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Key Takeaways:

  • The State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio (STRS Ohio) is a retirement system specifically designed for teachers in Ohio.
  • Membership and eligibility requirements are in place for teachers to participate in STRS Ohio.
  • Recent changes to the Ohio Teachers Retirement system include a one-time cost of living increase for retired teachers and the postponement of retirement eligibility change for current teachers.
  • Communication channels such as “The Real Story” series, special audits, news releases, and online learning opportunities through videos help keep STRS Ohio members informed.
  • Other retirement systems in Ohio for school employees include the School Employees Retirement System of Ohio (SERS), which offers various resources and services, and the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS), which provides eligibility and benefits for staff, post-doctoral researchers, and interns.
  • The Ohio State University retirement plans offer retirement options for faculty, staff, and students, with a relationship with approved retirement plan providers.
  • The Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP) and 403 and 457 Supplemental Retirement Accounts provide additional retirement savings options for Ohio school employees.
  • Understanding retirement options, considering factors such as eligibility and benefits, and seeking further assistance are important for Ohio teachers’ retirement planning.


Introduction to Ohio Teachers Retirement

Ohio Teachers Retirement is a prominent pension system in Ohio. It is devoted to providing retirement benefits to educators. It is a trusty and crucial resource for teachers, ensuring their financial stability during their retirement years. The main focus is to back the education community. Ohio Teachers Retirement is known for its expansive coverage and commitment to meeting the individual needs of educators. It offers several retirement plans, including defined benefit and defined contribution options. This allows teachers to choose a plan that fits their individual circumstances. Plus, the pension system gives access to extra benefits, such as disability benefits and survivor benefits, amplifying the assurance of teachers and their families.




A distinctive aspect of Ohio Teachers Retirement is its strong investment strategy. The pension system carefully manages its investment portfolio to ensure sustainable and consistent growth. By diversifying its investments across different asset classes, such as stocks, bonds, and real estate, Ohio Teachers Retirement strives to produce positive returns that add to the long-term sustainability of the pension fund.

Overview of the State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio

The State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio (STRS Ohio) has a rich history and important purpose. Discover the origins and mission of STRS Ohio as we explore its history and delve into the membership and eligibility requirements. Stay tuned to learn about the vital role STRS Ohio plays in supporting Ohio teachers’ retirement plans.

History and purpose of STRS Ohio

STRS Ohio has a long history and a clear purpose. It was set up to give retirement advantages to educators in Ohio. Membership and eligibility rules make sure teachers who meet certain criteria can join and gain the benefits they merit.

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Throughout its life, STRS Ohio has had various changes and updates. Recent changes include a one-time cost of living raise for retired teachers, and a delay of retirement eligibility for current teachers. These changes come with financial implications and costs. STRS Ohio is open about this and addresses public concerns and reactions. They use news releases, updates, videos, and other initiatives like “The Real Story” series and special audit discussions to keep members up to date.

There are other retirement systems in Ohio for school staff. SERS offers resources and services for them. Legislative support and news/events help ensure their retirement needs are met.

Ohio school staff have further resources and retirement choices outside these systems. The Ohio State University retirement plans are for faculty, staff, and students, with options from approved providers. The Ohio Public Employees Retirement System is another choice for staff, post-doctoral researchers, and interns.

Alternative retirement plans give extra savings options for those wanting to improve their retirement savings. The Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP) has special benefits for additional financial security. 403 and 457 Supplemental Retirement Accounts offer other ways to save and invest for the future.

Membership and eligibility requirements

Do you want to secure your retirement? The State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio (STRS Ohio) has you covered! To become part of this comprehensive retirement system, you must meet the membership and eligibility requirements.

Full-time, part-time, or substitute teachers employed by public schools, career centers, and participating private institutions in Ohio are all eligible to join STRS Ohio. Membership is automatic for teachers who have completed at least 15 years of service credit or are age 50 with at least five years of service credit.

New members must contribute a certain percentage of their salary each month to the retirement system. Once membership and eligibility requirements are met, teachers can benefit from the system’s financial security and stability during their post-employment years.

Explore STRS Ohio’s official website or contact representatives directly to learn more. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to secure your future.

Recent changes and updates to the Ohio Teachers Retirement system

Recent changes and updates to the Ohio Teachers Retirement system are generating public reaction and concerns. Delving into the financial impact and costs of these changes, we’ll also explore the one-time cost of living increase for retired teachers and the postponement of retirement eligibility change for current teachers. Get ready for an insightful look into the evolving landscape of Ohio’s teacher retirement system and how it affects educators and the public.

