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Key takeaway:

  • Maine Teachers Retirement provides retirement planning and benefits for teachers in Maine.
  • MainePERS offers various benefits for teacher members and provides information on retirement eligibility and calculation.
  • IIS Financial Services offers personalized financial guidance, retirement workshops, and additional services to help teachers navigate retirement.



Retirement planning is crucial for teachers in Maine. In this section, we will delve into Maine Teachers Retirement, understanding what it entails and why it is of utmost importance for educators. Let’s explore the facts and figures surrounding this retirement system and discover why teachers need to proactively plan for their future.




What is Maine Teachers Retirement?

Maine Teachers Retirement is a vital program for Maine teachers. It provides them with retirement benefits. MainePERS is the Public Employees’ Retirement System that manages the benefits, such as pension plans and health insurance. Retirement benefits vary based on factors like age and years of service.

Maine teachers may also be eligible for Social Security benefits. IIS Financial Services provides personalized financial advice tailored to teachers. MEA-Retired offers resources, contacts, events, and partner information.

School districts and other employers in education finance teacher pensions. The Maine Department of Education oversees costs to ensure funding sources are available.

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It’s essential for teachers to understand their retirement package. Planning ahead and getting professional help are key to a secure retirement. Plus, you get to take advantage of all the resources and support available!

Importance of Retirement Planning for Teachers

Retirement planning is very important for teachers. It ensures a safe financial future. MainePERS is an organization that provides benefits and resources to support teachers with their retirement. MEA-Retired is an organization dedicated to helping retired educators. It provides resources and opportunities for connection.

Teachers need to know about employer contributions and the Maine Department of Education. IIS Financial Services can provide personal financial guidance and retirement workshops tailored for teachers. They can give teachers the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions. Teacher pensions are portable, so teachers can choose their retirement options based on their individual circumstances.

MainePERS can be confusing – like a Shakespearean sonnet. But, retirement planning has bigger consequences.

Understanding MainePERS

MainePERS, the retirement system for Maine teachers, offers a comprehensive set of benefits and retirement options. In this section, we’ll explore an overview of MainePERS, delve into the benefits available for teacher members, understand retirement eligibility and calculation, and examine the integration of Social Security benefits with MainePERS. Get ready to discover the key details and options associated with MainePERS retirement system.

Overview of MainePERS

MainePERS, the Maine Public Employees’ Retirement System, provides retirement benefits to teachers in Maine. Their goal is to make sure teachers are financially secure and stable after retirement.

MainePERS partners with IIS Financial Services to give teachers personalized financial guidance, workshops, and resources. This helps teachers make informed decisions about their future.

MEA-Retired, related to MainePERS, also helps retired educators. It offers retiree benefits and a platform for them to connect. MEA-Retired also organizes events to keep retirees engaged and foster a sense of community.

School districts and the Maine Department of Education support and fund MainePERS. They manage the financial aspects of teacher pensions and follow relevant regulations.

If individuals need more information about MainePERS, they can reach out directly.

Benefits Available for Teacher Members

MainePERS offers teacher members benefits to ensure a secure retirement. These provide financial safety and peace of mind. Examples include:

  • Retirement Pension – based on years of service and salary.
  • Health Insurance – post retirement.
  • Death Benefits – for the designated beneficiary.
  • COLA Increases – to keep up with inflation.
  • Disability Benefits – in case of inability to work.
  • Survivor Benefits – for the spouse or qualified dependents.

To make the most of these benefits, one must understand the eligibility criteria and calculation methods. Resources like IIS Financial Services can help. They offer personalized financial guidance and retirement workshops. Also, staying informed with MEA-Retired is beneficial. This way, teachers can have a secure and fulfilling retirement.

Retirement Eligibility and Calculation

MainePERS is here to help teachers. They provide info about retirement eligibility and calculation methods. Get started with your planning! Don’t wait ’til retirement day. You don’t want to become the retirement class clown!

Social Security and MainePERS Benefits

Let’s explore the benefits in more detail.

Social Security provides income based on your work history and contributions to the system.

MainePERS offers retirement benefits tailored for teachers, factoring in years of service and salary.

These two benefits are key to providing financial support for retired teachers.

It’s important to consider eligibility requirements, calculation methods and early retirement options.

Seek personalized advice from IIS Financial Services or join associations like MEA-Retired for extra resources.

Set sail with IIS Financial Services as your guide to a successful retirement!

