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Key Takeaways:

  • Endeavor Metals Group offers a wide range of bullion and numismatic products, providing customers with a variety of investment options.
  • Customers have praised Endeavor Metals Group for their easy ordering process and high level of trustworthiness and satisfaction.
  • While limited information is available on Endeavor Metals Group’s diversity and inclusion practices, the company is known for providing a fun and professional work environment.
  • The interview process at Endeavor Metals Group has been described as positive, with applicants appreciating the straightforward application process and having a favorable impression of the interview.
  • Endeavor Metals Group does not provide specific pricing for bullion products, but offers transparent pricing for numismatic coins. Potential discounts may be available for large orders.
  • Customers have expressed their satisfaction with Endeavor Metals Group’s legitimacy and reputation, highlighting the company’s commitment to customer service and positive industry recognition and affiliations.
  • Investing with Endeavor Metals Group comes with benefits such as educational resources for investors, market updates, competitive pricing, and the option of a Gold-Backed IRA, as well as the advantages of gold IRA rollovers.
  • Overall, Endeavor Metals Group is a reputable company with a wide range of product offerings, positive customer experiences, and attractive options for investors.



Endeavor Metals Group, a prominent player in the industry, will be examined closely in this section. Providing an overview of the company’s operations and summarizing customer reviews and ratings, we’ll gain valuable insights into its reputation and performance. From their market presence to the satisfaction levels of clients, we’ll explore the pertinent aspects essential to understanding Endeavor Metals Group.




Overview of Endeavor Metals Group

Endeavor Metals Group is a company that specializes in bullion and numismatic products. Customers give it positive feedback for its easy ordering process, trustworthiness, and satisfaction. Not much information is available on its diversity and inclusion practices, but it is proud of its fun and professional work environment.

A sales representative shared a positive experience during the interview process. The application process was simple, and the interview details left a good impression.

The company has a wide range of bullion and numismatic products. Its ordering process is easy and it accepts various payment methods. Plus, shipping and delivery times are good.

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Though it doesn’t mention pricing for its bullion products, its numismatic coin prices are available. Also, large orders may get discounts.

The company has a strong reputation with positive reviews. It is committed to customer satisfaction and service. Moreover, it has received recognition and affiliations in the industry.

Investing with Endeavor Metals Group has many advantages. It provides educational resources and market updates. Plus, competitive pricing and Gold-Backed IRAs for asset security.

Summary of customer reviews and ratings

Customers of Endeavor Metals Group have expressed satisfaction regarding the easy ordering process and trustworthiness of the company. Plus, they appreciate the fun yet professional work environment. But there’s limited info on diversity and inclusion practices.

Ordering Bullion: Customers find ordering bullion simple, just like ordering a pizza!

Trustworthiness: Customers rate Endeavor Metals Group highly in terms of trustworthiness. This leads to customer satisfaction and helps build a positive reputation.

Diversity & Inclusion: Transparency about diversity and inclusion practices would be useful for potential customers.

Fun & Professional: Employees are not only providing great service, but they also enjoy their work. This contributes to a positive customer experience.

Customer Experience

Endeavor Metals Group prides itself on providing a top-notch customer experience. In this section, we will explore the positive feedback from customers, the limited information on diversity and inclusion practices, and the overall fun and professional work environment. Get ready to dive into the factors that contribute to Endeavor Metals Group’s exceptional customer service and company culture.

Positive feedback from customers

Endeavor Metals Group is proud of the great reviews we get from our customers. They love our ordering process, finding it simple and straightforward. Our customers trust us and are satisfied with their experiences. This shows we provide a smooth and reliable customer experience.

Our customers appreciate our professionalism and efficiency. This positive feedback also reflects well on our working environment. It’s said to be fun and professional.

Customers have expressed trust in us, showing they feel secure with their purchases. Their overall satisfaction proves we meet their needs and expectations. We value customer satisfaction and strive to do our best.

Although, info on diversity and inclusion practices at our company is limited. We realize transparency in this area could be useful.

In conclusion, our positive customer feedback demonstrates our commitment to providing satisfaction. Our dedication to excellent service has led to a strong reputation in the industry and recognition from our customers. Ordering from Endeavor Metals Group is super easy! Almost like stealing candy from a baby…who stole candy from another baby.

