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Arlene Dickinson Net Worth


Key takeaway:

  • Arlene Dickinson has had a successful entrepreneurial journey, starting with her role at Venture Communications and later founding District Ventures. Her entrepreneurial ventures have contributed significantly to her net worth.
  • Her role on Dragons’ Den as an investor and mentor has also had a positive impact on her net worth. Through her investments and guidance, she has been able to grow her wealth.
  • Arlene Dickinson is actively involved in philanthropic work, particularly as the national spokesperson for Breakfast Clubs of Canada. Her commitment to charitable efforts and pro bono work by Venture Communications showcases her dedication to giving back to the community.



Arlene Dickinson, the renowned businesswoman and television personality, has amassed an impressive net worth through her remarkable career. In this introduction, we will delve into her background and explore the highlights of her successful journey. From her humble beginnings to her illustrious career, we will uncover the fascinating story behind Arlene Dickinson’s rise to prominence. So buckle up and get ready to discover how this influential figure made her mark in the business world.

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Arlene Dickinson’s Background


Arlene Dickinson’s background is remarkable. She studied marketing and entrepreneurship and joined Venture Communications, where she quickly excelled. Eventually, she became the sole owner. Under her leadership, Venture Communications saw great growth in the advertising industry.

In addition to Venture Communications, Arlene founded District Ventures to support entrepreneurs and startups. On top of that, she joined Dragons’ Den, a popular television show. Here, she could invest in promising startups and provide mentoring. This role also grew her net worth.

Arlene is also known for her philanthropic work. She’s the national spokesperson for Breakfast Clubs of Canada, providing meals to children in need. Moreover, Venture Communications has done pro bono work for causes.

Apart from business, Arlene values family and relationships. Her non-partisan political views are balanced and she has personal attributes that have contributed to her success.

Arlene Dickinson’s journey is incredible. Don’t miss it!

Overview of Arlene Dickinson’s Career

Arlene Dickinson has been highly successful in her entrepreneurial ventures and philanthropic efforts. She first made a name for herself in the business world with Venture Communications, where she started as a partner and eventually became the sole owner. Her leadership led to the company’s growth and success. Besides that, Dickinson also founded District Ventures, a venture capital fund for Canadian entrepreneurs.

Moreover, her role as a Dragon on the popular show Dragons’ Den highlighted her expertise in various industries and added to her net worth through successful investments.

Apart from that, Dickinson is involved in philanthropy. She is the national spokesperson for Breakfast Clubs of Canada, which provides healthy meals to school children across the country. Additionally, she does pro bono work for Venture Communications.

Furthermore, Dickinson is recognised for her personal attributes and non-partisan political views. She values family and strives for positive change beyond her professional pursuits.

In conclusion, Arlene Dickinson’s journey as an entrepreneur has been a thrilling ride with many unexpected turns.

Arlene Dickinson’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Arlene Dickinson’s entrepreneurial journey is a captivating tale of joining Venture Communications, becoming the sole owner, witnessing the growth of the company, and ultimately founding District Ventures. From humble beginnings to immense success, her story is a testament to the power of determination and innovation in the business world.

Joining Venture Communications

Venture Communications was a major part of Arlene Dickinson’s entrepreneurial journey. She started by taking a leadership role at the company. Later, she became the sole owner. This set the stage for Venture Communications’ growth and success.

Arlene Dickinson’s strategic vision and business knowledge fuelled the company’s expansion. This made Venture Communications one of Canada’s top marketing agencies.

In addition to this, Arlene Dickinson founded District Ventures. It supports small food, beverage, and health companies. This demonstrates her commitment to helping others in their business pursuits.

Venture Communications was a pivotal moment for Arlene Dickinson. It allowed her to display her marketing and business talents. Through her efforts, Venture Communications became a respected agency. Arlene Dickinson is now an iconic figure in the industry.

Becoming the Sole Owner


Arlene Dickinson‘s entrepreneurial journey was far from a walk in the park. After joining Venture Communications, she gradually assumed ownership, displaying her business savvy and dedication. Through strategic decision-making and relentless efforts, Arlene Dickinson became the sole owner of Venture Communications.