Navigating Retirement with IIS Financial Services

When it comes to navigating retirement, IIS Financial Services comes to the forefront. Offering personalized financial guidance and a range of workshops and resources tailored specifically for teachers, they are the go-to choice for Maine teachers’ retirement planning. Discover how IIS Financial Services can help secure your financial future with their comprehensive services and expertise.

Introduction to IIS Financial Services

Introduction to IIS Financial Services

Discover the benefits of IIS Financial Services! They provide personalized financial guidance tailored to teachers’ unique retirement needs. With their expertise in financial planning, they help educators make informed decisions regarding their retirement funds and investments.

Plus, IIS Financial Services offers educational resources and workshops to help teachers understand retirement planning. Through these initiatives, they gain valuable insights into topics such as investment strategies, tax implications, and estate planning. Their goal? To empower teachers with the knowledge they need to make sound financial decisions that align with their retirement goals.

On top of that, IIS Financial Services also provides additional support services. This includes insurance options, assistance with pension paperwork and applications, and access to other related benefits. By offering a comprehensive suite of services, IIS aims to ensure that retired educators have all the necessary tools and support needed for a secure and fulfilling retirement.




Personalized Financial Guidance for Teachers

Teachers in Maine can gain from IIS Financial Services’ personalized financial guidance. This service provides tailored suggestions and help so teachers can manage their retirement planning. One-on-one meetings with financial pros are offered to assist teachers with creating a personalized retirement plan according to their goals, finance situation, and risk tolerance. With this service, teachers can feel sure about their retirement planning and take informed decisions to secure their financial future.

IIS Financial Services also holds retirement workshops and educational resources for teachers. These workshops offer valuable information on various retirement topics such as investment strategies, tax implications, and pension options. Teachers can learn about different retirement savings vehicles like 403(b) plans and individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and understand how to maximize their savings for a comfortable retirement. Educational resources like articles, calculators, and online tools are provided by IIS Financial Services to help teachers make wise financial decisions.

A speciality of IIS Financial Services is that they understand the special needs and challenges faced by educators. The financial experts at IIS Financial Services have expertise in teacher pensions, benefits, and retirement eligibility criteria. They have complete knowledge of MainePERS (Maine Public Employees’ Retirement System) and its complexities to give accurate and appropriate advice to teachers.

Pro Tip: When seeking personalized financial guidance for your retirement as a teacher in Maine, consider partnering with an experienced professional like IIS Financial Services. They are specialized in working with educators and can offer advice based on your unique needs and goals. Retirement Workshops and Educational Resources will provide you with more than just a 401(k) knowledge booster shot.

Retirement Workshops and Educational Resources

Retirement workshops and educational resources from IIS Financial Services are essential for teachers to plan for retirement. These workshops and resources play a major role in helping educators make smart decisions about their future money.

Personalized financial advice enables teachers to get one-on-one consultations that fit their financial goals and circumstances. This personalized support lets teachers access the advice they need to understand retirement planning.

Retirement workshops are also available for teachers. They offer useful info on investing, taxes, and getting the most out of retirement benefits. Attending these workshops helps teachers learn more about their options and feel more confident in their retirement decisions.

Educational resources are a major part of retirement planning for teachers. IIS Financial Services provides plenty of materials and tools to teach teachers about retirement planning. This can include articles, webinars, calculators, and worksheets. They are designed to help teachers make good decisions about their financial future.

IIS Financial Services also offers extra services. These can include estate planning, long-term care insurance, and post-retirement income streams. These comprehensive services mean teachers can access the help they need at any stage of retirement planning.

Taking part in retirement workshops and using educational resources from IIS Financial Services helps teachers prepare for a secure financial future. These workshops and resources give valuable guidance, so teachers can understand retirement planning and make wise decisions about their financial wellbeing.

Additional Services Offered by IIS Financial Services

IIS Financial Services offers more than just personalised financial guidance for teachers. They provide services tailored to support educators’ retirement and future security.

  • Workshops and resources are available to help teachers understand pensions, max Social Security benefits and manage investments.
  • Tools and resources like online calculators, articles and guides are offered to assist in making the right retirement decisions.
  • Plus, IIS Financial Services provides additional services such as estate planning and tax strategies for retiring educators. Their financial professionals are specialized in the unique retirement challenges faced by teachers and can provide comprehensive advice.

IIS Financial Services is committed to helping teachers throughout their retirement journey. They offer workshops, resources, tools, personalized advice and more to make sure educators make sound financial decisions as they plan for the future.