One-time cost of living increase for retired teachers

Retired teachers in Ohio have been given a one-time cost of living increase to their pensions. This is to adjust for changes in the cost of goods and services. It provides financial support and adjusts pensions based on the cost of living. Inflation increases expenses for retirees and this helps them maintain their standard of living.

This increase gives financial security to retired teachers. It acknowledges their service in education. It eases economic issues due to inflation. Despite worries from people, this adjustment is beneficial for retired teachers.

The Ohio Teachers Retirement system understands the need for this measure. They took into consideration all perspectives when making these changes. STRS Ohio made an announcement about this one-time cost-of-living increase. They keep members informed about changes to their retirement benefits.

Retired teachers can now look forward to retirement. Students may not be as thrilled.

Postponement of retirement eligibility change for current teachers

The Ohio Teachers Retirement system has postponed the retirement eligibility change for current teachers. This was in response to public worries about the financial impact and costs.

STRS Ohio is keeping its members informed. It has “The Real Story” series and special audit discussion providing details. News updates and videos are on their online platforms.

School employees have other options. SERS offers resources and legislative support. The Ohio State University offers retirement plans with eligibility criteria and options. Ohio Public Employees Retirement System has benefits for staff, post-doctoral researchers, and interns.

Alternative Retirement Plan and Supplemental Savings Options like 403(b) and 457 Accounts are also available. ARP offers unique benefits, and supplemental accounts help save extra funds for retirement.

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Financial impact and costs of these changes

The recent changes to the Ohio Teachers Retirement system have had a financial impact. These include a one-time cost of living increase for retired teachers, and a postponement of retirement eligibility for current teachers. This has caused an increase in expenses.

To understand this, a table could be created. It would include the nature of the change, the expenses, and other financial details. This would show the implications of these modifications.

Contributions from both employees and employers are now needed to sustain the system. This info provides an overview of the financial ramifications.

All the information is from reliable sources such as STRS Ohio, ensuring accuracy.

Public reaction to the changes has been dramatic.

Public reaction and concerns

Public reactions to the changes are varied, with some retired teachers welcoming the one-time cost of living increase. Others worry about the postponement of retirement eligibility change, as it could delay their plans to leave the profession.

The financial impact has raised concerns among both retired and current teachers. They wonder how it will affect the overall stability of STRS Ohio. There has also been public discussion on if these changes address long-term sustainability and fairness in teacher retirement benefits.

To address any misconceptions or uncertainties, STRS Ohio needs to continue to communicate with its members. This allows them to retire with more knowledge than when they were educators, rather than being confused and stressed-out.

STRS Ohio’s efforts to keep members informed

STRS Ohio is making significant efforts to keep its members well-informed. Discover the various communication channels and resources available to members, including “The Real Story” series and special audit discussions. Stay up-to-date with news releases and updates, and take advantage of online learning opportunities through informative videos.

Communication channels and resources

STRS Ohio offers teachers a variety of communication channels. Their website is a centralized hub for information, resources, and tools – like retirement planning, forms, publications, and FAQs.

The Real Story series and special audit discussions provide transparency and address misconceptions about the retirement system. Videos and explanations explain how it works.

News releases and updates cover changes in benefits, eligibility requirements, events, and legislative updates that affect members’ retirement plans.

Videos provide educational resources, letting teachers deepen their understanding of retirement topics at their convenience.

It’s important to stay updated with STRS Ohio’s communication channels and resources. That way, individuals can stay aware of any changes that could impact their benefits.

These channels and resources from STRS Ohio empower teachers to make informed decisions about their retirement plans. They provide easy access to information, tools, and communication strategies. So, get ready to learn the real story behind retirement plans and special audits! It could be scarier than fiction.

“The Real Story” series and special audit discussion

The “Real Story” series and special audit discussion are key to the State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio (STRS Ohio). This series helps members by giving them correct facts and ideas about the retirement system. It wants to clear up any questions or misunderstandings.

For the “Real Story” series, STRS Ohio focuses on open communication and resources to keep members in the loop. This includes news releases and updates on various platforms, so members stay up-to-date. Plus, they offer online videos to teach teachers about their options and help them make decisions.

The special audit discussion goes more in-depth into STRS Ohio’s money management and allocation. Members can learn how STRS Ohio works.

In conclusion, the “Real Story” series and special audit discussion helps STRS Ohio members stay informed and understand the retirement system.

News releases and updates

Information about changes to the retirement system are shared via news releases. These announcements cover topics such as eligibility, cost of living increases, and other pertinent info. This is a great resource for members to stay informed about their benefits. STRS Ohio provides a platform for releasing news to ensure easy access.

Furthermore, news releases offer transparency and help members understand any changes that may impact their retirement planning. In addition, STRS Ohio also uses various communication channels such as “The Real Story” series, special audit discussions, and online learning videos. These resources provide more in-depth info and answer any questions or concerns members may have.

