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Key Takeaways:

  • Modern Coin Mart offers a wide selection of coins and bullion items, making it a convenient one-stop shop for collectors and investors.
  • With partnerships with esteemed mints, Modern Coin Mart ensures the authenticity and quality of its products, providing customers with peace of mind.
  • Customers appreciate the timely delivery and free shipping policy, enhancing the overall shopping experience.
  • However, some customers have reported issues with customer service, indicating a need for improvement in this area.
  • Compared to competitors, Modern Coin Mart’s prices are perceived to be higher, which may be a consideration for price-conscious buyers.
  • There have been complaints about canceled orders and delayed refunds, suggesting an opportunity for better order management and communication.
  • Positive customer reviews highlight excellent customer service and efficient issue resolution, establishing trust and loyalty.
  • Negative reviews mention delays and unresponsive customer service, pointing to areas where Modern Coin Mart can improve to meet customer expectations.
  • In conclusion, the overall customer feedback on Modern Coin Mart is mixed, with positive experiences of excellent service but also some concerns about customer service and pricing. Further research and considering alternatives may be recommended for potential customers.
  • As a trusted online retailer, Modern Coin Mart offers a wide range of coins and bullion items, with a user-friendly website and a secure payment system.



Modern Coin Mart is a renowned platform that has gained recognition in the numismatic industry. With a wide range of offerings and a solid reputation, it has become a go-to destination for coin collectors and enthusiasts. In this section, we will provide an overview of Modern Coin Mart, highlighting its notable features and offerings. Additionally, we will touch upon the power of customer feedback and reviews, shedding light on how these opinions can help us gauge the quality and reliability of this platform.




Overview of Modern Coin Mart

Modern Coin Mart – a store with coins and bullion items. It has a website and secure payment system for customers. They offer free shipping and delivery quickly.

Feedback on Modern Coin Mart is a mix – some good and some bad. Customers often praise their customer service, for responding to issues promptly. But, some customers have had problems with the customer service team, like unresponsiveness. Plus, the prices charged by Modern Coin Mart are higher than its competitors.

It’s also noteworthy that Modern Coin Mart sometimes cancels orders or delays refunds. This suggests there may be issues with its order processing and refund procedures.

Customer feedback and reviews – giving you an insight into the ups and downs of Modern Coin Mart.

Mention of customer feedback and reviews

Modern Coin Mart has gathered customer feedback and reviews throughout the years. These useful insights from customers show the reputation and quality of their products and services.

People have given positive feedback concerning Modern Coin Mart. They enjoy the wide selection of coins and bullion items on their website. This vast collection lets customers find what they are looking for, catering to both experienced collectors and beginners.

Moreover, Modern Coin Mart is known as a reliable distributor with partnerships with respected mints. This guarantees that customers can trust the authenticity and quality of the coins and bullion items they purchase.

The dependability of Modern Coin Mart’s goods is another factor that gets praised by customers. They value the high quality of the coins and bullion items they receive, increasing their satisfaction.

Additionally, Modern Coin Mart is praised for their punctual delivery service and free shipping policy. Customers are pleased to get their orders on time without any extra expenses. Additionally, they feel safe knowing that their packages are handled with care, creating a good shopping experience.

In addition, Modern Coin Mart maintains a user-friendly website that simplifies the purchasing process. Customers also compliment the secure payment system employed by the online retailer, ensuring that their transactions are safe.

Despite the positive aspects linked to Modern Coin Mart, it is important to think about customer feedback regarding certain negative aspects too.

Some customers have not been pleased with Modern Coin Mart’s customer service. Complaints include unhelpful representatives or difficulty contacting them, causing frustration for some customers who need help or resolution for any problems experienced during their shopping experience.

Another issue raised by customers is the relatively higher prices compared to competitors in some cases. It is important for potential buyers to consider these considerations when making purchasing decisions.




Lastly, there have been complaints about canceled orders and delayed refunds reported by some customers. Delays in receiving refunds or experiencing canceled orders can affect trust in an online retailer, requiring closer examination of the effectiveness of Modern Coin Mart’s order management and customer service procedures.