Easy Ordering Process

Customers rave about the ordering process at Endeavor Metals Group! They say it’s easy and efficient. The website’s interface is user-friendly, allowing customers to browse products quickly. Payments are flexible and secure. Plus, customer service is fast and helpful. All these features make the ordering process streamlined and secure.

But, there are limited details about diversity and inclusion at Endeavor Metals Group. Customers appreciate the company’s trustworthiness, but more info on their efforts to promote diversity would be great!

Endeavor Metals Group is reliable and devoted to customer satisfaction.

Trustworthiness and satisfaction

Endeavor Metals Group have won praise for their reliable and open business. Customers have expressed satisfaction with their transactions and the ease of ordering.

The company pays attention to customer satisfaction and provides excellent customer service during the purchasing journey.

They have earned positive reviews from industry experts and are associated with reputed organizations in the precious metals industry.

These points illustrate the customer trust and satisfaction experienced with Endeavor Metals Group. There may be other unique elements that further contribute to these qualities. Highlighting them can help potential customers make an educated decision when considering doing business with Endeavor Metals Group.

Their history of trustworthiness and satisfaction reflects their commitment to ethical conduct. They have built trust through transparent practices, a focus on customer satisfaction and industry recognition. All of this has earned them an admirable reputation in the precious metals industry.

Limited information on diversity and inclusion practices

Endeavor Metals Group’s approach to diversity and inclusion practices needs enhancing. To do this, they should give more detail about their initiatives on their website or in public statements. Also, employee training programs could promote cultural competence and diversity awareness.

Partnering with external organizations or associations, as well as conducting regular surveys/feedback sessions with diverse employees, can help identify areas for improvement and measure progress. Active recruitment of a diverse workforce is also key – targeted outreach and minority-focused recruitment platforms can help attract a broader range of applicants.

Endeavor Metals Group creates a fun yet professional atmosphere, proving you can count your gold and still have a good time!

Fun and professional work environment


Endeavor Metals Group values creating a professional yet fun work atmosphere. They recognize how vital it is for their organization.

Customers love their ordering process. It’s simple and efficient, making it easier for customers and employees alike.

Reliability and happiness are essential to Endeavor Metals Group. Their customers trust them to provide quality products and services.




Additionally, Endeavor Metals Group mixes fun with professionalism. Details aren’t clear, but it looks like their employees enjoy their work while being professional.


Interview Process

The interview process at Endeavor Metals Group has left a positive impression on one of its sales representatives. Discover their firsthand experience and gain insights into what makes this company’s interview process stand out.

Positive experience mentioned by a sales representative

Positive feedback from a sales rep at Endeavor Metals Group confirms a rewarding experience. The rep noted the easy application process and favorable interview details. It’s clear the company values trust and employee satisfaction, which creates a fun and professional atmosphere.

However, there’s limited info on diversity and inclusion practices. Endeavor Metals Group should share their commitment to a diverse workforce. They could do this by offering regular training programs and setting up employee resource groups. These initiatives could cultivate a more inclusive culture, while teaching employees about different perspectives.

Application process

Endeavor Metals Group provides a straightforward and smooth application process. To apply, just do this:

  1. Visit the Endeavor Metals Group website. Head to the ‘Careers’ page.
  2. Scan through the job postings. Select one that suits your skills and interests.
  3. Fill in the online application form. Include your personal details, resume, and any extra info asked for.

These 3 steps make the application process easy-peasy. After submitting, qualified candidates will be contacted for further evaluation and interviews.

By taking these steps, you can be sure that your application will get the attention it deserves from Endeavor Metals Group’s hiring team.

Interview details and impression

At Endeavor Metals Group, details about the application process and the impressions left on applicants are discussed during the interview. This gives valuable insights into the company and creates a platform for applicants to show their skills.

The application involves submitting a resume and cover letter. Interviews are conducted in person or through video conferencing, providing flexibility.

The interviewers make sure the candidate’s skills, experience, and values align with the company’s mission and goals. Feedback from applicants indicates the interviewers are professional and create a comfortable atmosphere.

Candidates said they found it helpful to ask questions and learn more about the company. The interview process is well-regarded by applicants, giving them clarity on company expectations while making them feel valued.