Her strong leadership skills and vision for growth were key factors in transforming Venture Communications into a thriving company. Furthermore, Arlene Dickinson‘s success as the sole owner of Venture Communications paved the way for future endeavors such as founding District Ventures, proving her capacity to excel in various entrepreneurial pursuits.

District Ventures is a venture capital fund that invests in early-stage consumer packaged goods businesses. Arlene Dickinson‘s expertise in marketing and brand development was an essential part of the success of both Venture Communications and District Ventures.

Growth of Venture Communications

Arlene Dickinson helped Venture Communications reach extraordinary heights. Her strategic vision and business savvy were the driving force behind its expansion. Her efforts focused on establishing strong client relationships, delivering quality services, and fostering a culture of innovation.

To further bolster growth, Arlene Dickinson implemented initiatives that involved acquiring new clients and diversifying service offerings. This included expanding into digital marketing and social media management. These steps enabled Venture Communications to cater to a broader range of client needs and strengthen its position in the industry.

Moreover, Arlene Dickinson’s commitment to excellence and successful results drove increased revenue for Venture Communications. Year after year, the company experienced outstanding growth, surpassing industry standards and asserting itself as an industry leader.

For those aiming to grow their business or looking for inventive solutions in the advertising industry, studying Arlene Dickinson’s journey at Venture Communications is an absolute must. Don’t miss out on the valuable knowledge that can take your business to the next level!

Founding District Ventures


Arlene Dickinson’s success story is one of entrepreneurship. Not only did she become a sole owner of Venture Communications, but she also founded District Ventures – a venture capital fund focusing on early-stage consumer packaged goods companies.

She understood the struggles faced by startups and thus created a platform to provide mentorship, resources, and funding. This would help these innovative ideas come to life and reach a successful market.

District Ventures stands out by solely investing in consumer packaged goods companies. This strategy enables Arlene to use her marketing and branding knowledge to help these businesses grow and scale.

With financial support, access to industry networks, and expertise, Dickinson is providing the tools entrepreneurs need to create high-quality products consumers love.

Arlene Dickinson is a major contributor to the success of Canada’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Through District Ventures, she’s offering invaluable mentorship and resources to those looking to bring their ideas to life. It’s no wonder her net worth is dragon-worthy!

Arlene Dickinson’s Role on Dragons’ Den

Arlene Dickinson’s role on Dragons’ Den has been a pivotal point in her career, bringing her success, recognition, and ultimately impacting her net worth. With her formidable knowledge and expertise, Arlene’s joining of Dragons’ Den opened doors for investments and mentoring opportunities that further fueled her financial growth. Let’s explore how Arlene’s role on the show has contributed to her remarkable net worth.

Joining Dragons’ Den

Text: Arlene Dickinson’s Dragons’ Den journey started when she joined the show as a new dragon. Her entrepreneurship background and her success as the owner of Venture Communications made her a great addition to the panel of investors. As a dragon, Arlene Dickinson had the chance to evaluate and invest in many business pitches. She used her expertise and gave guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs.

During her time on Dragons’ Den, Arlene Dickinson made several investments in businesses. She also mentored these entrepreneurs, giving them strategic insights and industry knowledge. She helped shape the businesses and also improved her own reputation as a successful businesswoman.

Joining Dragons’ Den had big outcomes for Arlene Dickinson. It showed her entrepreneurial abilities and increased her net worth. Being on the show gave her exposure and recognition, creating new opportunities for partnerships and collaborations. This furthered her personal brand.

Arlene Dickinson proves that dragons can have both fire and heart: shrewd investments and valuable mentoring.

Investments and Mentoring

Arlene Dickinson’s role on Dragons’ Den comprises not only investing in budding entrepreneurs, but also providing mentorship to help them succeed. This has enabled her to achieve great things in the business world.

She has made many investments on Dragons’ Den, choosing businesses with potential for growth. With her skills and knowledge, she guides entrepreneurs, helping them deal with starting and expanding a business. Her investments and mentoring are key to their success.

As a successful entrepreneur, Arlene Dickinson offers practical advice based on her own experiences. She talks about marketing, branding, and strategic planning, assisting entrepreneurs to perfect their ideas, craft effective strategies, and increase their chances of success. Her investments and mentoring give entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed in business.