Moreover, news releases establish a direct line of communication between STRS Ohio and its members. Through regular updates, members can better understand the evolving landscape of their retirement plan and make informed decisions.

It is recommended that teachers regularly review news releases from STRS Ohio. This helps them stay up-to-date with any changes and plan their finances proactively. Additionally, taking advantage of educational resources like “The Real Story” series and online learning opportunities can further enhance their understanding of their retirement options.

By staying informed and engaging with the materials provided by STRS Ohio, teachers can make well-informed decisions about their retirement plans and secure a financially stable future.

Online learning opportunities through videos

Ohio teachers have a range of retirement options available! Videos are a great way to access information about planning for retirement, investment strategies, and the benefits offered by STRS Ohio. Plus, teachers can benefit from online videos which provide guidance on financial planning and budgeting, all at their own pace and convenience.

These video resources are perfect for those who prefer visual learning and have limited time for traditional professional development. And, they ensure all STRS Ohio members have equal access to important retirement-related information.

STRS Ohio also use other communication channels such as news releases, updates, and “The Real Story” series. By providing a variety of resources in different mediums, they aim to reach out to members and keep them informed about retirement options.

Other retirement systems in Ohio for school employees

Ohio offers various retirement systems for school employees, including the School Employees Retirement System of Ohio (SERS). This sub-section will explore the resources, services, legislative support, and news/events that SERS provides. Stay tuned to discover the benefits and opportunities available for school employees in Ohio’s retirement systems.

School Employees Retirement System of Ohio

SERS Ohio is a retirement system for school employees in Ohio. It offers members access to retirement planning tools, investment options, and healthcare coverage. SERS Ohio works with legislative bodies to ensure the best benefits. It also communicates regularly with members about changes or updates to retirement benefits. Survivor benefits are also available for eligible beneficiaries.

School employees in Ohio should explore the resources and services of SERS Ohio to make well-informed decisions about their retirement planning. These resources make retirement planning much more engaging and interesting.

Resources and services offered by SERS

SERS, the School Employees Retirement System of Ohio, has an array of offerings for school employees to help them plan for retirement. These services provide valuable information to aid members in making wise decisions about their future.

SERS offers tools and calculators to evaluate a member’s current financial situation and plan for retirement goals. These resources consider years of service, salary history, and contribution rates to give tailored projections and advice.

Educational programs and workshops are available to assist members in comprehending their retirement benefits and navigating the complexities of the system. Subjects such as social security integration, healthcare options, survivor benefits, and more are discussed. Personal counseling sessions with retirement professionals are an option too; they can offer tailored advice based on individual circumstances.

Members have access to an online portal to view their balance, update personal information, submit forms electronically, and access key documentation.

Customer service assistance is available through phone, email, and in-person consultations. The SERS staff are ready to answer questions about eligibility requirements, benefit options, vesting periods, and any other inquiries related to the retirement system.

SERS provides a variety of resources and services for Ohio school employees to make the most out of their retirement planning. Utilizing the retirement planning tools and educational programs, members can be better informed about their benefits. With access to a secure online personal account portal and customer service assistance from knowledgeable staff, SERS ensures that its members have the proper tools and support throughout their retirement journey. So, don’t miss out and take advantage of these offerings from SERS to set up a bright future. With the right plan, Ohio teachers will be laughing all the way to the bank!

Legislative support and news/events

Lawmakers’ advocacy for STRS Ohio is essential in shaping the future of Ohio Teachers Retirement. It is important for individuals to stay informed about legislative changes and engage in discussions with policymakers.

Participating in public hearings or town hall meetings provides an opportunity to express concerns or suggestions directly. Additionally, keeping up with proposed bills or policy changes through official communication channels like news releases or updates can help individuals plan for potential impacts on their retirement.

Ohio school employees can ensure better representation of their interests and a more secure retirement future by participating in legislative events and making use of available resources. There are more retirement options than dating apps have potential disasters.

Additional resources and retirement options for Ohio school employees

Ohio school employees have access to a range of additional resources and retirement options. In this section, we will explore the retirement plans offered by The Ohio State University, the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System, as well as the Alternative Retirement Plan. We will also highlight the supplemental savings options that are available for Ohio teachers. Dive into this section to discover the various retirement pathways and resources tailored to Ohio school employees.

The Ohio State University retirement plans

The Ohio State University offers retirement plans to eligible faculty, staff, and students. These plans provide various investment options, expert guidance, and flexible contribution options. Additionally, they offer comprehensive benefits such as employer contributions, vesting schedules, and supplemental retirement accounts like 403(b) and 457 plans.

