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Key Takeaways:

  • Michael J Burry gained recognition for his accurate prediction of the housing market crash and his unconventional investment strategies.
  • He founded Scion Capital LLC and achieved early successes through his value investing approach.
  • Burry’s investments in GameStop and other unconventional assets have generated significant profits.
  • He currently focuses on investments in farmland, gold, and private prisons.
  • Burry has accumulated substantial wealth over the years, with notable investments in Tesla and the ARKK ETF.
  • In addition to financial success, Burry owns a diverse portfolio of real estate properties and an impressive car collection.
  • His influence on retail investors and portrayal in the movie “The Big Short” have further cemented his reputation as one of the best in the industry.


Michael J Burry, a well-known figure in the financial world, has long been associated with his accurate predictions and bold moves. In this section, we will delve into Burry’s background and achievements, shedding light on his unique perspective. We will also explore his famous prediction of the housing market crash, a significant event that solidified his reputation as a savvy investor. Get ready to uncover the captivating journey and insights of this financial maverick.




Background and Overview of Michael J Burry

Michael J Burry is a famous investor and fund manager, renowned for foreseeing the housing market crash. Born in San Jose, California, Burry encountered many difficulties from a young age, like losing an eye due to retinoblastoma. He kept his focus and studied economics and medicine. Later, Burry made his own company, Scion Capital LLC, and became successful with his value investing strategy. But, it was his anticipation of the housing market crash and his shorting of the subprime mortgage industry that brought him fame.

Despite his brilliant prediction, not even Michael J Burry imagined the big jump in popcorn sales during the Great Recession caused by the housing market crash.

Prediction of the Housing Market Crash

2005 was a significant year for Michael J Burry. He saw the upcoming crash in the housing market, caused by subprime mortgages. Through research and analysis, he identified the risks in this industry. His insights enabled him to short the market and profit from the impending crash.

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Burry’s prediction relied on his economics knowledge. He looked at home prices, mortgage lending practices, and default rates. He found many subprime mortgages were being issued to people who couldn’t repay them. This led to his prediction of a wave of defaults and foreclosures.

At the time, Burry’s prediction was met with skepticism. But when 2007 and 2008 rolled around, it was clear he had been right. The collapse of the subprime mortgage industry caused financial chaos and recession.

Burry’s prediction has earned him a great reputation as an investor. His ability to identify and benefit from market trends has made him one of the best investors in recent years. It also serves as a lesson to investors, teaching them the importance of extensive research and analysis when making investment decisions.

Pro Tip: Long-term trends and risks should be considered when analyzing markets and industries. This can help investors spot major shifts or crises before they happen and make decisions to protect their capital and generate returns.

Early Life and Educatio

Michael Burry, the renowned American investor, overcame extraordinary challenges in his early life. From battling retinoblastoma, which resulted in the loss of one eye, to pursuing both economics and medicine, Burry’s journey has been nothing short of inspirational. In this section, we’ll delve into his birth and childhood in San Jose, California, and explore the remarkable story of how he overcame adversity to become the successful figure he is today.

Birth and Childhood in San Jose, California

Michael J Burry was born and raised in San Jose, California, surrounded by the innovative culture of Silicon Valley. This early exposure to a dynamic environment would shape his understanding of business and tech.

At the age of two, he was diagnosed with retinoblastoma – a rare eye cancer – which eventually caused him to lose an eye. This experience fuelled his determination to succeed.

He studied both economics and medicine, seeing their synergy. His investment firm, Scion Capital, showed his extraordinary foresight – identifying undervalued assets in uncertain markets.

He gained recognition for predicting the housing market crash of 2007-2008. By shorting the subprime mortgage industry, he earned profits while others faced losses.

Burry has since gone on to think outside the box, investing in unconventional assets such as GameStop in 2021, farmland, gold, and private prisons.

His track record and influence have been remarkable, and it’s imperative that we follow his investment moves. He has proven to have insights that could yield enormous financial gains.

Overcoming Challenges: Losing an Eye to Retinoblastoma

Michael J Burry experienced a difficult situation as a child, losing one eye to retinoblastoma. Despite this setback, he refused to let it define him. He was determined to pursue his goals and dreams. This experience likely gave him perseverance and tenacity, which he later applied to his career as an investor.

Burry’s courage to overcome his own obstacles is inspiring. It shows us that we can still achieve success, even with personal setbacks. His journey emphasizes the importance of resilience and persistence in facing adversity.

Despite suffering a significant challenge early in life, Burry has triumphed over adversity. His success in the financial world proves that our response to setbacks is what matters. His story reveals the power of the human spirit and its ability to overcome difficulty.

Burry’s plan B of studying economics and medicine is a reminder that having alternative career choices is important, even when predicting a housing market crash.