MEA-Retired: Supporting Retired Educators

MEA-Retired, an organization dedicated to supporting retired educators, offers a range of resources and benefits to help retired teachers thrive. From contact information and benefits, to resources and website features, and a calendar of events and affiliates, MEA-Retired provides a comprehensive support system. Whether you are seeking a helpful community or valuable educational tools, MEA-Retired has you covered. Join us and discover the wealth of resources and opportunities available for retired educators.


Overview of MEA-Retired Organization

MEA-Retired is an organization for Maine’s retired educators. They have many benefits and services to help. Contact them for more information on retirement planning. Also, have a look at their website! There you can find resources and events.

MEA-Retired is dedicated to providing support to retired teachers in their retirement years.

Contact Information and Benefits

MainePERS is the go-to source for teachers in the retirement program. It offers essential contact info and a range of benefits. It’s easy to reach out with questions about retirement eligibility. Phone numbers and email addresses are available, plus a physical address to send documents or letters.

Teachers receive financial security in retirement with regular pension payments based on years of service and salary history. Various healthcare options are available, including medical insurance coverage. MainePERS helps members understand how their retirement benefits interact with Social Security.

Plus, MainePERS offers resources and support to make retirement planning easier. Workshops give teachers personalized financial guidance and help them make informed decisions about their finances.

Retired teachers can find community with MEA-Retired. It offers member benefits, exclusive events, social activities, and professional development opportunities. MEA-Retired is a platform to connect with fellow retirees.

If you’re a teacher looking for help with retirement planning, MainePERS has everything you need. Explore its website features and treasure trove of resources to ensure a smooth transition into retirement.

Resources and Website Features

Resources and website features offer tremendous value to those searching for Maine Teachers Retirement info and assistance. These tools provide helpful details and support to help educators with retirement planning.

Online resources provide teachers with comprehensive guides on retirement eligibility, calculation methods, and benefits. They also provide insight into the relationship between Social Security and MainePERS.

Websites have interactive calculators designed specifically for educators. The tools enable teachers to estimate retirement income based on years of service, salary, and contributions. Platforms may also offer personalized financial guidance services.

Websites host educational resources too, such as retirement workshops and seminars. These events give teachers practical knowledge on topics like investment management, tax planning, and healthcare options during retirement.

MEA-Retired and its affiliates host exciting events! Mark your calendars and connect with retired educators.

Calendar of Events and Affiliates

The ‘Calendar of Events and Affiliates’ section provides useful information about upcoming events and the organizations affiliated with MEA-Retired. Meetings, conferences, workshops, and other relevant activities for retired educators are included. A table can be used to display this info in an organized format. The table would have columns for event name, date, location, and extra details/contact info. This will help retired teachers to find and plan their participation in events that interest them.

MEA-Retired’s website also has a range of resources and features. Retirees can get valuable info related to retirement plans, health benefits, legal advice, and more. It serves as a hub for retirees to stay connected and access essential resources.

Navigating retirement can be tough. IIS Financial Services provides personalized guidance, and retirees can attend retirement workshops too. Planning for retirement is very important.

Funding and Administrative Considerations

Ensuring the financial and administrative aspects of Maine Teachers Retirement are well-managed is crucial for both employers and educators. In this section, we will uncover the key factors that contribute to the funding and administrative considerations of the retirement system. From employer contributions and responsibilities to exceptions and funding sources, we will explore the complex landscape that shapes the retirement costs. Additionally, we will shed light on the role of the Maine Department of Education and provide information on how to contact MainePERS for further guidance.

Employer Contributions and Responsibilities

Employers have an obligation to contribute to teachers’ retirement funds and manage the system efficiently. Accurately calculating contributions and allocating funds appropriately is essential. Employers must also inform teachers of changes or updates to the retirement system. Staying in touch with organizations like MainePERS is key to staying informed and fulfilling responsibilities effectively.

Proper management of retirement funds is critical for educators’ financial future. Fulfilling obligations shows an employer’s commitment to their teachers. To get more information, employers can reach out to MainePERS. Don’t miss the chance to support teachers in their journey to a secure retirement!

Exceptions and Funding Sources for Retirement Costs

Maine Teachers Retirement (MainePERS) offers exceptions and multiple funding sources to cover retirement costs. These exceptions allow teachers to get retirement benefits even in special cases, guaranteeing financial security during retirement. MainePERS also considers different funding options for retirement system sustainability.