Her mentorship doesn’t just extend to the boardroom. She builds strong connections with the entrepreneurs she invests in, offering support even after the show ends. This commitment shows her dedication to their success and her love of fostering entrepreneurship. Her investments and mentoring provide way more than just money. They form lasting relationships and help entrepreneurs grow.




Arlene Dickinson’s investments and mentoring on Dragons’ Den have had an enormous effect on the business world. Through her financial support and guidance, she has helped many entrepreneurs reach their goals and make their dreams a reality. Her approach shows her enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and her desire to help aspiring business owners. With her investments and mentoring, Arlene Dickinson continues to shape the future of entrepreneurship.

Impact on Arlene Dickinson’s Net Worth

Arlene Dickinson’s time on Dragons’ Den has had a major effect on her net worth. Being one of the show’s Dragons, she has made great investments and gained recognition in the business world. Her expertise and experience help her make smart investments which have given her profitable returns.

Being on the show has increased her visibility, allowing her to take part in speaking engagements, endorsements, and partnerships. This gives her extra streams of income which, in turn, boost her net worth.

Also, she’s established connections with other successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders. These contacts offer her exclusive investment opportunities and collaborations that could greatly increase her net worth. Leveraging these relationships allows her to secure advantageous deals and maximize her financial gains.

Arlene Dickinson’s Philanthropic Work

Arlene Dickinson’s philanthropic work encompasses several notable ventures, including her role as the National Spokesperson for Breakfast Clubs of Canada, her involvement in various charitable efforts, and the pro bono work carried out by Venture Communications. From championing the importance of child nutrition to advocating for social causes, Arlene Dickinson’s philanthropy leaves a lasting impact on communities far and wide.

National Spokesperson for Breakfast Clubs of Canada

Arlene Dickinson is the national spokesperson for Breakfast Clubs of Canada. She puts her heart into this cause, which works to provide kids in need with nutritious breakfasts across the country. Dickinson’s role is to raise awareness about the importance of breakfast programs and their impact on children’s health and wellbeing. She shows her strong commitment to philanthropy and her genuine wish to help young Canadians.

Aside from being a spokesperson, Arlene Dickinson participates in other charitable activities. She uses her platform and influence to support orgs that prioritize education, entrepreneurship, and youth empowerment. Her company, Venture Communications, even provides free professional marketing services to non-profits that lack resources. This involvement shows her dedication to giving back and making a positive difference.

Arlene Dickinson is an entrepreneur, TV personality, and philanthropist. Yet, she still finds a balance for her personal life. Though details remain private, it’s clear she values her privacy. Additionally, she is open about her non-partisan political stance and stresses the importance of focusing on issues rather than parties.

Arlene Dickinson looks confident and professional. Her red hair and stylish clothes present her as a successful businesswoman who strives to make a positive impact in her life.

Even when she’s not busy making money, Dickinson continues to make a difference through her charitable efforts. As a spokesperson and supporter of various organizations, she demonstrates her commitment to making a positive impact on other people’s lives.

Involvement in Other Charitable Efforts

Arlene Dickinson is devoted to doing good in society, taking part in many charitable efforts. She strongly believes in giving back and using her success to help others.

For instance, she is the national spokesperson for the Breakfast Clubs of Canada, making people aware of the significance of good nutrition and making sure that kids have a nutritious meal to start their day.

Aside from that, she actively participates in other charitable causes, though details are not specified. It’s apparent that Arlene uses her power and resources to make a change in areas where help is needed.

Also, her company, Venture Communications, works pro bono for philanthropic causes. This means they provide their services for free or at lower prices in support of organizations and initiatives that reflect their values.

To sum up, Arlene Dickinson exhibits her devotion to philanthropy through her involvement in various charitable efforts. From her role with the Breakfast Clubs of Canada to her other activities and Venture Communications’ pro bono work, it is clear that she is dedicated to making a positive difference beyond her job as an entrepreneur and TV personality.

Pro Bono Work by Venture Communications

Venture Communications, the company founded by Arlene Dickinson, has a strong dedication to pro bono work. They use their resources and expertise to help non-profit organizations and charitable causes. With pro bono work, Venture Communications aims to benefit communities and help those without financial means access high-quality communication services.