Positive Aspects of Modern Coin Mart

Modern Coin Mart offers a range of exceptional benefits that make it a top choice for coin enthusiasts. With its wide selection of coins and bullion items, partnerships with esteemed mints, commitment to quality and reliability, swift delivery and free shipping policy, along with a user-friendly website and secure payment system, there are plenty of reasons to trust and rely on this reputable distributor.

Wide selection of coins and bullion items

Modern Coin Mart: Where coins and bullion find excellence. With esteemed mint partnerships, they offer an extensive variety of items in their inventory. Customers have diverse options to choose from when collecting or investing. Quality and reliability are ensured with rigorous inspection processes.

Plus, their user-friendly website has advanced search filters and a secure payment system. Though there have been customer service complaints, orders canceled and higher prices than competitors.

Reputable distributor with partnerships with esteemed mints

Modern Coin Mart stands out in the industry with their partnerships with esteemed mints. These mints provide a wide selection of coins and bullion items that are hard to find elsewhere. This trust from renowned mints enhances their reputation.

They make sure customers receive only quality products. Authenticity and reliability are guaranteed by working closely with mints. Customers can be sure they get genuine items from trusted sources.

Timeliness and free shipping are also part of the package. Customers enjoy convenience and cost savings on their orders.

The user-friendly website makes it easy to navigate, view product details, and make secure purchases. This seamless online shopping experience is key to building customer trust.

Modern Coin Mart excels in delivering high-quality coins and bullion backed by reliable sources. But customers should consider other options due to customer service issues, high prices, canceled orders, and delayed refunds.

Quality and reliability of products

Modern Coin Mart has many positives, such as a wide selection of coins and bullion items. Plus, their partnerships with esteemed mints prove their reliability. Customers also enjoy speedy delivery and free shipping.

Yet, there are some issues. Customer service has been reported to be unresponsive. Prices are higher than competitors’. Lastly, orders and refunds have been canceled or delayed.

Modern Coin Mart delivers coins faster than a kid on Christmas morning! Plus, free shipping, too!

Timely delivery and free shipping policy

Modern Coin Mart is renowned for their commitment to speedily delivering orders and offering customers free shipping. They understand the need to make shopping easy, providing swift delivery services and no shipping fees.

Customers can choose from a wide selection of coins and bullion items, sourced from well-respected mints. Quality and reliability are guaranteed, with a secure payment system to protect personal information.

However, some reviews have mentioned issues with customer service – like delayed responses or unhelpful assistance. To boost customer satisfaction, Modern Coin Mart should focus on responding quickly to customer issues. Also, providing more detailed delivery time info on their website would help manage customer expectations.

Modern Coin Mart offers top-notch coins and bullion items, plus a great shipping policy – it’s time to strengthen their reputation as a reliable online retailer. Their website is user-friendly and secure.

User-friendly website and secure payment system

Modern Coin Mart is known for their user-friendly website and secure payment system. Customers appreciate the convenience of navigating the website and making purchases confidently. The payment system encrypts personal and financial information, giving users peace of mind.

  • The website is designed to be user-friendly, allowing customers to easily look through a wide selection of coins and bullion items.
  • The layout and categorization make it simple to find products.
  • The website’s search function enables customers to quickly locate desired items based on keywords or specs.
  • Customers have access to product descriptions, images, and reviews to help with decision-making.
  • Modern Coin Mart employs encryption technology and other measures to protect sensitive data during online transactions.

One unique thing they offer is a variety of secure payment options beyond credit cards. This includes alternative methods like PayPal and cryptocurrency payments. This caters to different customer preferences while maintaining security standards.

Modern Coin Mart may deliver timely, but their customer service leaves you feeling perplexed.

Negative Aspects of Modern Coin Mart

Modern Coin Mart has gained popularity in the numismatic market, but it’s essential to consider all aspects before making a purchase. In this section, we will focus on the negative aspects of Modern Coin Mart, shedding light on their customer service issues, higher prices in comparison to competitors, as well as complaints about canceled orders and delayed refunds. Delve into these concerns with us to make an informed decision in the world of numismatics.

Issues with customer service

Some customers have been frustrated by difficulties when trying to reach Modern Coin Mart’s customer service team. Busy or unavailable phone lines often cause delays in addressing customer inquiries or issues.




There are also complaints of prolonged waiting times for responses from the customer service staff. This can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction, especially when urgency is required.