  • Exceptions: Maine Teachers Retirement has exceptions to help teachers retire early or reduce penalties in certain situations. These include disability retirement, service-connected disability retirement, and early retirement due to layoffs or major organizational changes.
  • Funding Sources: To provide retirement benefits, MainePERS relies on employer contributions, member contributions through payroll deductions, and investment returns from pension fund investments.
  • Retirement Costs: Retirement costs involve different expenses that MainePERS needs to manage carefully. These include pension payments, healthcare benefits, administrative expenses, and investment management fees.
  • Budget Considerations: Budgetary constraints must be taken into consideration when planning for retirement costs. MainePERS works with the Maine Department of Education and other stakeholders to make a sustainable financial plan that is fair to both active educators and retired members.
  • Review Process: MainePERS regularly reviews its policies and processes to determine the right funding levels and evaluate potential exceptions. This includes analyzing actuarial data, monitoring investment performance, and assessing demographic trends among enrolled teachers.
  • Collaboration with Educators: MainePERS communicates with teachers and their representatives to understand their needs and add their perspectives into retirement planning. This ensures open lines of communication for addressing exceptions and funding sources for retirement costs.

Employer and member contributions are essential for retirement system sustainability, but further funding sources such as investment returns are also a must. MainePERS utilizes a diversified investment portfolio to generate returns for covering retirement costs. By collaborating with educators, MainePERS can come up with strategies to secure the needed funding.

Role of Maine Department of Education

The Maine Department of Education is key for teachers’ retirement planning. They take charge of Maine Teachers Retirement, making sure employers pay their share and guiding teachers on their options.

MainePERS and the Department of Education work together to help teachers understand eligibility, benefits, and calculation methods. The Department also makes sure teachers can use Social Security benefits if they qualify.

The Department of Education can be a great resource for teachers. They offer workshops, education material, and other services for retirement. They also support retired educators through MEA-Retired, including contact info, benefits, and a calendar of events.

The Department of Education ensures employers give the right amount to pensions. They also look for extra funding sources.

In conclusion, the Maine Department of Education is important for teacher pensions. They provide resources, understanding of benefits, and ensure correct funding.

Plus, they collaborate with MainePERS so teachers can take their pensions with them if they change jobs within or outside Maine.

Contacting MainePERS for Further Information

MainePERS is devoted to aiding teachers with their retirement needs. Connecting with MainePERS gives educators access to comprehensive information about the retirement system. This includes an overview of benefits, eligibility criteria, and calculation methods. Also, MainePERS can explain the relationship between Social Security benefits and those from the retirement system.

Reach out to MainePERS for further details beyond what has already been discussed. Learn more about employer contributions, responsibilities, exceptions, and alternative funding sources for retirement costs. Ask MainePERS about the role of the Maine Department of Education in relation to pension benefits.

Pro Tip: Before contacting MainePERS, have your questions and concerns ready. This will make the conversation more productive. MainePERS representatives can then address all pertinent topics efficiently.

Teacher Pensions in Maine: Key Details

In Maine, teacher pensions play a crucial role in ensuring retirement security. Let’s dive into the key details surrounding teacher pensions, from the overview of the Maine Public Employees’ Retirement System to pension calculation, contribution rates, retirement age, and portability options. By exploring these aspects, we can gain a comprehensive understanding of the pension landscape for Maine’s dedicated educators.

Overview of Maine Public Employees’ Retirement System

MainePERS is the retirement program designed for public employees in Maine. It offers teachers and other public servants financial security and peace of mind during their post-employment years. Benefits include a defined benefit pension plan and disability retirement benefits.

Eligibility and calculation are key. Factors such as years of service and age at retirement are taken into account. MainePERS works with the Social Security Admin to ensure members receive the right benefits.

MainePERS has a partnership with IIS Financial Services. This organization provides personalized guidance, workshops and educational resources. Teachers can gain a comprehensive understanding of their options.

For more info on Maine Teachers Retirement and MainePERS, contact the dedicated team. They’ll answer questions on retirement planning.

Why do math teachers make good retirement planners? Because they always calculate the best vesting period for their pensions!

Pension Calculation and Vesting Period

The pension calculation and vesting period are important for Maine teachers who are part of the Maine Public Employees’ Retirement System (MainePERS). The pension calculation decides how much retirement benefits a teacher will get. The vesting period decides when those benefits become fully vested.