This article also provides detailed information on customer experiences, product offerings, pricing and discounts, legitimacy and reputation, as well as investing opportunities. This provides a comprehensive overview of Endeavor Metals Group’s operations and services.

Product Offerings and Ordering Process

Endeavor Metals Group offers a diverse range of bullion and numismatic products, providing customers with ample options to meet their investment needs. Their streamlined ordering process and flexible payment methods ensure a hassle-free experience. With efficient shipping and delivery times, customers can quickly and securely receive their precious metals. Get ready to explore the impressive product offerings and seamless ordering process that Endeavor Metals Group has to offer.

Range of bullion and numismatic products

Endeavor Metals Group is an esteemed firm that offers an array of bullion and numismatic items. Their wide selection involves various types of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in the shape of coins, bars, and rounds. No matter if you are a seasoned collector or a person searching to diversify their portfolio, Endeavor Metals Group has the ideal product for you.

One of the stars of their compilation is their varied selection of bullion products. They have famous coins like American Gold Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, and South African Krugerrands. These coins are much sought after by investors because of their renowned quality and dependability.

For those interested in numismatic coins, Endeavor Metals Group offers rare and collectible coins from different periods and areas. These coins are not only a valuable asset but also carry historical value. They provide a unique chance for collectors and investors to possess a part of history.

Aside from common bullion products, Endeavor Metals Group also provides specialty items. They possess limited edition and commemorative coins which are much sought after by collectors. These exclusive pieces are carefully created with attention to detail, becoming desirable for those who admire the artistry behind numismatic coins.

Endeavor Metals Group takes pride in making sure their customers get access to a wide range of bullion and numismatic products. They comprehend that different people have various investment objectives and preferences. Thus, they strive to provide a comprehensive selection that caters to investors and collectors who appreciate the artistry and historical importance of numismatic coins.

With Endeavor Metals Group, you can be assured that you are making a wise investment choice. Their items are of the highest quality, and their loyalty to customer satisfaction is unequaled. Whether you are aiming to enlarge your collection or protect your financial future, Endeavor Metals Group is the trusted partner you can count on.

Ordering process and payment methods

Endeavor Metals Group makes it convenient and efficient for customers to place orders. You can do this online, with a user-friendly platform. Payment methods accepted include credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency. Once you have placed your order and payment is confirmed, your product will be shipped promptly. The company also puts great emphasis on customer satisfaction. They provide excellent customer service and address any concerns or questions that may arise.

With a smooth ordering process and payment options, Endeavor Metals Group gives you a positive purchasing experience. They don’t just offer precious metals—they deliver your investment dreams straight to your door.

Shipping and delivery times

Endeavor Metals Group’s shipping and delivery processes are efficient and transparent. Orders are quickly processed. Multiple shipping options are available. Delivery times vary by customer location; however, delivery is always timely. International shipping is also offered. Secure packaging is used to protect products in transit. Customers receive tracking info and order updates to stay informed. Pricing for bullion products isn’t listed, but competitive prices and discounts for large orders are offered.

Pricing and Discounts

When it comes to pricing and discounts in the Endeavor Metals Group, you can expect no specific pricing for bullion products, detailed information on numismatic coins pricing, and potential discounts for large orders. Whether you’re interested in the value of bullion or the allure of numismatic coins, understanding the pricing dynamics and available discounts is key. Let’s dive into the details of how Endeavor Metals Group approaches pricing and the opportunities for savings on your precious metal investments.

No specific pricing for bullion products

Endeavor Metals Group doesn’t have specific prices for bullion products. Explore their range of bullion and numismatic products, and remember prices may vary due to market fluxes and availability. Get an accurate price by contacting them directly or visiting their website.

To be transparent, Endeavor Metals Group has a pricing table with product type, weight, purity, and market trends. Use this to understand how prices are made and make wise bullion purchases.

They also offer educational resources for investors. Get market updates, competitive pricing, and info on Gold-Backed IRAs. Endeavor Metals Group is here to help you make investment decisions that fit your goals and preferences.

Unlock the hidden treasure of numismatic coins pricing! Revel in every gleaming piece’s history and rarity.

Numismatic coins pricing

At Endeavor Metals Group, numismatic coins vary in pricing. Factors such as rarity, condition, and market demand can affect this.

