Back Program:

Apmex has a straightforward buy-back program for customers who want to sell their precious metals back. Through this program, customers can be sure that they have a dependable way to liquidate their investments when needed. Apmex strives to provide competitive rates for buying back precious metals from its customers.

As we investigate more about Apmex in the upcoming sections, we will uncover more details about its success in executing payment options and granting quick access to its buy-back program.




Apmex Pricing and Fees

Apmex Pricing and Fees: Discover the competitive prices on junk silver, the potential higher prices compared to competitors, and learn about the fees associated with certain payment methods.

Competitive Prices on Junk Silver

Text: Apmex is well-known for its competitive junk silver prices, which makes it a great choice for investors and collectors. The company seeks to offer transparent pricing, so customers get the best value for their money. There are a variety of options when it comes to junk silver, so Apmex can meet the diverse needs of its customers.

Here are the key points to know about Apmex’s junk silver prices:

  1. They are competitive for both coins and bullion.
  2. Apmex monitors market trends to accurately reflect silver’s value in pricing.
  3. Prices are transparent, so customers can make informed decisions.
  4. The competitive prices attract many buyers, including individual investors and institutional ones.
  5. Bulk purchases may be eligible for discounts.
  6. Apmex offers competitive pricing across all its precious metals.

Apmex offers other benefits, like secure packaging and free shipping for domestic orders. They also have a solid customer service reputation, making for a pleasant experience when buying or selling precious metals.

All in all, Apmex stands out with its range of services for investors and collectors. Whether you’re looking for competitive prices on junk silver or other precious metals, Apmex provides a reliable platform with a strong track record.

Higher Prices than Competitors

Apmex is known for its higher prices, compared to others in the precious metals market. Junk silver, a popular choice for investors, is offered at competitive prices. However, when it comes to other metals, Apmex’s prices are usually higher. This could be due to the quality of the products, or additional services and benefits they offer.

One reason for Apmex’s higher prices is their extensive selection of gold, silver, platinum, and other rare coins and bars. This gives customers more options, but also adds to the cost.

Another factor is Apmex’s reputation. They have a strong track record, based on reliable services and high-quality products. This adds value and may justify the slightly higher price tag for some customers.

Apmex provides additional services and benefits. There is a buy-back program, where customers can sell their precious metals back at competitive rates. This offers investors peace of mind.

Pro Tip: Before buying from Apmex or any other seller, compare prices across different platforms. Consider reputation, track record, selection, and additional services offered.

Fees for Certain Payment Methods

Apmex imposes fees for certain payment methods, which may vary depending on the selection. To give an overview of the associated fees, a table has been created:

Payment Method Fee
Bank Wire Fee-free
Paper Check/Money Order Fee-free
Credit Card 3% fee
PayPal, CryptoCurrency, Bill Pay, and other Electronic Payments Additional fees may apply

Apmex has a history of adapting their payment policies to cater to their customers’ preferences. This includes offering the option of paying through paper check/money order without incurring fees, while also implementing a 3% fee for credit card payments to cover expenses associated with processing these transactions. By doing this, Apmex strives to ensure a smooth and transparent purchasing experience.

Moreover, Apmex provides reliable customer service and shipping, so customers can trust that their precious metals will arrive safely.

Apmex Shipping and Customer Service

Apmex Shipping and Customer Service brings an exceptional experience to precious metal buyers. Enjoy the convenience of well-packaged deliveries, while domestic orders receive the added benefits of free shipping and insurance. The cherry on top? Apmex’s customer service is always there to help, providing prompt and responsive assistance. Get ready to explore the world of hassle-free transactions and top-notch service with Apmex.

Well-Packaged Delivery

Apmex puts safety and security first when it comes to delivering its products. They make sure their precious metals are well-packaged and protected during transit. High-quality materials are used for cushioning, and each package is carefully sealed. Plus, they label everything for easy identification.

Apmex also works with reputable shipping carriers for prompt and efficient delivery. On top of that, they offer free shipping and insurance for domestic orders. This safeguards the delivery process and gives customers peace of mind.