Further, some customers feel there is a lack of effective communication and support from Modern Coin Mart’s customer service. This can result in a negative experience.

Not all customers have had negative experiences though. Positive reviews mention excellent customer service and issue resolution – showing that the company can successfully address customer needs.

High prices compared to competitors


Modern Coin Mart has been slammed for its high prices on coins and bullion items. Some customers have been vocal about their dissatisfaction with the cost. This has caused issues for those looking for cheaper options.

Particularly, customers have noticed Modern Coin Mart’s prices are not competitive when compared to other online retailers. They think they are paying extra, without getting anything extra in return. This is why some are starting to look for more affordable options.

Nonetheless, Modern Coin Mart offers a wide selection of coins and bullion from respected mints. But the expensive prices compared to competitors is still a major concern for customers. Potential buyers may want to look into other online retailers to find cheaper pricing options for their purchases.

Complaints about canceled orders and delayed refunds

Customers of Modern Coin Mart are unhappy. They’ve had orders canceled and refunds delayed. Many complaints have been made. People have shared their bad experiences online. It’s clear this problem has affected the company’s reputation.

Customer Experiences and Reviews

From positive reviews that praise excellent customer service and issue resolution to negative reviews highlighting delays and unresponsive customer service, let’s dive into the varied customer experiences and reviews of Modern Coin Mart.

Positive reviews highlighting excellent customer service and issue resolution

Customers are singing Modern Coin Mart’s praises for their fast response and issue resolution. They credit the customer service team for their knowledge and professionalism. Modern Coin Mart even goes the extra mile by providing personalized help to customers.

Despite the complaints about high prices and canceled orders, customers still highlight the exceptional customer service from Modern Coin Mart. This sets them apart from the competition, ensuring their status as a reliable online retailer. It’s almost like the coins themselves are avoiding contact with the customer service!

Negative reviews mentioning delays and unresponsive customer service

Customers of Modern Coin Mart have expressed disappointment with delays in order processing and unresponsiveness from the customer service team. This has resulted in frustration, inconvenience, and dissatisfaction due to extended wait times. Folks have reported difficulty obtaining refunds and canceled orders have caused financial issues.

These negative reviews suggest that there is room for improvement in terms of swift issue resolution and effective communication to ensure a positive customer experience. Potential customers should consider these concerns before deciding whether to purchase from Modern Coin Mart or explore alternative online retailers.


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In concluding our review of Modern Coin Mart, we will provide a summary of the overall customer feedback, offer a recommendation for further research and considering alternatives, and share our final thoughts on Modern Coin Mart as a trusted online retailer. Based on the feedback gathered, it is important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. Let’s explore these aspects in detail to help you make an informed choice when it comes to your coin collecting needs.

Summary of the overall customer feedback

Modern Coin Mart has obtained multiple customer reviews and feedback. This provides an overview of their functioning. The following points outline the general customer opinion:

  • Wide selection – Customers value the variety of coins and bullion that Modern Coin Mart offers. Collectors and investors can easily find what they need.
  • Reputable distributor – Modern Coin Mart has partnered with respected mints, giving them more credibility as a seller. This increases customer belief in the products’ quality and authenticity.
  • Quality and reliability – Customers are content with the coins and bullion provided by Modern Coin Mart, as they are known for their quality and dependability.

In addition to these positive comments, customers have shared some issues. These include:

  • Customer service – Some customers have had difficulty contacting customer service and resolving their issues.
  • Pricing – Customers have expressed dissatisfaction about Modern Coin Mart’s prices compared to other sellers.
  • Order handling – There have been cases of canceled orders without explanation and delays in refunds.

It is important to note that each person’s experience can differ. But, understanding this customer feedback can help when researching and deciding on coin and bullion purchases.

One example is a customer who was pleased with their purchase from Modern Coin Mart, however they had trouble contacting customer service about an error on their order. Despite various attempts, they still had difficulty getting a response or resolution, eventually leading to a negative experience. This shows that Modern Coin Mart needs to improve their customer service department, so that customers can get prompt and effective communication.

