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What is a credit score?

Credit score is a three-digit number that represents your creditworthiness. It can help lenders determine how risky it is to give you a loan. The higher your score, the better terms you are offered. Your credit score is based on data from your credit report.

Why it can make or break you?

A good credit score can save you thousands of dollars on interest rates for mortgages, car loans, credit cards, insurance, and more. On the other hand, having a bad credit can ruin your financial life and drastically lower your chances of getting a loan.

How to check your credit score?

With Cafe Credit it’s easy! Simply click one of the offers listed below to get your free credit scores. These websites have been in the industry for years. They are reputable, truly free and offer great customer support.

Free Credit Score: No Credit Card Required

To view your credit scores you need to give up a bit of your privacy – Social Security Number (SSN), or at least a part of it, is an absolute minimum. There’s just no other way around it. Without this information, credit companies won’t be able to verify your identity.

But what about your credit card number? Do you need to share it to receive your credit scores for free? The answer is no. However, it may be a wise thing to do if you see the value in a particular service and plan to use it in the future. Below you can find a list of my personal favorite credit score websites in the United States. They’re all safe and easy to use. Enjoy!

NoSiteScore TypeCostCredit CardShort Review
1Credit SesameExperianFreeNoCredit Sesame is my favorite site. It’s really user friendly and works great on all devices: mobile, tablet and desktop. Sign up process is very easy and takes just 90 seconds. After that, you will be able to see your Experian score instantly. They will also show personalized savings recommendations on home loans, credit cards, auto loans, and more. This feature is really helpful and saves you lot of time! Sign up now – there are no trials or membersips. You can also read a more detailed review of this service here.
2FreeScore360All three scoresFree 7-day trialYesFreeScore360 is a great alternative to expensive FICO scores. It’s the best place to check your free 3 credit scores: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion (other services give you just one-bureau score). While these aren’t FICO scores, they still range from 300 to 850, so they are a really good approximation of where you stand. This gives you a much deeper understanding of your credit and it helps you spot errors faster. FreeScore360 gets my best recommendation!
3FICO StandardFICO$19.95YesFICO is a golden standard when it comes to credit ratings and there’s no question about it. Numbers speak for themselves – 90% of top lenders and banks use FICO for lending decisions. If you don’t mind spending money to view your scores, go for it, by any means (especially before making a large purchase, such as new car or home). It is the most valuable score you can get. However, there are also other alternatives that won’t cost you a thing and still offer high-quality credit information.
4Credit KarmaTrans UnionFreeNoCredit Karma gives you fast access to your TransUnion score. You also get credit monitoring at no additional cost, so you can track all your credit activity and spot potential ID theft. Credit Karma offers lots of great credit tools, such as calculators and simulators. They can even estimate the likelihood of approval before you apply for a loan! I can’t really say a bad word about this service. Go ahead and try it!
5QuizzleVantage 3.0FreeNoWhen you sign up to Quizzle, you will receive a Vantage Score v3.0, which has a scale similar to FICO (300 to 850). This scoring model is getting more popular, and it is now used by thousands of lenders, including some of the largest banks. I signed up to Quizzle for this reason alone. To my surprise, I also received my Trans Union credit report as a bonus. Overall I think Quizzle is less feature packed than it’s competitors, but it’s still a useful tool to have.

Your Credit Questions Answered

How is my credit rating calculated?

The exact way the FICO score is calculated is secret. However, there are basic known key factors that make up the final score we’re all looking to improve. Those factors are: payment history, ammounts owed, lenght of credit history, types of credit and recent inquiries for new credit.

How can I get a FICO score at no cost?

You can get your FICO scores for free through your credit card company. Depending on your bank, you can see your scores on monthly statements or inside your online user account. Also, you have the right to get a free credit check whenever you are offered bad loan terms or are denied completely. If this is the case, simply ask your lender to show your score.

How often is my credit score updated?

Usually an update happens monthly. However, if you’re not seeing changes, this might be because not all financial institutions are handing their reports about you in at the same time. This means that there can be a delay before you see all the changes on the score that you expect to see.

How long does it take to improve credit score?

This depends on what kind of improvement you expect. If the main problem of your bad score is tied to a singular bad debt, then paying off that debt might immediately improve your credit. However, if the bad score is linked to a persistent bad financial habit, it may take a few months to see changes.