Credit Sesame review – Should you sign up or not? Here’s what we think. review

Do you need a tool that will help you keep track of your credit situation? Do you want help to figure out why your credit score is what it is and help getting yourself out of debt?

Credit Sesame can actually help you do those three specific things.

However, when delving further into what the service can do, it’s apparent that you would need to go beyond what offers to solve any real credit problems.

What is Credit Sesame?

Credit Sesame advertises itself as a one-stop credit solution provider. It allows users to keep an eye on their credit score, verify debt levels, and receive recommendations for various financial products.

Credit Sesame’s main offering is free credit monitoring, but the site also sells recovery services in the event your identity is stolen. As a bonus for signing up, they give you $50,000 in insurance to cover identity theft. There is no other credit-monitoring site that we could find that offers this level of insurance coverage to their members for free.

They also give you the option of buying a copy of your credit report from TransUnion for $9.95. And for a monthly fee of $14.95 you can receive updates from TransUnion on a daily basis, plus copies of all 3 of your credit reports (from the 3 credit bureaus).

For $19.95 a month you can get $1,000,000 in identity theft insurance as well as 24/7 access to credit resolution specialists. Credit Sesame will also monitor the Black Web for any suspicious activity on you as well as your social security number for a fee of $24.95.

Best Reason To Sign Up To Credit Sesame

The two most important benefits you receive by signing up with Credit Sesame would be your free credit score plus the free $50,000 in identity theft insurance. These would be the main reasons for becoming a member of Credit Sesame.

If you become the victim of identity theft and/or fraud, the insurance policy can be used to pay for an attorney, for credit freezes and thaws as well as the services of a notary to sign documents. The $50,000 coverage would be more than enough to cover these costs in most cases, but it cannot give back whatever time you spent dealing with the problems the theft caused.

Most identity theft victims spend at least 4 hours trying to untangle the aftermath, but 10% actually spend in excess of 130 hours dealing with everything. The only way you can avoid spending all this time is to bring in an expert to help you.

Credit Sesame does offer their premium members additional credit resolution and monitoring services. However, we really cannot recommend that you buy this upgrade because you can get the very same services elsewhere for free.

Would you like to see your complete credit report?

There is no need to pay Credit Sesame $9.95 for this service. Instead, you can go to and download your credit report for free. You can also go to and obtain two out of three complete credit reports for free.

Do you want highly personalized resolution services for identity theft? If you obtain a QuickSilver Credit Card from Capital One you will receive complete identity theft resolution services, which is not restricted to just your Capital One card, the theft can be on a totally unrelated account.

Don’t let Credit Sesame hoodwink you about their paid services. The truth is that you can get all these services elsewhere for free.

credit sesame free vs paid plans comparison

Credit Monitoring

Credit monitoring is Credit Sesame’s oldest free offering, and you do get this when you sign up. This allows you to monitor your Vantage 3.0 score and to examine everything that contributes to your credit score.

791 credit score

Credit Sesame will assign a letter score to each element that contributes to your credit. This will help you focus in on the areas that demand the most attention when trying to improve your credit score.

Credit Sesame gives you a letter score for each component of your credit. This allows you to focus your improvement efforts on the area that needs the most improvement.

credit score analysis from credit sesame

The Credit Sesame dashboards can give you a great deal of insight into your situation. They contain the information you need in a visually appealing way, which makes it fairly easy for you to figure out how to raise your credit score

credit insights

The problem is that Credit Sesame routinely offers recommendations for credit cards as a “Product Forward” answer to your problems. Perhaps a credit card can help you bring up your credit score, but it can also lead to more credit problems. In many cases, the best thing to do is to pay off the debt without transferring the balance to another card.

If you are going to giveCredit Sesame a try, just make sure that you use your brain when evaluating their product recommendations. Taking out another loan or credit card might not be the answer to your credit problems. You can fix your credit with little or no outside help if you follow the right plan.


Aside from the credit-scoring feature, you can get direct product comparisons for most of the leading credit cards.

If you are searching for a credit card that has a Rewards program or a credit card to transfer your balance to, Credit Sesame has some really good options. However, before applying for any of these cards, read and understand the fine print so that you are absolutely certain that this card will meet your exact needs. In general, the product offerings on Credit Sesame seem fair.

partner's best credit cards recommendations from credit sesame

However, in terms of car loans and insurance as well as personal loans, I honestly think Credit Sesame could do better.

When we went to Google and typed in “Best Rates…” looking for companies offering the best rates on mortgages and personal loans, we quickly found 6 lenders with better rates. I found it difficult trying to compare car insurance rates, and in the end, I didn’t find any that were lower than what I was already paying.

Aside from the recommendations for credit cards, I don’t recommend that you use Credit Sesame to compare any other products. Your time is best spent elsewhere.

Comparing Mortgage Options

I do have to give Credit Sesame credit for one thing, which is their mortgage comparison tool. Their visual is very helpful when it comes to comparing the costs to the monthly mortgage payments. The parameters are easy to adjust so that you can see how much the loan is really going to cost you over time.

If you’re looking to refinance or need a home loan, this tool can be extremely helpful.

mortgage map module from credit sesame

Final Verdict For Credit Sesame

It is definitely worth subscribing to Credit Sesame for the free $50,000 insurance to protect against identity theft.

Once you’ve signed up, you can get the insurance coverage.

But, we do not believe Credit Sesame is your best bet for credit monitoring. We think Credit Karma has more to offer in terms of information and it helps not to have all those annoying ads. We also think it is worthwhile to take a look at other similar sites like FreeScore360.

In looking for financial products, we do not recommend that you rely on Credit Sesame. Financial products like credit cards can offer certain protections, but when they’re not used properly, they can ruin your credit. Before applying for a credit card recommended by Credit Sesame, carefully evaluate your own particular needs to ensure that you are making the smartest financial decision.