In conclusion, Apmex ensures that its deliveries are well-packaged. Customers can have confidence knowing their orders will arrive in excellent condition, ready for investment or collection.

Free Shipping and Insurance for Domestic Orders


Apmex offers free shipping and insurance for domestic orders – no extra cost! They take great care to secure the package so your investments are safe in transit. All domestic orders are included: big or small, Apmex covers it.

Plus, different payment methods are available – credit cards, bank wire transfers, PayPal, and Bitcoin. And, their buy-back program allows you to sell back precious metals at competitive prices.

While Apmex strives to offer competitive prices, there may be times when other competitors have lower prices. However, Apmex compensates with their incredible customer service. They’re helpful and responsive, and willing to answer any inquiries before, during, or after purchase.

For those seeking more features, Apmex has a bullion card program, Precious Metal IRA option, and a digital platform with OneGold. All these extras make Apmex a great choice for investors.

Ultimately, Apmex offers free shipping and insurance, plus lots of extras. Enjoy hassle-free ordering and excellent customer service with Apmex!

Helpful and Responsive Customer Service

Apmex stands out for its great customer service. They provide fast help, knowledgeable staff and timely communication. Plus, they go above and beyond to ensure customers are satisfied. They actively address any issues or concerns. This separates them from other precious metals companies.

Apmex Special Features and Alternatives

Discover the special features of Apmex and explore viable alternatives in the precious metal investment world. From the Bullion Card and AutoInvest Program to the Precious Metal IRA and OneGold Digital Offering, Apmex offers a range of unique opportunities for investors. Additionally, we’ll explore alternative platforms that can provide competitive options for those seeking alternative avenues for their investment needs.

Bullion Card and AutoInvest Program

Text: Apmex presents a one-of-a-kind Bullion Card & AutoInvest Program. It’s designed for customers who want to invest in precious metals. The Bullion Card helps customers purchase and store gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in a safe and simple way. With the AutoInvest Program, customers can automatically invest a particular amount of money into precious metals on a regular basis.

Column 1: Bullion Card Column 2: AutoInvest Program
  • Buy & store physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.
  • Convenient and secure.
  • Automatically invest a specified sum into precious metals.
  • Hassle-free and no manual intervention needed.

This program is popular due to its convenience. Also, it offers unique features. For example, investors can diversify their portfolios by investing in different metals. Moreover, the program ensures investors can keep contributing to their metal investments without monitoring.

Suggestions (based on customer feedback):

  1. Automated investing: Set up regular contributions through the AutoInvest Program to build your metal investment portfolio.
  2. Diversifying holdings: Explore different types of metals available through the Bullion Card.
  3. Monitoring market trends: Stay informed about market fluctuations and use them to adjust your contribution amounts or metal preference.

By following these tips and taking advantage of Apmex’s Bullion Card & AutoInvest Program, investors can improve their precious metal investment journey.

Precious Metal IRA and OneGold Digital Offering

Apmex offers a unique feature – the Precious Metal IRA – which allows individuals to invest in precious metals as part of their retirement savings. This offering enables secure storage of physical precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium, in an IRA custodian vault. Plus, the OneGold Digital Offering provides investors with the flexibility to buy and sell precious metals digitally through an online platform.

These features provide alternative investment options for those seeking beyond traditional financial instruments like stocks and bonds. By investing in physical precious metals or through the OneGold digital platform, people can diversify their portfolios and protect against economic uncertainties.




So, for those interested in adding precious metals to their retirement portfolio, Apmex’s Precious Metal IRA and OneGold Digital Offering is worth exploring. They provide easy access to purchasing and holding physical precious metals, as well as the convenience of digital transactions. Furthermore, Apmex’s reputation for quality products and responsive customer service gives investors confidence in their decision. Good luck finding another company that offers precious metals and a side of dark humor!

Alternatives to Apmex

When searching for alternatives to Apmex, it is important to consider other trustworthy options for buying precious metals. Each alternative has different features, advantages, and catering to various investor needs.

People search for Apmex alternatives to ensure secure and quality investments. To review Apmex, customers can check what real people have said about it – hoping their investments will be successful!

