FreeScore360 Review – Get Your 3 Bureau Credit Scores

You know that it’s important to protect, review and and monitor your credit history. While your credit is important so is your personal identity or your family’s safety.

Though cyber threats are on the rise, makes it easy to monitor and protect your credit, your personally identifiable information, and your family’s safety. Here’s our short review of this unique service.

Credit Monitoring

Unlike other credit score services, FreeScore360 emphasizes all 3 bureau credit scores.

With FreeScore360 you get an updated copy of your credit reports every month.

They alert you of any major changes including credit inquiries, delinquent accounts, new accounts and more.

These alerts (which come via email and through the dashboard) can help you determine if someone is threatening your identity. If they are, you can quickly put it to a stop. FreeScore360 even gives extensive resources that can help you take the right actions.

Credit Score Simulations

FreeScore360 shows you your credit score at all 3 credit bureaus. They also give you the information, you need to protect your scores from poor credit behavior.

Their best tool for protecting your credit is a robust credit score simulations.

Want to take out a new auto loan?

FreeScore360 will show you how your credit score may change.

Considering charging a new item on a credit card? The simulation will show you how your new balance could affect your credit score.

FreeScore360 also offers helpful tips and checklists for the times when you want to take on new debts.

Sex Offender Information and Alerting

Protecting your credit is important, but protecting your family matters more.

FreeScore360 has an option that shows public record information about registered sex offenders.

This helpful database uses geolocation, and your current address to pinpoint dangerous criminals who live nearby.

Members also receive alerts when new registered sex offenders move close to their current home.

Digital Identity Monitoring

Beyond credit monitoring, FreeScore360 also has options that helps protect your identity from thieves who want to use it. They offer “Black Market” surveillance, where they track criminals who buy and sell your information online.

FreeScore360 monitors criminal databases, payday loan records,  address records,websites, and more.

If the information you see doesn’t match your true identity, you may be the victim of identity theft.

Thankfully, FreeScore360 offers up to $1 Million in protection, so that you can fight for your identity to be restored.


When you sign up for FreeScore360, you pay a $1 refundable deposit. Users have access to the site for 7 days. After that, you automatically enroll in a $39.95 per month program.

FreeScore360 provides a 1-800 number that you can call to cancel your membership at any time.

The cost is on par with other top identity theft protection services. FreeScore360 provides plenty of monitoring, $1 Million in identity theft recovery insurance, and peace of mind.

If you’re at a high risk of identity theft, FreeScore360 is well worth the money.

How to sign up for FreeScore360?

Signing up for FreeScore360 is fast and easy. Navigate to their website, and choose “Get Your Free Scores Now!”

You will enter your personal information including your name, social security number and current address. You must provide all the information or FreeScore360 cannot pull your credit reports.

FreeScore360 makes personal security their highest priority, so you can be sure that your information is safe.

Next, FreeScore360 will ask you a few questions about your current debt products or historic addresses for identity verification. Once they verify your identity, you’ll have access to the credit scores, credit simulations and more.

Get Your 3 Credit Scores

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