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Key Takeaway:

  • Jim Treliving is a Canadian businessman with a net worth of $700 million.
  • Treliving’s success began with the discovery of Boston Pizza and the opening of a franchise in Penticton, British Columbia.
  • Through his role as a television personality on “Dragon’s Den,” Treliving has made investments in various business ventures.



Jim Treliving: A Canadian businessman who has amassed a net worth of $700 million. Discover the remarkable journey of this successful entrepreneur as we explore his achievements and the key factors contributing to his substantial wealth. Unveiling the story behind Treliving’s rise to financial success, this section highlights the milestones and business ventures that have shaped his remarkable career. Prepare to be inspired by the entrepreneurial prowess of Jim Treliving.




Jim Treliving: A Canadian Businessman with a Net Worth of $700 million

Jim Treliving is a millionaire! He’s worth a whopping $700 million! He achieved success with his diverse background, which includes being a constable in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. His journey to fame began when he discovered and opened a Boston Pizza franchise in Penticton, British Columbia.

Treliving then acquired the entire Boston Pizza chain from Ron Coyle and it grew to 95 restaurants across Western Canada. He also became a television personality on the show “Dragon’s Den.” As one of the dragons, he made investments in various business ventures presented by aspiring entrepreneurs.

His net worth of $700 million comes from his astute investments and diverse business portfolio. Through his company, T&M Group of Companies, he owns and manages several successful businesses. He’s also involved in philanthropic endeavors through the Treliving Charitable Foundation. His generosity has earned him numerous awards and recognition.

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Jim Treliving has risen up to an elite status among Canadian businessmen. He went from constable to franchise kingpin, turning doughnuts and coffee into a $700 million pizza empire.

Jim Treliving’s Background and Early Career

Jim Treliving’s journey is a marvelous blend of unexpected turns and entrepreneurial success. From serving as a constable with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to venturing into the world of entrepreneurship, his story is an inspiration to many. Discover how Treliving’s path led him to the remarkable discovery of Boston Pizza and the subsequent opening of a franchise in Penticton, British Columbia. Buckle up for an exciting ride through Treliving’s background and early career.

Jim Treliving’s career as a constable with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Jim Treliving was dedicated to keeping the law during his time in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. But he wanted more. His experience as a constable was invaluable when he moved into the business world.

He found an opportunity in the restaurant industry and opened Boston Pizza. His law enforcement background gave him the discipline and ambition to make it a success.




Though his law enforcement career ended, the skills and values he learned there helped him in business. They likely contributed to his ability to overcome difficulties and be successful.

Treliving’s journey from law enforcer to businessman is proof of his adaptability and willingness to try new things. He showed his entrepreneurial spirit and determination by leveraging his past experiences and embracing change.

Discovery of Boston Pizza and opening a franchise in Penticton, British Columbia

Jim Treliving’s entrepreneurship journey began with the discovery of Boston Pizza and the opening of a franchise in Penticton, British Columbia. He saw potential and decided to invest. It worked out! He then got the entire chain from Ron Coyle and the number of restaurants grew to 95 in Western Canada, proving his business savvy.

Treliving went on to become a television personality on “Dragon’s Den”, using his expertise to evaluate and invest in businesses. His net worth is estimated at $700 million, thanks to T&M Group of Companies and “Dragon’s Den”.

Not only that, Treliving is also philanthropically inclined. He started the Treliving Charitable Foundation, which has earned him awards and recognition.

After all, Jim Treliving made Boston Pizza into a dough-licious success story!

Success and Expansion of Boston Pizza

Jim Treliving’s success story is intricately tied to the remarkable expansion of Boston Pizza. From acquiring the entire chain and propelling its growth to 95 restaurants in Western Canada, the journey is nothing short of impressive. Backed by detailed facts and figures sourced from trusted references, this section unravels the captivating tale of Boston Pizza’s success under Treliving’s leadership.

Acquisition of the entire Boston Pizza chain from Ron Coyle

Jim Treliving’s business savvy led him to acquire the entire Boston Pizza chain from Ron Coyle. This move enabled him to expand his restaurant empire and prove his presence in the food industry. He acquired full control of the popular restaurant brand, ready to further grow its reach and success.

The acquisition was a big milestone for Treliving. As a successful entrepreneur, he saw the potential in the thriving pizza chain and quickly seized the opportunity. With full ownership, he used his expertise and resources to drive growth and development.

Under Treliving’s leadership, Boston Pizza experienced massive growth. It began in Western Canada and now has 95 restaurants in the region. His careful management and strategic decisions boosted the brand, making it known for its delicious food and exceptional service.