Customer Reviews of Apmex

Discover what real customers have to say about Apmex in the Shopper Approved Verified Customer Reviews and Trustpilot Customer Reviews. Get insights into their experiences, opinions, and ratings to make an informed decision about your precious metal purchases.

Shopper Approved Verified Customer Reviews

Shopper Approved Verified Customer Reviews have given Apmex a positive review, praising it for its wide selection of precious metals and competitive prices on junk silver. Plus, free shipping with insurance for domestic orders and helpful customer service! Plus more, such as the Bullion Card, AutoInvest Program, Precious Metal IRA and OneGold digital offering.

Apmex stands out from its competitors due to its great reputation, track record and customer satisfaction. Customers shared positive experiences with the buy-back program, saying they were able to sell their precious metals back at fair prices.

Trustpilot Customer Reviews are all about anonymous opinions on shiny rocks.

Trustpilot Customer Reviews

Trustpilot offers an alternative perspective to Shopper Approved for shoppers to gain a comprehensive understanding of Apmex’s reputation.

The reviews on Trustpilot are mostly positive, with prompt delivery, great packaging and helpful customer service being praised.

However, some reviewers have raised issues such as delayed shipments or difficulty with exchanges. Though, it’s worth noting that negative feedback is only a minority.

Apmex’s overall rating on Trustpilot is great.

To further enhance customer satisfaction, they could provide more tracking info and streamline their exchange process. These measures would improve transparency and efficiency in order fulfillment, creating an even better experience.

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Conclusion and Final Thoughts on Apmex

Text: Apmex is top-notch! It’s a great choice for those looking to invest in precious metals. It has a wide selection of products, terrific prices, and is committed to customer satisfaction. Plus, it guarantees authenticity and offers prompt customer service and secure packaging. John is one of its many satisfied customers. No doubt, Apmex is the go-to platform for quality precious metals. To sum up: Apmex is reliable and efficient for investing in precious metals!

Some Facts About Apmex Review:

  • ✅ Apmex is a reputable and established online bullion dealer with a wide selection of coins. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ They offer good prices on junk silver and have reasonable premiums. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Apmex has over 10,000 different items for sale and rarely runs out of stock due to their buy-back program. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ They offer various payment options, including credit card, Paypal, cryptocurrency, check, and wire transfer. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Apmex offers a wide range of products, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars. (Source: Investor Junkie)




FAQs about Apmex Review

Question 1: Is Apmex a reliable platform to buy gold and silver?

Answer: Yes, Apmex is a reputable and established online bullion dealer with over 20 years of experience in the industry. They have received positive ratings and reviews from customers, indicating their reliability and trustworthiness.

Question 2: What are the payment options available when purchasing from Apmex?

Answer: Apmex offers various payment options, including credit card, Paypal, cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum), check, and wire transfer. Cryptocurrency payments can sometimes be cheaper than using a credit card.

Question 3: Does Apmex offer a buy-back program for selling precious metals?

Answer: Yes, Apmex has a buy-back program, but they are mainly interested in amounts over $1,000 and offer lower rates for generic silver. Payment options for selling include check, ACH deposit, wire transfer, or product trade. However, it is recommended to sell precious metals elsewhere for better rates.

Question 4: What are the shipping and packaging options when purchasing from Apmex?

Answer: Apmex provides free shipping for domestic orders over $199, and packages are insured with a signature required for large orders. The carrier is either USPS or UPS. The packaging is well done, with various options depending on the product, such as tubes from the US Mint for American Silver Eagle coins or bags for larger orders of junk silver.

Question 5: What are the pros and cons of using Apmex?

Answer: Pros of using Apmex include a wide selection of coins, including rare ones, good prices on junk silver, reasonable premiums, and reputable customer service. Apmex also offers various payment options, automatic investing options, and eligibility for an IRA. However, some cons to consider are slightly higher prices compared to competitors and their buy-back program may not offer the best rates.

Question 6: Does Apmex have minimum order size requirements?

Answer: No, Apmex does not have minimum order size requirements. Customers can place orders of any size. Free shipping is available for domestic orders over $199.

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