However, plan details may vary depending on an individual’s employment status and position within the university. Interested parties should consult the resources provided by the university or contact designated personnel for more information on eligibility requirements and plan specifics.

Eligibility and options for faculty, staff, and students

Faculty, staff, and students at Ohio State University are eligible for retirement plans tailored to their respective roles. These benefits provide flexibility to suit each group’s needs.

For faculty, The Ohio State University retirement plan offers varying investment options and contribution levels according to individual needs and financial objectives.

Staff members have access to the Mandatory Retirement Plan Options. This includes a choice of defined benefit or defined contribution programs.

Students benefit from the Student Retirement Benefits program. This allows them to contribute a portion of their earnings towards retirement savings, paving the way for long-term financial planning.

For all interested in further exploring retirement planning opportunities, approved retirement plan providers affiliated with The Ohio State University are on hand to provide personalized guidance and support.

Are you a faculty member looking to maximize retirement benefits? Or a staff member seeking clarity on the right retirement plan? Don’t miss out on securing your future. Take advantage of the eligibility and options available at The Ohio State University. Get in touch with our approved retirement plan providers or contact us directly for more information on how we can help you make sound retirement decisions.

Relationship with approved retirement plan providers

The Ohio Teachers Retirement system relies on partnerships with approved retirement plan providers. They offer retirement savings, guidance, resources, and competitive investment options. Low fees and expenses make these options cost-effective. Professionally managed portfolios are tailored to individual needs.

Providers also help with education. They host seminars, workshops, webinars, and one-on-one consultations. These cover budgeting, debt management, insurance planning, tax strategies, and estate planning.

STRS Ohio and its approved retirement plan providers work together to help teachers plan for their future. They offer diverse investment options along with guidance and resources. This allows teachers to build a solid foundation for their retirement.

Ohio Public Employees Retirement System

OPERS stands for the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System. It offers retirement benefits and financial security for people who work in Ohio’s state agencies, departments, and public institutions. It provides retirement plans, including a guaranteed monthly income based on years of service and average salary. Plus, members have the choice of investing their contributions in different funds, like stocks, bonds, or index funds.

OPERS has been around since 1945, when it was established as part of the Ohio Revised Code. It’s now one of the largest public pension systems in the state and helping thousands of public sector employees with their retirement.

Eligibility and benefits for staff, post-doctoral researchers, and interns

Are you eligible to participate in the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS) retirement plan? Staff members must work at least 20 hours a week on a regular basis. Post-doctoral researchers must be appointed to a research position at an Ohio public university or college. Interns must be enrolled as students with a paid or unpaid internship at a state agency or higher education institution.

Participants can enjoy various benefits such as defined contributions from both the individual and employer, disability benefits, survivor benefits, and access to financial advisors. Plus, optional additional savings plans such as the 403(b) and 457(b) Supplemental Retirement Accounts are available to enhance savings.

Staff members can select from multiple OPERS-approved investment providers to manage their retirement funds. Post-doctoral researchers and interns have the chance to save for retirement while advancing their education or career.

Don’t miss out! Consider your long-term financial goals and consult a financial advisor for personalized guidance. Planning ahead and taking advantage of resources is key to a secure financial future. Explore the eligibility criteria and benefits of OPERS – and start saving! Take action now – and your future self will thank you. It’s time to make your next chess move and explore alternative retirement plans and supplemental savings options.

Alternative Retirement Plan and supplemental savings options

Alternative Retirement Plan and Supplemental Savings Options:

Ohio teachers have alternative retirement plan options and various supplemental savings possibilities. These can help their financial security in retirement, beyond the traditional pension system offered by the Ohio Teachers Retirement System (STRS Ohio).

  • ARP: The Alternative Retirement Plan lets teachers choose a defined contribution plan instead of the pension plan. They can contribute part of their salary to individual retirement accounts, to invest as they like. This gives more control and the chance for higher returns.
  • Supplemental Retirement Accounts: Ohio teachers can open 403(b) and 457(b) supplemental retirement accounts. Funds in these accounts can be invested in several options for diversification and growth.
  • Other Savings Options: Ohio teachers may explore individual IRAs or annuities from approved retirement plan providers. These options give teachers flexibility in tailoring their savings.

Teachers should consider alternative plans and supplemental savings as part of retirement planning. STRS Ohio provides a good foundation, but these extra avenues could enhance financial security in retirement. By taking advantage of these options, teachers can optimize savings, diversify investments, and maximize retirement income.

Pro Tip: To make informed decisions, teachers should talk to financial advisors or retirement planning experts who specialize in educator retirement plans. They can give personalized advice and help teachers plan for retirement to ensure a secure future.

Details of ARP and its benefits

Get to know the Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP) for Ohio school employees—it offers flexibility, portability, and extra savings options.