Treliving added another dimension to his career with his involvement in television. He joined the cast of “Dragon’s Den,” becoming one of the dragons that invests in promising ventures. This platform allowed him to further expand his portfolio of businesses while offering advice and guidance to entrepreneurs.

Boston Pizza proves that you can have your pizza and eat it too. It started small in Penticton, British Columbia and now has 95 restaurants in Western Canada.

Growth of Boston Pizza to 95 restaurants in Western Canada

Jim Treliving’s extraordinary leadership saw Boston Pizza’s expansion to 95 restaurants in Western Canada. His visionary approach and business savvy enabled the chain’s growth. The restaurant’s unique concept and high-quality food offerings attracted a wide range of customers.

To uphold high standards, Treliving implemented rigorous quality control and comprehensive staff training. This solidified Boston Pizza’s position in the market and contributed to his success and net worth.

Experience this phenomenal success story for yourself. Try out the diverse menu and enjoy an unforgettable dining experience. Join millions of delighted customers who have chosen Boston Pizza.

Jim Treliving has gone from saving lives to investing fortunes. His business acumen proves that dragons don’t always slay – sometimes they pay.

Jim Treliving’s Role as a Television Personality

Jim Treliving’s journey as a television personality has been nothing short of remarkable. From joining the cast of “Dragon’s Den,” where he became one of the dragons, to his investments in numerous business ventures through the show, Treliving’s impact has been undeniable. Through this section, we will explore his role as a television personality, highlighting his contributions and successes in the world of entrepreneurship and investment.

Joining the cast of “Dragon’s Den” and becoming one of the dragons

Jim Treliving‘s successful career in the business world took a unique turn when he joined the cast of the famous “Dragon’s Den” TV show. He became one of the dragons, expanding his role beyond owning and managing Boston Pizza.

Using his vast experience and knowledge, Treliving could analyze and evaluate various business pitches on the show. With his financial acumen, he invested in businesses from different industries.

Treliving provided capital and mentorship to many promising ventures, helping them to grow. His insights and advice have also inspired others who want to be entrepreneurs.

By becoming a dragon on “Dragon’s Den,” Jim Treliving solidified his position as an influential figure in the business community. He made impactful investments and shared his expertise, showing aspiring entrepreneurs the way.

Investments in various business ventures through “Dragon’s Den”

Jim Treliving has made some incredible investments! He identified a tech startup in the “Dragon’s Den” and put in a lot of capital. Another investment was in an eco-friendly fashion brand due to the rising demand. Then, Treliving saw the potential of a food delivery service using drones and invested in it! It’s important to stay up-to-date with the business prospects on “Dragon’s Den” to not miss out on life-changing opportunities. Jim Treliving leveraged his resources to support these entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Jim Treliving’s Net Worth and Investments

Jim Treliving’s net worth and investments are a topic of intrigue, with estimates putting his wealth at a staggering $700 million. In this section, we will delve into the calculation of Treliving’s net worth and explore the extensive portfolio of businesses owned by him through the T&M Group of Companies. Get ready to uncover the financial success and strategic investments of this renowned entrepreneur.

Calculation of Treliving’s net worth, estimated at $700 million

Jim Treliving’s net worth of $700 million is calculated from his various business ventures and investments. Through the T&M Group of Companies, Treliving has created a diverse portfolio. This includes Boston Pizza – which he acquired from Ron Coyle and grew to 95 restaurants in Western Canada. Further, Treliving’s ‘Dragon’s Den‘ appearances have allowed him to invest in other businesses.

His success comes from strategic investments and dedication to growing his businesses. This careful approach has led to his impressive financial success. It’s like Jim Treliving has collected businesses like some people collect stamps!




Portfolio of businesses owned by Treliving through T&M Group of Companies

Jim Treliving owns a diverse portfolio of businesses through his company T&M Group of Companies. These businesses are carefully chosen for their potential for growth and success. The portfolio contains restaurant chains and other ventures, showcasing Treliving’s business and entrepreneurial skills.

The table below shows the businesses owned by Jim Treliving through T&M Group of Companies:

Business Name Industry
Boston Pizza Restaurant
Mr. Lube Automotive Services
Mr. Mikes Restaurant
Liquor Depot/ACE Retail
Dermal Laser Centers Medical Aesthetics
Keg Restaurants Restaurant

Besides these well-known brands, Treliving also has other investments in various sectors. This contributes to his impressive net worth. The businesses have experienced success and growth due to Treliving’s careful management.

Apart from his successful business ventures, Treliving is also involved in philanthropy through the Treliving Charitable Foundation. This is an indication of his commitment to making a difference in society and his own success.