In general, there are affordable and higher-end options for serious collectors. Prices depend on the type of coin, its condition (graded or ungraded), its rarity, historical significance, and current market demand.

Categories of coins and related prices include:
– Historic U.S. Coins – from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on rarity and condition.
– World Coins – prices vary based on rarity, historical significance, and condition.
– Commemorative Coins – prices range from moderate to high due to limited production numbers and unique designs.
– Graded Coins – Professional grading can result in higher prices than ungraded coins. The grade reflects its condition and affects value.

Numismatic coins offer potential appreciation in value. But, they should be considered primarily for their collectible qualities, not just precious metal content.

To find out more, consult experts at Endeavor Metals Group for specific pricing details and investment recommendations.

Potential discounts for large orders

Customers placing large orders with Endeavor Metals Group may be eligible for potential discounts! These discounts could vary based on order size or total value. Endeavor Metals Group wants to encourage investments in bullion and numismatic products, and these discounts are an attractive opportunity to maximize purchasing power.

Furthermore, Endeavor Metals Group is committed to customer satisfaction and provides educational resources for investors. This comprehensive experience ensures customers have the necessary information and potential savings opportunities to meet their investment needs.

Legitimacy and Reputation

Endeavor Metals Group has earned a solid reputation in the industry, and in this section, I will delve into the factors that contribute to their legitimacy and credibility. From positive customer reviews that testify to their exceptional service, to their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and industry recognition, Endeavor Metals Group stands out as a reputable player in the market. Their industry affiliations further solidify their position as a trusted organization, making them a reliable choice for investors seeking security and peace of mind.

Positive reviews from customers

Customers are highly praising Endeavor Metals Group for their simple ordering process. They find it easy and convenient to purchase their desired products. Trustworthiness and satisfaction are key factors mentioned by customers, which they appreciate due to the company’s commitment to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service.

However, there is limited info on diversity and inclusion practices which may be improved. Potential customers value transparency and inclusivity in companies they choose to do business with.

The work environment at Endeavor Metals Group has been described as both fun and professional. This adds to overall customer satisfaction. Additionally, positive reviews from customers have highlighted how Endeavor Metals Group goes above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction and address any concerns or issues.

These efforts have earned not only positive reviews but also industry recognition and affiliations. This further reinforces the company’s commitment and legitimacy within the precious metals market.




In conclusion, positive reviews from customers indicate that Endeavor Metals Group is an excellent choice for those looking to invest in bullion or numismatic products. The combination of a seamless ordering process, trustworthy practices, a positive work environment, and a commitment to customer satisfaction makes them a reliable partner in the precious metals market.

Commitment to customer satisfaction and service

Endeavor Metals Group is proud of its loyalty to customer satisfaction and service. Our main goal is to make sure our customers have a great experience. Our clients have been pleased with our dedication to making the ordering process easy.

Our customers trust us because we are honest and dependable. We understand the significance of having strong relationships with our customers and go the extra mile to gain their trust. We always provide our customers with quality products and reliable service.

We create a positive and professional atmosphere for our employees. We believe that if our workers are happy, our customers will be too.

We also work hard to make the application process go smoothly. We had a sales representative who was impressed by our recruitment process. This shows our commitment to professionalism.

Endeavor Metals Group stands out in the industry with its awards and affiliations. These acknowledgements further demonstrate our promise to excellence and our loyalty to customer satisfaction and service.

We are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations and giving the best service. We are thankful for the faith our customers have in us and will continue working to keep them satisfied.

Industry recognition and affiliations

Endeavor Metals Group has achieved industry recognition. Also, they’ve created affiliations, showing their authority in precious metal investments. Customers have said positive things about the services. This commitment to customer happiness has grown their positive reputation in the industry.

Furthermore, Endeavor Metals Group has gotten industry recognition for giving investors market updates and competitive pricing. This recognition confirms their reputability in the field of precious metal investments.

Endeavor Metals Group also provides educational resources for investors. By offering these resources, they show their commitment to teaching investors.

To increase their credibility, Endeavor Metals Group is linked with dependable organizations in the field of precious metal investments. These associations add legitimacy and boost their already good reputation.