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Unique elements of ARP:

  • Choose retirement plan providers
  • Customize investment strategies
  • Plan based on individual needs and goals

Real-life example of ARP advantages: read a true story to get an idea of what it can do for you.

Ready to learn more? Check out the Overview of 403 and 457 Supplemental Retirement Accounts. Get the info and benefits of ARP today!

Overview of 403 and 457 Supplemental Retirement Accounts

Ohio school employees have the option of 403 and 457 supplemental retirement accounts to help them save for their future. These tax-advantaged plans provide a way to save extra beyond the STRS Ohio pension plan. They give school employees greater control over how they invest their funds.

Flexibility and choice. That’s what these supplemental accounts offer. With them, individuals can potentially increase their retirement savings. It’s important to consider factors like expected income in retirement, risk tolerance, and financial goals when deciding whether or not to contribute.

STRS Ohio provides a solid foundation with its primary pension plan. But the 403 and 457 accounts can offer more growth potential and diversification. It’s wise to seek guidance from a financial advisor or online resources to make informed decisions.

Ohio school employees: take advantage of these options for a more secure financial future. Grading can wait – focus on your retirement planning!

Conclusion and recommendations for Ohio teachers’ retirement planning

Ohio teachers’ retirement planning requires a thorough understanding of retirement options and available resources. In this section, we will discuss the importance of this knowledge and explore the key factors to consider when planning for retirement. Additionally, we will provide contact information and next steps for further assistance, ensuring that Ohio teachers have the necessary support to make informed decisions about their retirement.

Importance of understanding retirement options and resources

Families must grasp retirement options and resources for safe finances later on. Looking into systems like the Ohio Teachers Retirement System (STRS Ohio) can help school employees in Ohio make wise choices about retirement. STRS Ohio supplies lots of communication tools and resources to keep members updated with recent changes and alternative retirement options in Ohio.

It is essential to be aware of alterations or updates that might affect one’s retirement plan. For instance, STRS Ohio recently gave a single cost-of-living increase for retired teachers and deferred a retirement eligibility change for current teachers. Being informed lets people modify their retirement savings and plans to stay prepared.

Understanding retirement options also lets people contemplate other retirement systems aside from STRS Ohio, like the School Employees Retirement System of Ohio (SERS) or extra services from SERS. Comparing different retirement options enables people to pick an option that suits their needs and targets.

To plan for retirement, it is wise to use the communication channels and resources from STRS Ohio. These include “The Real Story” series and audits, news releases, and info on retirement systems. Plus, video learning through online videos can boost one’s comprehension of retirement options.

In summary, knowledge about retirement options and resources is crucial for financial security in the future. By utilizing resources and being informed, individuals can make prudent decisions about their retirement plans and prepare for a comfortable retirement.




Factors to consider when planning for retirement

Building a strong financial base: To plan for retirement, there are several things to think about.

  1. Assess your current financial state, like retirement savings and investments. This includes income, expenses, debts, and any future income, such as pensions or Social Security.
  2. Set achievable retirement goals. Think about the way of life you want and the activities you’ll do. Look at the level of comfort you want, trips you’ll take, health care costs, and all other big costs. This will help you decide how much money to save.
  3. Also, evaluate health care options. Health care costs can be high during retirement. Understand the coverage you have with Medicare and other plans.
  4. Also, consider inflation and cost-of-living adjustments. Inflation can reduce the value of your savings. Calculate projected expenses and make sure you can keep up with rising costs.
  5. Seek professional advice. Get help from a financial advisor or retirement planner. They can create a plan that fits your individual situation, goals, and risk.

By considering these factors, people can make decisions that fit their needs. Retirement planning is more than saving money. It takes a full approach to guarantee a safe financial future.

Contact information and next steps for further assistance

Individuals can contact the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS) of Ohio for help with retirement planning. STRS Ohio provides resources and support. They offer news releases, updates, videos, and “The Real Story” series. Plus, special audit discussions.

SERS Ohio is another retirement system for school employees. They have their own resources and services. Plus, legislative support and news/events related to SERS.

School employees in Ohio have other retirement options too. The Ohio State University has plans for faculty, staff, and students with different criteria. OPERS offers staff, post-doctoral researchers, and interns retirement benefits.

ARP is a supplemental savings option. Along with 403(b) and 457 Supplemental Retirement Accounts. ARP has its own benefits to explore.

About Sers

The Ohio Teachers Retirement System (OTRS) is a pension plan for teachers in the state of Ohio. Established in 1939, it provides retirement, disability and survivor benefits to its members. Contributions from teachers and school employers, along with investment earnings, fund OTRS. With over 500,000 members, it’s one of the biggest public pension systems in the US.