Recommendation for further research and considering alternatives

To probe further, extra research and investigation are recommended. This’ll provide a fuller understanding of the accessible possibilities and aid in making an informed decision. Consider these:

  • Inspect customer reviews on other online retailers to compare their product selection, pricing and customer service.
  • Investigate alternative distributors with partnerships with esteemed mints to guarantee the authenticity and quality of the coins and bullion items.
  • Compare the shipping policies of different online retailers to find better options in terms of delivery time and cost.
  • Check the user-friendliness and security features of sites offered by alternative online retailers for a smooth shopping experience.
  • Take into account feedback from other customers who had issues with canceled orders or delayed refunds, analyzing if these issues are recurrent or individual cases.

By looking into other online retailers, evaluating their services and noting customer feedback, individuals can make a more educated decision before shopping at Modern Coin Mart or selecting another platform. Examining these tips and conducting further research can help identify alternative options that could suit one’s wishes and preferences better.

Final thoughts on Modern Coin Mart as a trusted online retailer.

Final Thoughts on Modern Coin Mart as a Trusted Online Retailer:

Modern Coin Mart is reputed as an online retailer. They present a great range of coins and bullion products, with top-notch mints. Their items are known for quality and trustworthiness, ensuring customer delight. Plus, their delivery and free shipping policies make the shopping experience even more convenient.

Also, Modern Coin Mart features a user-friendly website and a secure payment system. This gives customers confidence when making purchases. These aspects contribute to their status as a dependable online store, emphasizing customer comfort and safety.

However, there are customer issues to consider. Some people have difficulty getting help from customer service. This can be troublesome and improvement is required.

Plus, their prices are higher than other stores. This could put off customers looking for cheaper options. There have also been complaints about orders being canceled and refunds being late. This makes customers frustrated.

Considering customer feedback and reviews on Modern Coin Mart, positive experiences highlight great customer service and problem solving. Nevertheless, negative reviews often mention delays in communication from customer service reps, suggesting room for improvement in this area.

To sum up, Modern Coin Mart is a reliable online retailer, supplying a huge selection of good quality products with partnerships with great mints. Their user-friendly website and secure payment system improve the shopping experience. But, customer concerns about customer service and higher prices should be taken into account, showing the need for improvement.

Some Facts About Modern Coin Mart Review:

  • ✅ Modern Coin Mart (MCM) is an online retailer that specializes in the sale of gold, silver, bullion, and US coins. (Source:
  • ✅ MCM offers a wide range of products for investors, including popular gold and silver coins like Gold American Eagles and Silver American Eagles. (Source:
  • ✅ MCM has been in the coin business for over 15 years and has established itself as a reputable online retailer with a strong reputation in the coin industry. (Source:
  • ✅ MCM provides exceptional customer service, resolving issues and offering replacements or refunds when necessary. (Source:
  • ✅ While there are some negative reviews mentioning issues with customer service and delayed refunds, MCM remains a popular choice for collectors and investors with a loyal customer base. (Source:




FAQs about Modern Coin Mart Review

Question 1: What is Modern Coin Mart and what products do they offer?

Answer 1: Modern Coin Mart (MCM) is a reputable North American distributor specializing in worldwide government coin and currency issues, as well as privately issued and licensed collectibles. They offer a diverse array of coins and currencies, including commemorative coins, limited editions, and exclusive releases. They also provide professionally certified and graded coins by reputable third-party grading services.

Question 2: Where is Modern Coin Mart located and what are their contact details?

Answer 2: Modern Coin Mart is located at 5260 Paylor Ln, Sarasota, FL 34240. They can be contacted by phone at (800) 362-9004.

Question 3: What payment methods does Modern Coin Mart accept?

Answer 3: Modern Coin Mart accepts various payment methods, including credit cards, check/money order, wire transfer, and Paypal.

Question 4: Do customers have to create an account to purchase from Modern Coin Mart?

Answer 4: Yes, customers can create an account on Modern Coin Mart’s website by providing basic information such as their name, email, and password.

Question 5: What is the shipping policy of Modern Coin Mart?

Answer 5: Modern Coin Mart offers free shipping on all orders, with no minimum order amount. They provide physical delivery of their products and strive to deliver them in a timely fashion, usually within 2-3 days.

Question 6: How does Modern Coin Mart ensure the authenticity and quality of their coins?

Answer 6: Modern Coin Mart has a team of highly experienced numismatists who ensure that the coins they sell are authentic and of high quality. They also source their coins and currencies from esteemed mints and offer professionally certified and graded coins.

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