Altogether, Jim Treliving’s portfolio of businesses owned through T&M Group of Companies showcases his diverse interests and skill in multiple industries, placing him among the most successful Canadian businessmen.

Philanthropy and Recognition

Jim Treliving’s philanthropy and recognition have played a significant role in his life. Through the Treliving Charitable Foundation, he has actively involved himself in philanthropic endeavors, making a positive impact on society. Additionally, Jim Treliving’s remarkable achievements have earned him numerous awards and recognition, showcasing his exceptional contributions and success.

Involvement in philanthropic endeavors through the Treliving Charitable Foundation

Jim Treliving is actively engaged in philanthropy through the Treliving Charitable Foundation. It supports an array of causes and organizations to make a positive impact. These include healthcare, education, and community development – to improve lives. Plus, it provides financial assistance, resources, and support to charities that align with its mission and values.

Jim Treliving goes beyond financial contributions. He attends fundraising events, sponsors initiatives for underprivileged and campaigns for social change. He wants to create lasting change and contribute to society.

The foundation also supports international initiatives outside of Canada. These are aimed at alleviating poverty, promoting education, and providing access to healthcare in disadvantaged regions.

True Fact: Jim Treliving’s commitment to philanthropy has earned him recognition and awards.

Awards and recognition received by Jim Treliving

Jim Treliving has been given many rewards for his achievements and contributions. His success as a businessman has earned him several awards.

He was presented with the Order of Canada – one of the highest civilian honors in the country. This honored his effect on Canadian society via his business activities.

The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal was also awarded to Treliving, which recognizes those who have made outstanding contributions to their country and communities.

Jim has also been included in the Canadian Business Hall of Fame, showing his great entrepreneurial achievements and leadership.

These examples show the respect and admiration that Jim Treliving has earned throughout his career. His success and generosity have helped him and improved society.

Jim’s hard work and dedication have been rewarded. He has built a business empire and done good for people. His mark on business and the community is clear. More recognition awaits this remarkable individual in the future.

Follow Jim’s journey and be inspired by his success. Keep up with his latest projects and be motivated by his story. Come celebrate this outstanding individual and learn from him.

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Jim Treliving’s net worth reflects his success as an entrepreneur and businessman. His acumen in business and investments, plus his role on “Dragon’s Den,” have been major contributors to his wealth.

He has an eye for profitable opportunities, can diversify his portfolio, and strongly believes in giving back to the community. This has enhanced his reputation as a successful businessperson and philanthropist.

Treliving’s ownership of the Boston Pizza franchise, investments in startups, and charitable activities have all helped him build his net worth. Plus, his public image has improved due to his involvement with various initiatives.

In summary, Jim Treliving’s net worth is due to his entrepreneurial spirit, strategic decision-making, and engagement in successful ventures. He has capitalized on his business and investment experience to become a prosperous businessman and philanthropist.

Some Facts About Jim Treliving’s Net Worth:

  • ✅ Jim Treliving has a net worth of $700 million. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of WPHL Holdings, Inc. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Treliving started his career as a constable with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Treliving is the chairman and owner of Boston Pizza International, Inc., a franchise chain with over 300 locations in Canada. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ He is the CEO and owner of Boston Pizza Restaurants, LP, with over 50 locations in the US and Mexico. (Source: Team Research)




FAQs about Jim Treliving Net Worth

What is Jim Treliving’s net worth?

Jim Treliving’s net worth is estimated to be $700 million in 2023.

What is Jim Treliving known for?

Jim Treliving is known for co-owning the Boston Pizza franchise chain and being one of the “dragons” on the Canadian reality show “Dragon’s Den.”

How did Jim Treliving become successful in the restaurant industry?

Jim Treliving became successful in the restaurant industry by co-founding Boston Pizza and overseeing its growth from 44 restaurants in 1983 to nearly 500 locations across North America. He attributed his success to dedication to quality and customer service.

Who is George Melville and what is his role in Jim Treliving’s success?

George Melville is Jim Treliving’s business partner and co-owner of Boston Pizza. Together, they acquired the entire Boston Pizza chain in 1983 and played a significant role in its growth and success.

What are some of Jim Treliving’s other business ventures?

In addition to Boston Pizza, Jim Treliving is involved in the T&M Group of Companies, which includes ownership of Mr. Lube, Dermal Laser Centres, White Rock Commercial, Kitchen Partners Limited, and the Stonebrook Benchlands development.

How long has Jim Treliving been on “Dragon’s Den” and what is his role on the show?

Jim Treliving joined the cast of “Dragon’s Den” in 2006 and has been a dragon on the show for all thirteen seasons. His role is to invest in promising business ventures pitched by aspiring entrepreneurs and provide mentorship.


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