Pursuing Education: Studying Economics and Medicine


Michael J Burry was determined to pursue education in two different fields – economics and medicine. His journey began with economics, which laid the groundwork for his future success as an investor. Simultaneously, he studied medicine with the ambition to make a difference in healthcare.

This combination of fields showcased his drive to gain diverse knowledge and expertise. Economics equipped him with analytical skills and an understanding of market behavior. On the other hand, medicine gave him an appreciation for research and advancements.

The dual degrees gave Burry a unique skill set that set him apart from other investors. Other notable aspects of his educational background include:

  1. Overcoming adversity: Burry lost an eye to Retinoblastoma during childhood, but this did not stop him from pursuing his educational goals.
  2. Leveraging from diverse fields: The mix of economics and medicine provided him with a multidimensional mindset to approach complex decisions.
  3. Brave career transition: He moved from medicine to finance and investing, an unconventional move that paid off.

The combination of education, resilience and adaptability made Michael J Burry one of the most successful investors in recent times.

Career as an Investor

Michael J. Burry’s career as an investor is filled with fascinating stories and remarkable successes. From founding Scion Capital LLC to making bold predictions about the housing market crash, Burry has shown a knack for unconventional investments. In this section, we will explore his early successes and value investing approach, his famous short on the subprime mortgage industry, his profitable ventures like GameStop, and his current investment strategies involving farmland, gold, and even private prisons. Get ready to dive into the remarkable journey of this renowned investor.

Founding Scion Capital LLC: Early Successes and Value Investing Approach

Michael J Burry founded Scion Capital LLC and found early success in the field of value investing. His strategy? Identifying undervalued assets and potential for long-term growth. This helped him earn significant returns in the beginning.

Burry’s entrance into value investing was the start of a successful venture. He studied market trends and company fundamentals to unearth investment opportunities that others overlooked. This enabled him to make informed decisions and bring in profits for himself and his clients.

His gift for locating undervalued assets propelled him to success. He sharpened his skills in analyzing firms and industries to find hidden growth areas. Through thorough research and analysis, he became known as an adept investor who continually achieved impressive outcomes.




Don’t miss your chance to learn from Burry’s early successes and his value investing approach. Comprehend his tactics and apply them to your own investment decisions to discover potential profits in the market. Keep up to date and seize the opportunity to grow your wealth using Burry’s proven methods. Will his risky bet on the housing market pay off, or will he end up sunk in mortgage-backed securities?

Prediction of the Housing Market Crash: Shorting the Subprime Mortgage Industry

Michael J Burry is famed for his accurate prediction of the housing market crash and shorting of the subprime mortgage industry. He founded Scion Capital LLC and employed a value investing approach. It was this foresight that set him apart, allowing him to profit from the decline in housing prices.

Continuing on his unique path, Burry made headlines with his involvement in GameStop. Investing in farmland, gold, and private prisons, he continues to generate returns.

What sets Burry apart is not only his financial success but also his influence on retail investors. He is depicted by Christian Bale in “The Big Short” and is seen as a prominent figure in popular culture. He is looked to as a source of guidance and inspiration for retail investors.

Michael J Burry shows that it’s all about thinking outside the box, even in the world of finance.

Profiting from Unconventional Investments: GameStop and Other Moves

Michael J Burry’s investment strategies were not restricted to orthodox options. He gained fame when he made sizeable gains by engaging in unusual investments, such as GameStop. He had analyzed the prospects of a short squeeze.

Before the housing market crash, he predicted the downfall of the subprime mortgage industry and made money by shorting it.

Currently, he has shifted his investments to farmland, recognizing its long-term value and opportunities in agricultural industries.

He has also ventured into gold investments, in light of economic uncertainties, and private prisons, based on his knowledge of the business landscape.

Apart from these, he made a successful bet on Tesla before its rise in value and was involved with the ARKK ETF. These strategies prove his skill in discovering extraordinary opportunities outside of traditional investing. From agriculture to incarceration, Michael J Burry has demonstrated that diversifying investments can bring both returns and ethical dilemmas.

Current Investment Strategies: Focus on Farmland, Gold, and Private Prisons

Investment strategies of Michael J Burry have focused on three main areas: farmland, gold and private prisons. He studied and analyzed them to spot potential growth and profit. Farmland was chosen for its importance in global food security, with growing demand for agricultural products. Gold was chosen as a safe haven asset in times of economic uncertainty. Lastly, he saw potential profitability in private prisons.

These three strategies showcase Burry’s ability to identify unique investment opportunities. However, this is not an exhaustive list of his strategies. He considers a diverse range of investments to maximize returns and minimize risk.