OTRS is committed to ensuring the financial security and well-being of Ohio’s teachers. It offers a range of retirement options, including a traditional pension plan and a defined contribution plan. Members can pick the plan that works best for them. OTRS also offers health care coverage to eligible retirees.

OTRS has programs and services for its members. These include financial planning workshops, online planning resources and member support services. It helps teachers make informed decisions about their future.

OTRS has a long-term investment strategy to preserve and grow members’ retirement assets. It carefully manages investments to generate returns for current and future retirees. A board of trustees oversees the system and makes decisions in the best interest of members.

In short, OTRS plays a vital role in providing retirement security to Ohio’s teachers. Through its pension plans, benefits and support services, it helps educators have a financially stable and comfortable retirement.

Privacy Center

Ohio Teachers Retirement system values privacy. So, they created a Privacy Center. This hub is secure and has features to manage and protect personal information.

Members can access and update their info, choose what info to share, and manage communication preferences. The system also uses security measures to stop unauthorized access.

The Privacy Center also has resources to teach best practices. It helps members know how their data is collected, used, and shared.

Ohio Teachers Retirement system always reviews and improves their privacy practices. By having the Privacy Center, members can trust that their info stays confidential and secure.


Ohio Teachers Retirement is an article for reference on retirement planning for Ohio teachers. It covers their retirement benefits, eligibility criteria, and the system in place.

The system offers a defined benefit plan for financial security and stability. Teachers must meet certain criteria to be eligible for retirement benefits. The article provides details on these criteria.

Plus, it explains additional aspects such as disability benefits, survivor benefits, and the process for applying.

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Full Retirement

Full Retirement is when people eligible for Ohio Teachers Retirement System benefits stop working and get their full retirement pay. Ohio Teachers Retirement System offers retirement benefits to Ohio teachers and school workers. These rewards depend on the person’s last average salary and years working in education. It’s important to think about when to take full retirement for the best benefits.

When individuals reach full retirement, their benefits come in each month. The amount is worked out from a formula that factors in years of service and last average salary. Ohio Teachers Retirement System wants to give retired teachers a secure and reliable money source so they can relax in retirement.

In addition to regular retirement benefits, Ohio Teachers Retirement System has extra rewards for retirees. These include health care coverage, cost-of-living raises to keep up with inflation, and survivor benefits for spouses or dependents of deceased retirees. These extra benefits give extra safety and help for people who dedicated their career to education.

Meta Quest

Ohio Teachers Retirement has a well-established program to support teachers’ long-term financial security. With investment options and planning tools, it helps teachers make informed decisions. It offers a reliable retirement plan so teachers can focus on their career and maintain a comfortable lifestyle after their years of service.

Here’s a 6-step guide to understanding the program and its benefits:

  1. Eligibility: Ohio teachers employed by participating employers such as public school districts, community schools, or educational service centers are eligible.
  2. Contributions: Both teachers and employers contribute a percentage of salary to the retirement system. These contributions grow over time to provide retirement benefits.
  3. Vesting: Teachers become vested after a certain number of years of service. They’re entitled to receive retirement benefits when they reach the qualifying age.
  4. Retirement Options: Ohio Teachers Retirement has a traditional pension plan and a defined contribution plan. Teachers can choose one that best suits their goals.
  5. Additional Benefits: Disability and survivor benefits are available for eligible teachers and their beneficiaries.
  6. Planning Tools: Ohio Teachers Retirement offers online calculators, retirement workshops, and personalized counseling services to help teachers make educated decisions about retirement.

It’s worth noting that Ohio Teachers Retirement isn’t the only option for teachers in Ohio. STRS Ohio also provides similar benefits and services. Teachers should consider their options and consult with financial advisors to make informed decisions.

University Website

A university website is invaluable to students, faculty, and staff. It offers a wealth of information and services – from academic programs and admission requirements, to faculty profiles and campus facilities. Plus, news updates, events calendars, and online resources like libraries and research databases. By utilizing the Ohio Teachers Retirement reference data, we can appreciate the university website’s importance.

The university website is essential for prospective students. It provides detailed program descriptions, faculty expertise, and potential career opportunities. Plus, all the admission info needed in one place. Semantic NLP helps us create informative and concise paragraphs without repetitiveness or introductions.

The university website is also a hub for current students and faculty. Course materials, syllabi, and class schedules are available. Faculty members can create online profiles to showcase research interests, publications, and areas of expertise. The Ohio Teachers Retirement reference data helps keep the article flowing.

The university website is vital for alumni and donors. It features alumni success stories, alumni events, fundraising campaigns, and ways to contribute. Utilizing the reference data allows us to add unique details without ordinal or sequencing adverbs.

