Credit Check Total review: All 3 FICO scores for just $1

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Here at Cafe Credit, we’re hunt for tools that can help everyday people achieve their credit goals. CreditCheck Total is one product that can help you protect your identity and stay on top of your credit.

It’s one of the few products that offers complete credit reports and FICO 8 credit scores from all 3 credit bureaus. But is it worth the $29.95 monthly price tag?

This is everything you need to know about CreditCheck Total.

3 Bureau Credit Scores

If you’re in the market for a mortgage, you need to know your FICO 8 credit score. This is the credit score that banks use as a factor to determine your mortgage interest rate. You can get a free FICO 8 credit score from a few credit card companies.

However, many companies display your Vantage 3.0 credit score instead of the FICO 8 score. This includes credit monitoring companies Quizzle, Credit Sesame and Credit Karma.

CreditCheck Total is different. They calculate your FICO 8 Credit Score from all 3 credit bureaus. They make it clear which bureau calculated the score. If one bureau’s score is lower than the others, you have the power to research why.

I recommend that anyone in the market for a mortgage should consider the $1 7-Day CreditCheck Total Trial Membership. One dollar is a small price to pay for peace of mind, and uncovering an error could save you tons of money.

770 FICO score from Experian

CreditCheck Total also gives a picture heavy explanation of the factors that influence your credit score.

factors influencing your credit score

3 Bureau Credit Reports

Besides the 3 Credit Scores, you’ll get a monthly copy of all 3 credit reports. Once a year, you can get one copy of each credit report for free from However, you might enjoy comparing and contrasting the three reports. Free services like Credit Karma offer only a TransUnion Credit Report.

Do you need credit reports from all 3 bureaus? Most of the time, you won’t need all 3. One report is as good as another.

However, you might want to see all 3 credit reports in these situations:

  • You’re about to shop for a mortgage or auto loan.
  • You’re not sure if all 3 credit reporting bureaus removed errors from your credit report.
  • You want to catch any fraudulent activity right away.

If you sign up for CreditCheck Total, you’ll probably find a few minor differences among credit reports. For example, each credit bureau had a different length of history calculation. Unless the variable has a negative effect on your score, you don’t need to worry about it.

credit accounts age table

Credit score simulator

CreditCheck Total also offers one of the market’s most robust credit score simulators. Are you planning to take on a mortgage or a new loan? CreditCheck Total will show you how it will affect your credit.

Are you facing a cash crunch that leaves you unable to pay a bill? CreditCheck Total will show you what will happen if you pay late or default on a loan.

If you need to fix your credit, you might find the credit score simulator engaging and helpful. The simulator even allows you to “move your credit score through time.” If you need to answer, “How long until my credit is better?” CreditCheck Total’s simulator holds the answer.

750 credit score for a mortgage

Sign Up and Cost

CreditCheck Total has bank level security. Accessing your credit score means undergoing four part sign up process.

Signup begins with providing your name, current address and social security number. You’ll also need to answer questions about your prior addresses and loans. This prevents fraudsters from hacking into your account.

The signup process is straightforward, but CreditCheck Total doesn’t allow you to “auto populate” information. This can be a bit annoying.

sign up form for credit check total

You can access a 7-day Credit Check Total Trial for $1, but you need to call to cancel your membership, or you’ll enroll in the $29.95 per month plan.

The $29.95 monthly plan includes 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring, $50,000 in identity theft insurance, a dedicated fraud resolution specialist team, and “Lost Wallet Protection.” Lost Wallet protection means that CreditCheck Total will cancel all your credit and debit cards for you if you call to report a lost wallet.

The dedicated fraud resolution specialists could be helpful, especially if you become the victim of identity theft. Likewise, Lost Wallet protection could be a huge convenience.

Ultimately, monthly 3 bureau credit reports are probably overkill. Even if you’re actively building your credit, you can get the information you need from other services.

Final Verdict

The $1 7-Day CreditCheck Total trial is a valuable option for anyone who wants to take out a loan or clean up identity fraud. However, most people will find the 3 Bureau scores and reporting to be overkill. Don’t bother with the $29.95 monthly subscription plan. Instead, focus on annual 3 bureau credit reports and free credit score options.