According to, “You don’t have to live with bad credit and high interest rates.” We agree, but will help you solve your credit problems? We’ve investigated the company, and this is what we found.

Not a scam, but questionable value is a legitimate credit repair company. They take action to improve their customer’s credit. isn’t a scam. Unlike scammy credit repair companies, works with creditors and credit bureaus. Working with both parties helps them remove negative items from customer credit reports.

On average, removes 7% of “questionable” negative items each month. This means that most customers see meaningful growth in their credit scores in a few months.

Despite’s success, they have a poor reputation for customer service. has a D Rating at the Better Business Bureau. A whopping 77% of their customer comments at the Better Business Bureau are negative. Unlike their competitors, does not offer a money back guarantee. If you choose, you’ll need to pay them whether you think the services are worth it or not. cannot promise to improve your credit score. But they should promise consumer satisfaction. The lack of customer guarantee makes us question their value proposition.

What offers offers a 3-step process for fixing credit.

  1. The work with their customers identify questionable negative information.
  2. They work with creditors to substantiate the information.
  3. If a creditor can’t substantiate the information, disputes the information. The credit bureaus then remove it from your credit report.

Unlike Lexington Law, will not provide legal representation in sticky situations. They are not qualified to do so. Aside from legal representation, offers the same services as other credit repair companies.

You can fix your credit on your own. However, professional companies may be more persistent or knowledgeable than you.

In addition to removing questionable negative items, offers online tools to help you track your credit. The tools help keep you accountable.

If you want similar tools but don’t want to pay for’s services, you can get similar tools for free. Consider checking your credit on Credit Karma or Credit Sesame for some excellent free credit monitoring tools.

How do their prices compare? charges $99.95 per month for their complete credit repair package. This includes the initial consultation, their monthly dispute letters, and access to the online tools. Lexington Law also charges $99 per month for their standard package. However, $99 per month is a high price point compared to most other credit repair companies.

Some people have amazing success with They completely turn around their credit score within 3-6 months. Other people find the services lacking.

Because we see a mixed bag of results, we don’t recommend choosing Instead of consider one of these options:

  1. Try to repair your credit yourself.
  2. Enlist a highly qualified firm that offers legal representation like Lexington Law.
  3. Choose a lower cost option for credit repair. Sky Blue Credit consistently gets excellent reviews