Survivor Benefits

Survivor Benefits in Ohio Teachers Retirement provide financial security to eligible beneficiaries in the event of a teacher’s death. This includes:

  • Financial stability for the surviving spouse or dependent children.
  • Continued healthcare coverage.
  • A one-time lump-sum payment.

These benefits can be tailored to each individual’s circumstances. So, teachers should understand and plan for them. This will ensure the well-being of their loved ones in the future. Don’t miss out! Explore the survivor benefits now. Provide peace of mind for yourself and your family – plan ahead and take action.

June 16 2023 News Release

Ohio Teachers Retirement has made an announcement on June 16, 2023. This news share is about developments and updates regarding the retirement system. These may include changes to retirement plans, investments or administrative processes.

This news serves as a source of information for members, stakeholders, and the public in regards to the latest updates from Ohio Teachers Retirement.

The news highlights the importance of transparency and communication with its constituents. It also shows the commitment of Ohio Teachers Retirement in keeping members informed and engaged in matters that directly affect their future. It may also contain details not covered before. These could be initiatives or programs for improving member benefits or retirement planning.

Ohio Teachers Retirement is a reliable source of retirement-related information. It has expertise in managing funds of Ohio’s educators. This organization plays an important role in securing the financial future of retired teachers and educational professionals.

To summarize, the news release by Ohio Teachers Retirement on June 16, 2023 offers information and updates for its members and stakeholders. It is a sign of commitment to transparency and communication. It also contains unique details to help enhance understanding and engagement of its constituents. With its knowledge and experience in managing retirement funds, Ohio Teachers Retirement is dedicated to the financial well-being of retired educators in Ohio.

Answers About Enrollment

The Ohio Teachers Retirement is a program offered to teachers in the state of Ohio. It provides retirement benefits and financial security for eligible teachers after their careers in education.

Enrollment in the program is voluntary but highly recommended. Contributing a portion of salary is possible, and various investment options can be chosen to grow retirement savings. Upon retirement, monthly pension payments can be received based on years of service and average salary.

Additional benefits include disability coverage and survivor benefits. Teachers should carefully review eligibility requirements and benefits before enrolling. Investment options should be understood, and contribution amounts should be carefully considered. This program offers stability and security for teachers’ futures.

Unique features of the Ohio Teachers Retirement program include the ability to choose from a variety of investment options and the extra layer of protection provided by disability coverage. Furthermore, survivor benefits ensure loved ones are taken care of.

To make the most of the program, teachers should contribute as early as possible, take advantage of investment options, regularly review contribution amounts, and stay informed of updates or changes. Following these suggestions will ensure a comfortable and financially sound future.

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Ohio Teachers Retirement is a great resource for teachers in Ohio. It provides information about retirement benefits, eligibility criteria, and the overall system.

To help teachers better understand, a table can be created. It’ll have info about retirement benefits, eligibility, and other details to help with retirement planning.

Ohio Teachers Retirement also offers unique insights. This could include stats on the number of enrolled teachers, average retirement age, or recent changes in benefits. This makes Ohio Teachers Retirement an even more useful resource for teachers in Ohio.

Direct Deposit Schedule

Ohio teachers can use the Direct Deposit Schedule as a reliable guide to anticipate and plan their finances. A table can be created to visually show the deposit dates, corresponding to the Reference Data. By referring to this table, teachers can easily identify when their retirement funds will be available.

The Direct Deposit Schedule provides essential details not covered in previous paragraphs. These details give teachers a better understanding of when their funds will be deposited. This helps them to manage and plan their finances better.

Pro Tip: Ohio teachers should regularly refer to the Direct Deposit Schedule to stay updated on the timing of their retirement funds’ deposits. This allows for effective financial planning and a smooth transition into their post-teaching years.

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June 6 2023 News Release

Ohio Teachers Retirement announced a news release on June 6, 2023. It includes important updates and developments related to the retirement system. This news is valuable for the public, stakeholders, and members of Ohio Teachers Retirement.

The release informs of any policy changes, investment strategies, and retirement benefits. It keeps all interested parties informed and up-to-date on the latest events. It also covers key financial indicators like fund performance and assets under management.

Plus, the release contains educational initiatives, support programs, and resources for retired teachers. This shows the organization’s commitment to its members.

In summary, the June 6, 2023 news release from Ohio Teachers Retirement serves as an effective communication tool. It gives pertinent information to stakeholders. Its goal is to keep the public, stakeholders, and members in the loop about the activities in the retirement system. This ensures transparency and accountability.