To understand how the pension calculation works, let’s look at the benefits offered to MainePERS teacher members. They contribute a percentage of their salary during their career. Employers also contribute. Investment returns help fund the pension benefits. The calculation takes into account things like years of service and average salary.

It’s important to consider the vesting period. This is the amount of time a teacher needs to work before they become eligible for full retirement benefits. In MainePERS, teachers become vested after 8 years. If they leave teaching before retirement age, they can still get a portion of their pension benefits.

To prepare for retirement, talking to financial advisors like IIS Financial Services can help. They offer personalized advice, workshops, and other resources.

Retired educators can find more support with MEA-Retired Organization. They offer contact info, resources, and calendar events where retirees can connect with their community.

Employers have contributions and responsibilities towards funding retirement costs. The Maine Department of Education may have exceptions and extra funding sources.

Planning for retirement as a teacher can be tough. But the benefits of Maine Teachers Retirement make it worth it.

Contribution Rates and Benefits

Maine Teachers Retirement has specific rates and benefits connected to it. Knowing these rates will help teachers plan for retirement and have financial security when they are no longer teaching.

In MainePERS, teachers contribute a percentage of their salary to their retirement benefits. This percentage varies depending on how long they have been employed. When they retire, they get a pension based on their years of service and highest average salary. Take a look at the table below for an overview of the contribution rates and benefits for Maine teachers:

Tier Contribution Rate Years of Service Pension Benefit
Tier 1 8% 25 or more years Highest Average Salary x Years of Service x 2%
Tier 2 Varies based on hire date 28 or more years Highest Average Salary x Years of Service x 2%
Tier 3 Varies based on hire date At least 20 but less than 28 years Highest Average Salary x Years of Service x 1.5%
Tier 4 (Teachers) Varies based on hire date Less than 20 years Highest Average Salary x Years of Service x 1.25%

It’s important to remember that these contributions and benefits could change due to laws or collective bargaining agreements. Therefore, it is essential for teachers to keep up with their retirement plan and be aware of any updates. Don’t worry, retirement age is not compulsory – it’s like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, but with more paperwork.

Retirement Age and Early Retirement Options

Retirement age and early retirement options for Maine Teachers Retirement refer to the age when teachers can hang up their cap and gown and the choices they have for an early exit.

  • Maine teachers can retire at different ages, depending on their years of service and when they started in the retirement system.
  • Members of MainePERS have a normal retirement age of 60 or 62, according to their teacher plan.
  • An early retirement option is also available, with reduced benefits before reaching the normal retirement age.
  • To be eligible for this, teachers must meet certain criteria, such as the amount of credited service.
  • The decrease in benefits varies based on age and credited service.
  • Teachers should think carefully and get financial advice to see if early retirement is the right choice.




Plus, there may be other details and considerations about retirement age and early retirement not mentioned here. Teachers should contact MainePERS or use appropriate resources to learn more about these topics. Teachers can take their retirement benefits with them wherever they go, as they are as portable as a student’s backpack.

Portability of Teacher Pensions

MainePERS provides portability for teacher pensions. This means that teachers can keep their retirement benefits even if they move or work in a different state or school district. They can accumulate service credits no matter where they teach, even across state lines.

This portability also applies to other retirement plans like social security. So teachers who are eligible for MainePERS benefits can also receive social security based on their earnings history.

In conclusion, portability of teacher pensions in Maine ensures educators retain their retirement benefits no matter where they go or work. They can continue building towards their pension eligibility and calculation regardless of their location. Plus, having access to two retirement sources offers financial stability to retired teachers.

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In conclusion, as we wrap up our discussion on Maine Teachers Retirement, we will delve into our final thoughts on this topic and highlight the importance of planning and understanding retirement benefits. Let’s explore the key takeaways and insights that will help Maine teachers make informed decisions regarding their retirement.

Final Thoughts on Maine Teachers Retirement

Retirement planning for teachers in Maine is extremely important! MainePERS offers a variety of benefits, which are calculated based on many factors. Among these are social security integration and retirement eligibility.

IIS Financial Services is a great resource for teachers on their retirement journey. They provide personalized guidance, workshops, and educational resources. Plus, supplementary services are available to help with financial planning.

MEA-Retired is an organization dedicated to helping retired educators in Maine. Through this, retirees have access to benefits, resources, and website features. Plus, MEA-Retired arranges events and works with affiliates to give retirees networking opportunities.