In conclusion, Endeavor Metals Group has earned respect from customers and strong affiliations in the industry. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, provision of educational resources, market updates with competitive pricing, and connections with reliable organizations all contribute to their trusted name in the precious metal investments industry.

Investing with Endeavor Metals Group

Investing with Endeavor Metals Group offers a range of valuable opportunities for investors. From educational resources for investors to market updates and competitive pricing, this section explores the benefits of a Gold-Backed IRA and the advantages of Gold IRA rollovers. Uncover how Endeavor Metals Group can enhance your investment portfolio and provide stability in an ever-changing market. (Reference: Endeavor Metals Group Review)

Educational resources for investors

Endeavor Metals Group takes pride in providing a wide range of educational resources for investors. These are designed to give them the knowledge and information they need to make informed decisions in the precious metals market.

  • Investment guides: Includes details about different kinds of investments, such as bullion and numismatic products.
  • Market analysis: Endeavor Metals Group offers regular updates to keep investors up-to-date about trends and developments.
  • Gold-Backed IRA information: They emphasize the benefits of investing in a Gold-Backed IRA, and provide resources on how to do so.
  • Gold IRA rollovers: They also explain the advantages of an IRA or 401(k) rollover into a Gold-Backed IRA.

Their focus on education sets them apart and shows their commitment to helping investors. A great example of this is John – a newcomer to the market. He found the information on their website comprehensive and helpful. It enabled him to make informed decisions, and he chose to invest with Endeavor Metals Group.

At Endeavor Metals Group, their dedication to educational resources is clear. They are empowering investors in the precious metals market.

Market updates and competitive pricing

Endeavor Metals Group emphasizes transparency. They keep investors informed with regular market updates. These updates educate people about shifts in the precious metals market. Endeavor Metals Group also provides an analysis of economic indicators, geopolitical events, and monetary policies that influence gold prices.

To ensure competitive pricing, Endeavor Metals Group monitors market trends and adjusts prices. They strive to offer fair and attractive prices for their bullion and numismatic products. They take into account the competition in the industry when setting their prices. This way, they can provide prices on par or better than their competitors’.

Endeavor Metals Group also provides educational resources. These include articles, guides, and webinars that cover investing in precious metals. They hope to equip investors with knowledge, so they can make informed decisions.

Endeavor Metals Group is committed to customer satisfaction and service. Through timely market updates and competitive pricing, they aim to empower investors to make intelligent investment decisions.

Benefits of a Gold-Backed IRA

A Gold-Backed IRA can offer many advantages for investors wishing to diversify their investments with valuable metals. Such benefits include:

Check out the Endeavor Metals Group Review to learn more about the benefits of investing in precious metals.

  • Inflation protection
  • Diversification of portfolio
  • Stability and security
  • Potential tax breaks
  • Liquidity

Endeavor Metals Group can provide resources, market info, competitive prices, and help with IRA rollovers to assist investors in making informed decisions when investing in a Gold-Backed IRA. They have also received great customer reviews, showing their dedication to customer satisfaction.

Gold IRA rollovers and their advantages

Gold IRAs are enticing to investors seeking to diversify their portfolios and secure retirement savings. By transferring funds from a traditional IRA or 401(k) into a Gold IRA, individuals can take advantage of the stability and potential growth of gold investments. This can help them protect their wealth against market fluctuations, inflation, and possibly gain higher returns in the long run.

Benefits include:

  • Protection of Wealth: Gold is known as a safe-haven asset that keeps its value even in economic uncertainty. Gold IRA rollovers can help investors preserve their wealth and shield it from the volatility of other investments.
  • Inflation Hedge: Gold historically serves as an effective guard against inflation. As the value of fiat currencies drops, the price of gold climbs. Holding gold in an IRA helps investors maintain buying power over time.
  • Diversification of Portfolio: Adding gold to an investment portfolio can reduce risk by providing diversification. Gold usually moves independently of stocks and bonds, so including it in a retirement account can protect against losses during market slumps.
  • Tax Advantages: Rolling over funds into a Gold IRA may provide tax benefits depending on individual circumstances. Investors should consult a financial advisor or tax expert to determine the exact implications for them.