Venture Communications is always looking for opportunities to work with non-profits. They provide marketing, branding, and communication strategies pro bono. This helps the organizations become more visible, reach their audiences better, and ultimately meet their missions.

An example of Venture Communications’ pro bono work is their partnership with Breakfast Clubs of Canada. Arlene Dickinson is the national spokesperson for this organization, which provides nutritious meals to children in Canada. Under her guidance, Venture Communications has aided the organization through various projects, including public awareness campaigns and fundraising.

Venture Communications also supports organizations focused on education, health care, and social services. By sharing their expertise pro bono, they contribute to the success of these organizations and help them make a difference.

Arlene Dickinson’s pro bono efforts demonstrate her belief in using business for social good. She leads Venture Communications and is involved in charitable ventures, setting an example of giving back and making a positive impact.

Arlene Dickinson’s Personal Life

Arlene Dickinson’s personal life is a captivating insight into her family dynamics, non-partisan political views, and personal/physical attributes. Delve into the intriguing world of this business magnate and get to know the influential factors that shape her life both in and out of the boardroom.

Family and Relationships


Arlene Dickinson’s family and relationships have impacted her entrepreneurial journey greatly. She prefers to keep her private life out of the spotlight. It is known she has married and has children. She desires to protect her family’s privacy, or keep her personal life away from her public persona.

Details about Arlene Dickinson’s family and relationships are not widely available. Her choice to remain discreet should be respected. These aspects have helped shape her success, as having a supportive network can aid in business.

By not publicly discussing her personal life, Arlene focuses attention on her career and philanthropic work. Even though little is known, it is clear that privacy is important to her. This allows for a separation between her public and private lives.

In conclusion, Arlene Dickinson values her privacy when it comes to her family and relationships. Her persuasive non-partisan views draw admiration from politicians – they are tempted to say ‘You’re hired!’

Arlene Dickinson’s Non-Partisan Political Views

Arlene Dickinson is a celebrated figure who always shares her non-partisan political views. As a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, she remains devoted to impartiality in politics. Arlene’s dedication to being neutral is evident in her professional pursuits, as she does not side with any particular political affiliation or ideology.

When it comes to politics, Arlene Dickinson has kept a non-partisan approach throughout her entrepreneurial journey. She built and grew Venture Communications, and founded District Ventures – all without political bias. This enabled her to make decisions based on the merits of each opportunity, leading to progress and success.

Despite her popular role in Dragons’ Den, Arlene Dickinson has stayed true to not mixing politics in her decisions. Her investments and mentorship on the show are based only on the potential for business success, rather than political motivations. This reveals Arlene’s strong commitment to remaining unbiased and objective.

Besides her professional accomplishments, Arlene Dickinson has also made huge contributions through charity. She is the national spokesperson for Breakfast Clubs of Canada, and works to ensure children across the country have access to healthy meals. Her involvement in other philanthropic endeavors further highlights her non-partisan attitude, as she devotes herself to making a difference without taking politics into account.

Arlene Dickinson’s non-partisan political views have had a major influence on her career as an entrepreneur and influencer. By staying neutral in business and philanthropy, she shows a commitment to objectivity that has been key to her success and social impact.

Arlene Dickinson may be a business legend, but her personality and looks are as grounded as her wit – making her an ideal blend of brains, beauty, and snappy one-liners.

Personal and Physical Attributes

Text: Arlene Dickinson’s Personal and Physical Attributes are impressive! She has intelligent, determined, and business-savvy qualities. Her demeanor is approachable, making her relatable in the business world.

Let’s take a closer look at Arlene’s attributes. Her work ethic is strong and she takes risks. She adapts to change and exudes confidence and charisma. Plus, she’s passionate about philanthropy and giving back to the community.

When it comes to Arlene’s personal life, it’s private. But we know she values family and relationships. She prioritizes those close to her.

Arlene Dickinson is a force to be reckoned with. In business and in making a difference, she shines!


Arlene Dickinson’s exceptional impact, accomplishments, and net worth are the focal points of this conclusion. We will reflect on the overall significance of her contributions and delve into the insights surrounding her net worth. This will provide a comprehensive understanding of Arlene Dickinson’s journey and her remarkable achievements in the business world.