As an investor, it is important to explore various investment options. Consider Burry’s avenues and evaluate different sectors for potential insights and profits. Expand your portfolio, aligning with your financial goals and risk tolerance. Seize the chance for growth and profitability.

Financial Success and Net Worth

Financial success and net worth are key aspects of Michael J Burry’s life. This section explores how Burry has accumulated wealth, made notable investments, acquired personal assets, and experienced a steady increase in his net worth over the years. From generating impressive returns and profits for himself and investors to his investments in Tesla and the ARKK ETF, this section provides insights into Burry’s financial endeavors and the factors contributing to his substantial net worth.

Accumulating Wealth: Returns and Profits for Himself and Investors

Michael J Burry’s wealth accumulation has been a success, delivering great returns and profits for himself and his investors. He practices value investing, and early successes with Scion Capital LLC laid the foundation. But it was his prediction of the housing market collapse that really made the difference. By shorting the subprime mortgage industry, he capitalized on the drop in the housing sector, giving investors great returns.

His unique investment moves, such as GameStop, have gotten attention and shown his capacity to spot unusual opportunities. Now, Burry is concentrating on farmland, gold, and private prisons.

He has also invested in Tesla and the ARKK ETF, adding to his net worth and displaying his skill in recognizing growth possibilities.

Michael J Burry’s success in accumulating wealth is due to his clever investment strategies and capability to forecast market trends. His gains are not only for himself, but for his investors too. We stay on the edge of our seats, watching Burry’s investment decisions.

Notable Investments: Tesla and the ARKK ETF

Michael J Burry’s remarkable investments include Tesla and the ARKK ETF. A table below displays his investments:

Investment Company Year

He has made other significant moves in his career. His decision to invest in Tesla and the ARKK ETF was successful, boosting his success as an investor. Michael J. Burry shows that investing in real estate and flashy rides isn’t just for millionaires, it’s for big-time investors.

Personal Assets: Real Estate Properties and Car Collection

Michael J Burry’s personal portfolio is something to marvel at. He has invested in a variety of assets, such as real estate properties and a car collection. These tangible items are of great value and have an impact on his wealth.

Real Estate Properties: Burry owns multiple properties that serve as long-term investments. Although details and locations are kept a secret, it’s safe to say these assets generate income and increase in worth.

Car Collection: Alongside real estate, Burry has also gathered a collection of cars. It’s unsure what type they are, but likely luxurious or vintage.

Other assets owned by Michael aren’t disclosed or reported, however, the real estate properties and car collection make up a large portion of his portfolio.

His net worth has grown over the years, like a housing bubble.

Growth of Net Worth: Steady Increase Over the Years

Michael J Burry’s net worth has seen consistent growth. Through his career as an investor, he’s accumulated wealth and profited for himself and his investors. His astute strategies, like correctly predicting the housing market crash and shorting the subprime mortgage industry, have driven his net worth. His ventures into farmland, gold, and private prisons also help it grow. With big investments in Tesla and the ARKK ETF, plus real estate properties and a car collection, Michael J Burry’s net worth continues to thrive.

Burry founded Scion Capital LLC and used a value investing approach. He predicted the housing market crash and shorted the subprime mortgage industry. This made him a lot of money and showed his ability to spot opportunities. He also gained from GameStop stocks during the Reddit-fueled frenzy. All these strategies help his net worth grow.




Christian Bale played him in “The Big Short,” a hit movie about finance. He’s become a leader in the field, with many investors looking to him for guidance and inspiration. Michael J Burry’s net worth shows not only financial success, but also that he’s one of the best in the business.

Influence and Recognition

Michael J Burry, known for his remarkable investment strategies, has garnered both influence and recognition. His portrayal by Christian Bale in the film “The Big Short” shed light on his ability to forecast the 2008 financial crisis. Burry’s investment moves have had a significant impact on retail investors, while his expertise and success have made him widely recognized as one of the best in the industry.

Depiction in “The Big Short” and Portrayal by Christian Bale

Michael J Burry’s representation in “The Big Short” and Christian Bale’s portrayal give a prominent image of his exclusive investment plans and the effects of his forecasts on the finance business. The table beneath illustrates fundamental elements of Michael J Burry’s depiction in “The Big Short” and Christian Bale’s portrayal.

Aspect Depiction in “The Big Short” and Portrayal by Christian Bale
Movie Based on Michael Lewis’ nonfiction book
Portrayal Christian Bale plays the character of Dr. Michael Burry
Storyline Highlights Burry’s prediction of the housing market crash
Accuracy Bale’s performance captures Burry’s eccentric genius

Notably, Michael J Burry’s depiction in “The Big Short” draws attention to his capacity to foresee economic developments before they occur. This portrayal shows his tactical reasoning and analytical expertise. It also highlights his irregular investment approaches which led to considerable financial profits during the subprime mortgage crisis.