Funding and admin considerations mean employer contributions are important too. The Maine Department of Education also has duties relating to retirement planning for teachers. If more info or clarification is needed, MainePERS can help.

When it comes to teacher pensions in Maine, understanding the details is key. MainePERS oversees the calculation process and vesting period requirements. Contributions rates depend on individual circumstances and affect retirement benefits. Plus, the retirement age and early retirement options need to be taken into account when planning retirement. Lastly, portability of teacher pensions allows individuals to transfer their pension benefits, even if they have worked in different states/districts.

Final thoughts on Maine Teachers Retirement: Maine Teachers Retirement, IIS Financial Services, MEA-Retired and other organizations offer amazing retirement benefits and resources. It is essential that teachers understand the details of the retirement system, such as contribution rates, eligibility requirements and portability options. Teachers should also seek personalized financial guidance and attend retirement workshops to make informed decisions about their future.

Importance of Planning and Understanding Retirement Benefits

Retirement planning is vital for Maine teachers and understanding their related benefits is key. Maine Teachers Retirement (MainePERS) provides these benefits. It’s important to know the requirements and processes involved in retirement eligibility, and how benefits are calculated with factors like years of service and salary. Plus, Social Security and MainePERS benefits must be understood to plan retirement income.

IIS Financial Services offers personalized financial guidance for teachers. Retirement workshops and educational resources can help teachers make informed decisions about their future. IIS also provides services to support reaching retirement goals.

MEA-Retired supports retired educators too. It offers resources, features on its website, and information about upcoming events and affiliate organizations.

Funding and administrative considerations are important for teacher pensions in Maine. Employer contributions and responsibilities need to be known. Exceptions and sources of funding are too. The Maine Department of Education is involved in supporting the administration of teacher pensions. For extra info, contact MainePERS directly.

Some Facts About Maine Teachers Retirement:

  • ✅ The Maine Public Employees’ Retirement System (MainePERS) provides retirement benefits for Maine public school teachers and staff. (Source:
  • ✅ Teacher members can download the Teacher Member Handbook to access information on the available benefits. (Source:
  • ✅ MainePERS offers Retirement Planning Sessions specifically for teacher members. (Source:
  • ✅ Teacher members can request a summary of their MainePERS account at any time. (Source:
  • ✅ Membership in MainePERS is mandatory for public school employees, except for substitute teachers. (Source:




FAQs about Maine Teachers Retirement

How do teacher pensions work in Maine?

Teacher pensions in Maine are defined benefit pensions, meaning that the value of the pension is determined by a formula based on years of experience and final average salary. The final average salary is based on the highest three years of average salary. Teachers qualify for a pension after five years of service, but the pension may not be substantial. Full benefits can be obtained at the age of 65 with at least one year of service. Early retirement is also allowed with at least 25 years of service, but benefits are reduced based on years of experience and how early the teacher is retiring.

How are teacher pensions calculated in Maine?

Teacher pensions in Maine are calculated based on a formula that takes into account years of experience and final average salary. The final average salary is calculated by taking the highest three years of average salary. The pension formula is then applied to determine the monthly pension benefit amount.

How can teachers purchase service credit for their retirement?

Teachers in Maine may be eligible to purchase additional service credit for their retirement. Service credit can be purchased for periods of leave, military time, or other qualifying reasons. Teachers should contact the Maine Public Employees’ Retirement System (MainePERS) for more information on how to purchase service credit.

What options are available for substitute teachers in Maine regarding retirement?

Substitute teachers in Maine have the option to join or not join the Maine Public Employees’ Retirement System (MainePERS). Joining MainePERS as a substitute teacher allows them to participate in the retirement system and accrue service credit towards a pension. However, it is not mandatory for substitute teachers to join MainePERS.

What kind of independent financial guidance is available for Maine teachers?

IIS Financial Services specializes in providing independent financial guidance to public school district employees in Maine. They offer personalized assistance in understanding and managing retirement benefits, as well as educational workshops to help individuals prepare for retirement. They also assist in navigating MainePERS and Social Security income options to determine additional retirement income needed.

Where can teachers find information about state-wide food pantries in Maine?

The Maine Education Association Retired (MEA-Retired) website provides information about state-wide food pantries. They offer a link to a map provided by the Good Shepherd Food Bank, which lists food pantries across the state. MEA-Retired also suggests contacting town offices for information on nearby food pantries.


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