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Example 1:
– Idaho Teacher Retirement offers a government retirement program that provides useful information and benefits to teachers.
– The retirement plan includes a final salary calculation and Persi benefits.
– Teachers can contribute to a Tax Deferred 403 Plan and guarantee their retirement benefits.

Example 2:
– Idaho’s retirement system for teachers ranks well compared to other states.
– The average teacher salaries in Idaho contribute to the attractiveness of the retirement system.
– Retirement benefits play an important role in teacher retention and job offers.

Example 3:
– Idaho Teacher Retirement is managed by the state and offers competitive pay increases for teachers.
– Teachers in Idaho have access to valuable Persi member handbook and retirement options such as the 401 Plan.
– State service and months credited are important factors in calculating retirement benefits.


Idaho Teacher Retirement is a comprehensive program to support educators in Idaho. It’s key to recognize the importance of providing teachers with a retirement system that appreciates their hard work. Teachers shape the future of our society, and Idaho Teacher Retirement wants to give them a secure and comfortable retirement.

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The program is tailored to meet teachers’ financial and retirement goals. It offers income, health insurance, and other services. By providing these resources, Idaho Teacher Retirement gives teachers peace of mind and financial security.

It also goes above and beyond. It offers details to help teachers make informed decisions, like retirement planning workshops and seminars. These let teachers take control of their financial future and make the most of retirement.

Plus, Idaho Teacher Retirement gives personalized support. It offers counseling services, to give teachers professional guidance as they plan for their future.

In short, Idaho Teacher Retirement understands the vital role of educators. It offers benefits, educational opportunities, and personalized support, so teachers can enjoy a secure and comfortable retirement.

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The Idaho Teacher Retirement System Plan is a government program designed for teachers in the Gem State. It has service credit, final salary calculations and Persi benefits.

Teachers can look in the Persi Member Handbook for info on the program. Plus, they can join the Tax Deferred 403 Plan and the Guarantee Benefits 401 Plan.

The state runs the retirement system for teachers, and pay increases can affect teacher salaries.

This overview offers a comprehensive understanding of the Idaho Teacher Retirement System and its features.
It also takes into account the months credited for state service in determining benefits. This ensures that teachers’ years of service are recognized and rewarded.




The state of Idaho intends to offer financial security to its educators by providing a comprehensive retirement plan and managing the system for employees, including teachers.

Comparison with Other States

Comparing Idaho Teacher Retirement with other states, we see it offers competitive benefits to educators. A table below presents key aspects like contribution rates, vesting periods, retirement age, and pension formulas.

Educators can use this info to compare themselves with their counterparts in other states, aiding them in making informed decisions about retirement. Plus, Idaho has unique benefits like cost-of-living adjustments to pension benefits.

These ensure teachers can keep up with inflation and maintain a comfortable lifestyle in retirement. Also, the participation of teachers in Idaho Retirement System helps to make the system strong and secure.

Therefore, it is crucial for teachers in Idaho to take advantage of this plan. They should explore all the details, understand the benefits, and prepare for a prosperous retirement.

Impact on Teacher Retention

The Idaho Teacher Retirement System impacts teacher retention in the state greatly. It offers attractive benefits and incentives, giving teachers financial security and stability. This motivates them to stay in the profession and serve the students of Idaho.

The system provides a structured retirement plan, giving teachers peace of mind. Pension plans and healthcare coverage are also provided, making it an attractive option for long-term commitment.

Plus, the system respects teachers’ contributions and experience. It rewards them competitively for their dedication and hard work. This helps to retain experienced teachers who bring essential knowledge and skills to the education system in Idaho.

The system also supports teachers throughout their career. It provides resources and guidance to make the most of retirement and transition into retirement. This holistic approach shows that teachers are supported and valued from the start to retirement.




The Idaho Statesman reported that the Idaho Teacher Retirement System is successful in retaining teachers. Due to the system’s attractive benefits, a high percentage of educators choose to stay. The system’s impact on teacher retention in Idaho is clear.

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Text: Idaho Teacher Retirement is a program designed to offer secured retirement benefits to Idaho teachers. Participants can expect a pension based on their years of service and average salary. Plus, healthcare benefits are available, providing retired teachers with quality medical care. There’s also the focus on helping teachers transition into retirement, with resources like financial planning workshops, counseling, and access to retirement experts. Reports show the program consistently delivers on its promises and has a strong track record. In the end, Idaho Teacher Retirement is a valuable program that offers teachers in Idaho a secure and stable retirement. It provides various benefits and resources, so teachers can confidently plan for their future and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

Some Facts About Idaho Teacher Retirement:

  • ✅ The Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho (PERSI) is responsible for teacher retirement in the state. (Source:
  • ✅ Idaho teachers are eligible for retirement benefits through PERSI, which offers a defined benefit Base Plan and an optional Choice Plan. (Source:
  • ✅ Teachers contribute 6.23% of their salaries to the Base Plan, while employers contribute an additional 10.39%. (Source:
  • ✅ The average monthly retirement benefit for Idaho teachers is $1,370. (Source:
  • ✅ Idaho’s teacher retirement system provides the greatest benefits to teachers who stay the longest. (Source:




FAQs about Idaho Teacher Retirement

How are teacher pensions calculated in Idaho?

Teacher pensions in Idaho are calculated based on a formula that takes into account years of experience and final salary. The final salary is calculated based on the average salary over the past 42 consecutive months. Upon reaching normal retirement, teachers receive monthly lifetime benefit payments based on their years of service and average salary.

What is the Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho (PERSI)?

The Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho (PERSI) is the retirement system available to many Idaho school employees, including teachers. It is a defined benefit retirement plan, meaning the retirement benefit is determined by a formula and is based on factors such as age at retirement, months credited for state service, and highest average monthly salary over a 42-month period.

How does PERSI work for teachers?

Teachers contribute 6.23% of their salaries to the PERSI Base Plan, while employers contribute an additional 10.39%. Teachers become vested to receive a lifetime benefit at retirement after earning 60 months of service credit, which does not have to be with the same PERSI employer. Teachers can also participate in the Choice Plan to accrue higher retirement benefits.

Can teachers retire early in Idaho?

Early retirement is allowed for Idaho teachers at age 55 with at least 5 years of service, but benefits are reduced. Full retirement benefits can be achieved when age and years of service combine to equal 90, or at age 65 with at least 5 years of service. Teachers should carefully consider their future plans and how they align with the state’s retirement plan.

What are the benefits of the PERSI retirement plan?

The PERSI retirement plan offers a defined benefit Base Plan and an optional Choice Plan for teachers. It provides retirement security with monthly lifetime benefit payments based on years of service and average salary. PERSI also offers resources and information through brochures, videos, workshops, and retirement plan counselors. Teachers can access health insurance coverage through the Idaho Office of Group Insurance.

How well funded is the Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho (PERSI)?

According to a recent study by Bellwether Education Partners, PERSI is ranked seventh best in the nation for its funding and management. The ranking is based on factors such as the amount of money teachers contribute to the system, its overall funding level, and return on investment for taxpayers. PERSI is considered better than what most U.S. public school teachers have for retirement planning.

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