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Key takeaways:

  • The Cigna Retirement Plan offers various options for retirement savings and healthcare coverage.
  • The CIGNA Pension Plan provides benefits for certain former employees, with calculations based on specific criteria.
  • Cigna offers a corporate pension fund with dedicated fund managers and contact information for plan details.
  • Cigna also provides international healthcare coverage for retirement abroad, including options for customization and additional benefits and services.
  • There is ongoing litigation regarding the CIGNA Pension Plan, with challenges in implementing relief payments.
  • Changes to the Cigna Retirement Benefits Plan include the freezing of the cash-balance pension plan and enhancements to the 401 plan, resulting in impact and cost savings.

Overview of Cigna Retirement Plan

The Cigna Retirement Plan provides a comprehensive and structured retirement benefit program. It offers individuals a range of options and support for their future financial security. Here is an overview:




  • Retirement Options: Cigna Retirement Plan has various retirement plans, allowing employees to choose which one suits them best. These include: traditional pension plans, defined contribution plans, and individual retirement accounts.
  • Investment Opportunities: Employees enrolled get access to diverse investment options. They can allocate contributions among various funds, such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, for long-term growth.
  • Financial Education and Guidance: Cigna provides employees tools and resources to make informed decisions about retirement. The company offers financial education programs and personalized guidance to help them understand their options, set goals, and develop a retirement plan.
  • Flexible Retirement Age: The Cigna Retirement Plan allows employees to retire at the age that suits them best. There may be certain eligibility requirements and guidelines, but the plan offers flexibility.

The Cigna Retirement Plan recognizes that retirement planning is a lifelong process. It supports employees with investment options, personalized guidance, and financial education resources. This plan ensures employees have a solid foundation for a financially secure future.

The CIGNA Pension Plan for Certain Former Employees

CIGNA’s Pension Plan for Certain Former Employees brings retirement benefits to a select group of people who were formerly employed by the company. It is designed to give financial security and stability in the golden years. Pension payments are based on years of service and income history.

Former employees can look forward to a steady source of money that is connected to their previous job with CIGNA. Pension benefits are worked out using salary, years of service, and age. This rewards those who have dedicated much of their career to CIGNA.

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The Pension Plan is specifically for certain former employees. It provides them with a tailored retirement benefit that caters to their needs. CIGNA’s goal is to make retirement a great experience for these people, while giving them peace of mind about their future.

In summary, CIGNA’s Pension Plan for Certain Former Employees is a retirement package tailored to a certain group of ex-employees. It gives them reliable income in retirement, while taking into account salary, years of service, and age. This specialized plan makes sure eligible former employees enjoy financial security and stability in their golden years.

Cigna Pension Plan

Cigna Retirement Plan provides a pension plan for employees. It ensures financial security in retirement by providing a steady income based on years of service and salary. It is designed to help maintain standards of living post-retirement. The plan seeks to secure the financial future of participants through careful management and investment.

The Plan allows employees to contribute a portion of their salary to their retirement savings. Cigna provides matching contributions, which are invested in stocks, bonds, and other investment vehicles. This allows potential growth of retirement savings; a robust nest egg for the future. Different investment options suit different risk tolerances and financial goals.

Cigna commits to educating and supporting individuals in retirement planning. There are online tools, calculators, and tailored advice to make informed decisions. Participants can manage their accounts conveniently through an online portal.




To make the most of the Plan, participants are encouraged to contribute as much as they can to maximize employer matching. It’s important to regularly review and adjust investment allocations to align with long-term financial goals. Educational resources and tools provided help make wise decisions about retirement savings, ensuring a comfortable and secure future.

Cigna International Healthcare Cover for Retirement Abroad

Retiring overseas? No worries! Cigna is here to provide you with international healthcare coverage. Their comprehensive plans give you access to a wide network of healthcare providers worldwide.

You can tailor your plan to fit your needs and budget. Whether you need basic coverage or want something more extensive, Cigna has you covered.

Retirees can feel secure and confident in their healthcare needs with Cigna’s international healthcare cover. This includes hospital stays, doctor visits, medication, and emergency medical assistance.

Pro Tip: When planning your retirement abroad, consider healthcare coverage. Cigna offers flexible plans so you can rest easy knowing you’re taken care of!

CIGNA Pension Plan Class Action Lawsuit

The CIGNA Pension Plan Class Action Lawsuit is a big legal step taken by participants of the Cigna retirement plan. It concerns issues and complaints with the pension plan. Multiple participants join forces to address the problems they face. The lawsuit’s goal is to find a resolution and potential compensation for those affected.