Not all custodians or precious metals dealers offer Gold IRA rollovers, so it is essential to choose a trustworthy company like Endeavor Metals Group that specializes in this service. With the right partner, investors can rest assured that their retirement savings are secure.

To maximize the advantages of Gold IRA rollovers, investors should monitor the performance of their gold holdings. This can be done by staying informed about market trends and seeking professional guidance when making decisions. Additionally, reviewing the composition of the portfolio to ensure it aligns with long-term goals and risk tolerance is recommended.

By considering these tips and taking advantage of Gold IRA rollovers, individuals can safeguard their retirement savings and possibly improve their financial future. Research, expert advice, and educated decisions are essential for a successful investment strategy.

Investing in gold has never been easier or more rewarding than with Endeavor Metals Group – you won’t be disappointed!

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In conclusion, after discussing the overview of Endeavor Metals Group, it is time to share our final thoughts and recommendations regarding their operations and services. Stay tuned as we delve into the specifics, offering insights and opinions that will help you make an informed decision.

Overview of Endeavor Metals Group

Endeavor Metals Group is the go-to company for bullion and numismatic products. Their strong commitment to excellent customer service has gained positive feedback from customers.

Ordering is easy and customers trust the company. Plus, the work environment is both fun and professional. Diversity and inclusion are of great importance to Endeavor, though there’s limited info available.

The sales rep highlighted their good experience with the application and interview process. Customers have a wide selection to choose from and various payment methods are available. Shipping and delivery times are prompt too.

Numismatic coin pricing and large order discounts are available. Endeavor has received positive reviews and industry recognition. Investors can use educational resources and have the option of a Gold-Backed IRA. Rollovers are also facilitated.

Endeavor stands as a reliable and reputable company with a focus on customer satisfaction and investment opportunities.

Final thoughts and recommendation

My opinion of Endeavor Metals Group is positive. They have great customer service and provide lots of different products. They make sure customers are happy with their purchase. Endeavor Metals Group offers market updates, competitive prices, and explain the benefits of a Gold-Backed IRA.

They have a transparent pricing structure which increases their credibility in the precious metals market. Reviews and affiliations further boost their reputation.

Endeavor Metals Group also allows gold IRA rollovers for those who want to diversify their investments. Therefore, I recommend Endeavor Metals Group for anyone interested in the precious metals market.

Some Facts About Endeavor Metals Group Review:

  • ✅ Endeavor Metals Group is a highly rated silver site, receiving 5 stars from 2 reviews. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Customers of Endeavor Metals Group are generally satisfied with their purchases. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Endeavor Metals Group ranks 12th among silver sites. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Endeavor Metals Group provides a positive and convenient experience for customers looking to purchase or sell silver and gold. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Endeavor Metals Group is headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL and has 1 to 50 employees. (Source: Team Research)




FAQs about Endeavor Metals Group Review

Question 1: Can you provide more information about Endeavor Metals Group’s silver site ranking and customer satisfaction?

Answer: Endeavor Metals Group is a highly rated silver site, receiving 5 stars from 2 reviews. Customers are generally satisfied with their purchases, and the company ranks 12th among silver sites.

Question 2: How does Endeavor Metals Group handle orders for silver and gold?

Answer: Orders for silver and gold are placed over the phone, and payment is made before the silver or gold is mailed directly to the customer’s home.

Question 3: Are there any minimum or maximum purchase amounts when buying silver or gold from Endeavor Metals Group?

Answer: There is no minimum or maximum purchase amount when buying silver or gold from Endeavor Metals Group.

Question 4: Are there any fees charged for shipping or commissions when purchasing silver or gold?

Answer: Endeavor Metals Group does not charge shipping fees or commission fees for silver or gold purchases. However, there is a 3% fee for credit card and PayPal payments.

Question 5: Does Endeavor Metals Group offer any discounts on silver or gold purchases?

Answer: Endeavor Metals Group may offer discounts for certain payment methods and discounts on large purchases. Details about specific discounts can be obtained by contacting the company.

Question 6: What types of products does Endeavor Metals Group offer in gold and silver?

Answer: Endeavor Metals Group offers a variety of bullion and numismatic products in gold and silver. They have coins such as American Gold Eagle, China Gold Panda, and Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, as well as bars in different sizes. They also have a selection of numismatic coins, including rare coins minted as far back as 1886.


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