Impact on Retail Investors: Influence of Burry’s Investment Moves

Michael J Burry’s investment moves have had a major effect on retail investors. He accurately predicted the housing market crash, and then shorted the subprime mortgage industry. His success with GameStop and alternative investments has motivated retail investors to think differently and diversify their portfolios. Burry’s investments in Tesla and the ARKK ETF have also informed retail investors to potentially consider these stocks for growth.

Overall, his moves have educated and empowered retail investors, urging them to analyze markets more profoundly and explore alternative investment options. Not only this, but his story was portrayed in the film “The Big Short” by Christian Bale, introducing him to a bigger audience and intensifying his influence on retail investors.

Furthermore, Burry’s achievements have earned him recognition among financial professionals and amateurs. His defiance of conventional wisdom and outstanding returns have established him as a knowledgeable expert in the investment world.

An interesting anecdote about his prediction of the housing market crash is that, despite facing skepticism, he stayed true to his belief and took huge short positions against subprime mortgage bonds. His courage was rewarded when the housing market crashed as predicted, inspiring retail investors to trust their instincts and take well-calculated risks for financial gain.

Widespread Recognition: Considered One of the Best in the Industry

Michael J Burry’s notable achievement of widespread recognition in the industry as one of the best investors is backed by his unique strategies. His predictions, such as foreseeing the housing market crash and shorting the subprime mortgage industry, made him stand out. His unconventional investments like GameStop also cemented his status. These showcased his expertise in recognizing undervalued assets and capitalizing on market inefficiencies.

Burry’s flexibility and willingness to explore unconventional avenues sets him apart from other investors. His financial success is evident through accumulation of wealth and returns. Notable investments in companies like Tesla and the ARKK ETF have also played a role.

He was further propelled by his depiction in “The Big Short” where Christian Bale portrayed him. Many individuals look up to Burry’s investment moves and seek inspiration from his approach.

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Michael J Burry has amassed a significant net worth through his successful investment strategies. His expertise in identifying opportunities and making contrarian bets has allowed him to generate substantial returns. Additionally, Burry has ventured into other business endeavors, founding and managing investment funds. He has also served on the boards of several companies, leveraging his expertise to contribute to their growth and success. All of these factors have contributed to his financial standing, making him an inspiring high-net-worth individual.

Some Facts About Michael J Burry’s Net Worth:

  • ✅ Michael J Burry’s net worth is estimated to be $1.2 billion as of April 2023. (Source: https://www.buybitcoinbank.com/cryptocurrency/michael-burry-net-worth)
  • ✅ Burry correctly predicted the subprime mortgage crisis and made billions by shorting the housing market and convincing firms to sell him credit default swaps. (Source: https://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-businessmen/wall-street/michael-burry-net-worth/)
  • ✅ He owns multiple real estate properties and has an impressive car collection, including a Rolls Royce Phantom and Bentley Continental. (Source: https://caknowledge.com/michael-burry-net-worth/)
  • ✅ Burry is known for his investments in meme stocks like GameStop and his unconventional investment moves, such as investing in assets like gold, farmland, and private prisons. (Source: https://moneymade.io/learn/article/michael-burry-net-worth)
  • ✅ He follows a value investing approach, seeking companies trading at a discount and investing with a margin of safety. (Source: Team Research)




FAQs about Michael J Burry Net Worth

1. What is Michael Burry’s net worth?

Michael Burry’s net worth is estimated to be $300 million.

2. What is Michael Burry’s background and education?

Michael Burry has a background in economics and pre-med from UCLA and earned an MD degree from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. Although he has a medical degree, he did not practice medicine.

3. How did Michael Burry gain fame in the financial world?

Michael Burry gained fame for his successful prediction of the subprime mortgage crisis and his profitable bets against the housing market. His story was featured in the book and film “The Big Short,” where he was portrayed by Christian Bale.

4. What were some of Michael Burry’s successful investments?

Michael Burry made significant profits by shorting overvalued tech stocks during the internet bubble and by betting against the subprime mortgage industry. He also invested in meme stocks like GameStop and has holdings in private prison stocks, farmland, and gold.

5. How did Michael Burry’s hedge fund perform?

Michael Burry’s hedge fund, Scion Capital, achieved a total return of 489.34% from 2000 to 2008. He closed the fund in 2008 but reopened it in 2013 under the name Scion Asset Management.

6. What is Michael Burry’s current investment focus?

Michael Burry’s current investments include gold, water, farmland, and holdings in tech companies like Facebook and Alphabet Inc. He has also made short positions on Tesla stock in the past.

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