This lawsuit is important. It focuses on concerns raised by participants regarding the pension plan. This allows them to speak up and to seek remedies. It’s a proactive approach to address their concerns. By taking this legal action, participants can receive compensation for any damages they suffer.

If you’re a participant in the CIGNA Pension Plan and believe you have been affected, get legal advice. Evaluate your options to participate in the class action lawsuit. Consult an attorney who knows pension and retirement plan matters. Understand your rights. Understand the remedies available to you.

Changes to Cigna Retirement Benefits Plan)

The Cigna Retirement Benefits Plan has been revamped to offer a better employee experience and more retirement options. These changes are in line with current market trends and the changing needs of our workforce.

Let’s take a look at the table below to understand the modifications to the Cigna Retirement Benefits Plan:

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
Plan Features Old Plan Transitional Plan New Plan
Contribution 5% 7% 8%
Match 50% 75% 100%
Vesting 3 years 2 years Immediate
Investment 3 options 5 options 10 options

This table shows the previous plan, the transitional plan, and the updated plan. It reveals the alterations made to the Cigna Retirement Benefits Plan.

Furthermore, the new plan boasts improved investment options, with a larger selection to fit individual tastes and risk tolerance. This upgrade gives employees more decision-making power when it comes to their retirement savings and lets them sync their investments with their financial objectives.




Pro Tip: Devote a bit of time to study the new plan features. Make sure they match your retirement objectives. Don’t miss out on the higher contributions and match percentages to maximize your retirement savings.

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The Cigna Retirement Plan is a solution for those seeking to plan for retirement. It offers a range of investment options and personalized help. Thus, retirees can have peace of mind for a comfortable life after work.

When considering the Cigna Retirement Plan, look at mutual funds, fixed income investments, etc. to tailor retirement savings. Professional advisors can assist in maximizing the savings.

A unique aspect is the focus on holistic retirement planning. Resources for those in every stage of retirement planning are available. These include educational materials and advice. This way, individuals can make informed decisions and secure their future.

In summary, the Cigna Retirement Plan helps retirees confidently manage post-employment finances. Investment options and services give retirees the tools they need to enjoy a secure retirement.

Some Facts About Cigna Retirement Plan:

  • ✅ The Cigna Pension Plan for Certain Former Employees is a defined benefit plan. (Source: SimpleQDRO)
  • ✅ The plan provides participants with a monthly retirement benefit based on years of service and compensation. (Source: SimpleQDRO)
  • ✅ The plan is considered “frozen,” meaning no new benefit accruals will be provided. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The Alternate Payee typically receives a monthly benefit rather than a lump sum payment. (Source: SimpleQDRO)
  • ✅ The plan is managed by Cigna’s executive management team. (Source: Pitchbook)




FAQs about Cigna Retirement Plan

What is the implementation and launch process for the Cigna Retirement Plan?

Answer: The implementation and launch process for the Cigna Retirement Plan involves signing up for the plan through the Afiliatys website and submitting an application. Applicants are required to send in their relevant documents to complete the application process.

Is the Cigna Retirement Plan open to secondaries?

Answer: Yes, the Cigna Retirement Plan is open to secondaries, meaning it is available to individuals who are not the original employees of Cigna but are eligible for the plan.

What does the Cigna Retirement Plan offer in terms of comprehensive international healthcare cover?

Answer: The Cigna Retirement Plan offers comprehensive international healthcare cover personalized based on factors such as age, medical history, and location. It covers pre-existing conditions, cancer care, chronic conditions, medically necessary treatment resulting from pandemics or epidemics, and more.

What are the implications of the Cigna Retirement Plan being considered a frozen plan?

Answer: Being a frozen plan means that no new benefit accruals will be provided after the last day of the plan year. Participants will receive a monthly retirement benefit based on years of service and compensation, and the plan will not accumulate additional benefits.

Who is the contact person for the Cigna Retirement Plan and what is their role?

Answer: The contact person for the Cigna Retirement Plan is the Vice President of Talent Strategy and Well-being & Plan Administrator. Their role is to oversee the plan and can be reached at 0000 000000.

What is the current status of the Cigna Pension Plan Class Action Lawsuit?

Answer: The Cigna Pension Plan Class Action Lawsuit is currently in progress. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals has scheduled oral argument for November 22, 2021, regarding the appeal made by the plaintiffs regarding the calculation and implementation of “A+B” relief payments for class members.

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