Overall Impact and Achievements of Arlene Dickinson

Arlene Dickinson’s influence is far-reaching. Through her ownership of Venture Communications, founding of District Ventures, role on Dragons’ Den, philanthropic work, and personal attributes, she has made a lasting impact.




Dickinson has shown her dedication to entrepreneurship by taking control of Venture Communications and guiding it to success. Furthermore, she identified potential in emerging businesses and founded District Ventures to nurture and mentor them. On Dragons’ Den, Dickinson provided more than just investments; her mentorship was invaluable.

Dickinson’s philanthropic efforts have also had an effect. She is the national spokesperson for Breakfast Clubs of Canada, which ensures children have access to healthy meals. Additionally, she does pro bono work with non-profits, illustrating her commitment to making a difference.

Apart from her professional life, Dickinson has also made an impact. As a mother and partner, she maintains a balance between personal and career responsibilities. Moreover, she speaks out about her non-partisan political views, raising awareness on important issues. Her empathy, determination, and resilience all contribute to her success.

In conclusion, Arlene Dickinson’s entrepreneurial journey, role on Dragons’ Den, philanthropic work, and personal attributes have made a lasting impression in both business and society. Her ability to identify opportunities, mentor aspiring entrepreneurs, give back to the community, and lead with compassion make her an inspiring individual.

Reflection on Arlene Dickinson’s Net Worth


Arlene Dickinson’s net worth is a clear sign of her success in business and television. She has made a lot of money as the owner of Venture Communications and founder of District Ventures. Her work on Dragons’ Den has also been profitable and established her as one of Canada’s top business people.

Her wealth has also been used to do good. She is the national spokesperson for Breakfast Clubs of Canada and is involved in many other charitable causes. Furthermore, Venture Communications does pro-bono work, showcasing Arlene’s dedication to helping others.

Besides her professional achievements, she has a fulfilling personal life too. She values family and relationships, and is known for her non-partisan political views. Additionally, her determination, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit have played a part in her success.

In conclusion, Arlene Dickinson’s net worth speaks to her professional accomplishments. However, it is important to acknowledge her philanthropic, personal, and societal contributions that make up her legacy.


Some Facts About Arlene Dickinson’s Net Worth:

  • ✅ Arlene Dickinson’s net worth is estimated to be $100 million. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ She is the CEO and sole owner of Venture Communications, one of Canada’s largest independent marketing agencies. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Arlene Dickinson is known for her role as a dragon investor on the Canadian reality show Dragons’ Den. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ She is the founder and General Partner of District Ventures Capital, a venture capital fund focused on the food and health sectors. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Arlene Dickinson is a renowned public speaker and author, with books such as “Persuasion” and “All In” to her name. (Source: Team Research)




FAQs about Arlene Dickinson Net Worth

1. What is Arlene Dickinson’s net worth?

Arlene Dickinson’s net worth is estimated to be $100 million.
Source: Celebrity Net Worth

2. How did Arlene Dickinson gain success in her career?

Arlene Dickinson gained success in her career by joining Venture Communications, a marketing firm, in 1988. She became the sole owner in 1998 and grew the company into one of Canada’s largest independent marketing agencies.
Sources: All Famous Birthday and

3. What TV show is Arlene Dickinson known for?

Arlene Dickinson is known for her role as a dragon investor on the Canadian reality show Dragons’ Den.
Sources: All Famous Birthday and Insider Growth

4. What companies has Arlene Dickinson invested in?

Arlene Dickinson has invested in various companies and start-ups, including Skinny Chews (a low-calorie snack bar) and Shoelery by Erica Giuliani (a shoe accessories business). She is also the General Partner of District Ventures Capital, a venture capital fund focused on the food and health sectors.
Sources: Sophisticated Investor and Insider Growth

5. What philanthropic efforts is Arlene Dickinson involved in?

Arlene Dickinson is the national spokesperson for Breakfast Clubs of Canada, advocating for children’s nutrition. She is also involved in charities like Dignitas International and supports the Give a Day campaign. Venture Communications, her company, does extensive pro bono work for several non-profit organizations.
Sources: All Famous Birthday and Insider Growth

6. Is Arlene Dickinson married?

Arlene Dickinson is currently not married. She got married at a young age, divorced in her 30s, and has been engaged in the past but never married.
Sources: All Famous Birthday and Insider Growth


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