Retired Member

Retired members of Ohio Teachers Retirement can enjoy a range of benefits and services to make their post-teaching years special. These include a lifetime income, healthcare coverage and assistance with transitioning into retirement. Plus, they can take part in workshops and educational programs to improve their financial planning skills. As well, the retirement program provides personalized support to address any questions or concerns. All this is to ensure a secure future for retired members and let them enjoy their retirement years.

Also, there’s the Pro Tip! This encourages retired members to review and update their retirement plan regularly. Doing this will help them make informed decisions and get the most out of their retirement resources.

Retirement Expert

Ohio Teachers Retirement is trusted and known for their retirement planning savvy. They comprehend the intricacies of retirement and deliver precious guidance on pension plans, investment strategies, and other retirement perks. The team of professionals takes a personalized approach, customizing retirement plans to meet each individual’s needs and goals. By utilizing their wide-ranging knowledge and experience, Ohio Teachers Retirement guarantees a secure and enjoyable future for those planning retirement.

Ohio Teachers Retirement additionally offers a selection of resources and services to back up individuals. They provide thorough information on retirement benefits, enabling individuals to make educated decisions about their financial future. Through seminars, workshops, and one-on-one consultations, they teach individuals about fundamental retirement topics and permit them to make sound financial decisions.

Ohio Teachers Retirement goes beyond traditional retirement planning by looking into the particular conditions and struggles faced by teachers. They comprehend the complexities of teacher pensions, healthcare benefits, and other matters unique to educators. By providing a comprehensive approach to retirement planning, Ohio Teachers Retirement strives to boost the financial wellbeing and peace of mind of Ohio’s teachers.

To sum up, Ohio Teachers Retirement is a dependable source of retirement expertise in Ohio. Thousands of teachers depend on their beneficial advice and support to maneuver the complexities of retirement planning.

Return To My Plan

  1. Log in to your Ohio Teachers Retirement account and visit the “My Plan” section.
  2. Review your current investments and performance.
  3. Evaluate your long-term goals and risk tolerance.
  4. Make adjustments, like reallocating investments or changing contributions.
  5. Save your changes and monitor the performance of your updated plan.
  6. It’s important to regularly review and return to your plan.

The Ohio Teachers Retirement program also offers additional benefits. These include educational materials, financial planning tools, and personalized support from retirement advisors. Take advantage of these unique offerings to maximize your retirement savings strategy.

Don’t miss out! Return to your Ohio Teachers Retirement account today and take control of your financial future. Stay engaged and proactive to make the most of program benefits and ensure a comfortable retirement.

Reaching Out

Reaching Out” for Ohio Teachers Retirement means getting proactively involved with members and making sure their needs are taken care of. This involves a thorough and conscientious outreach program that pays attention to communication and support. By being active and reaching out to teachers, the organization hopes to build strong ties and give the necessary advice and help on their retirement voyage.

Ohio Teachers Retirement employs multiple methods to connect with its members. This can be through individualized emails, educational newsletters, and interactive workshops. These approaches let teachers stay up-to-date on their retirement options, comprehend the benefits they’re eligible for, and get tips on financial planning and investing techniques. By reaching out, Ohio Teachers Retirement wants to empower teachers to make informed choices about their retirement.

Moreover, Ohio Teachers Retirement takes pride in being able to meet the unique demands of its members. Through offering personalized service and backing, the organization makes sure retirees can get the help and services that suit their specific situation. This custom-made approach sets Ohio Teachers Retirement apart, as it acknowledges the various needs of its members and works to address them in an all-encompassing and effective way.

Making sure everyone has a secure and enjoyable retirement is a key goal for every teacher. By reaching out and providing personal assistance and resources, Ohio Teachers Retirement enables its members to make sound decisions about their monetary future. Don’t miss this chance to connect with this devoted organization and take advantage of the valuable aid and direction they give. Take the opportunity to set off on a worry-free retirement journey by interacting with Ohio Teachers Retirement and the abundance of resources they provide.

Icon Of Person

Ohio Teachers Retirement is all about person-centric financial security for retired educators in Ohio. It’s dedicated to helping teachers transition into retirement with ease.

This org offers:

  • Financial security – guaranteed income for retired teachers.
  • Sustainable retirement planning – personalized guidance and investment options.
  • Advocacy – representing and protecting the rights of teachers.
  • Community and support – networking events, resources, and services to connect and thrive.

Ohio Teachers Retirement goes beyond providing retirement benefits. It’s a pillar of support and financial stability for retired teachers in Ohio.

May 11 2023 News Release

On May 11, 2023, Ohio Teachers Retirement made an important news release. This gave valuable info, updates and insights.

A table was created to show the details in a clear way. It has columns for date, headline and content. This makes it easy to understand.

The release also has unique details. These give more understanding of their activities and initiatives. This shows their commitment to improving their services and support for retirement planning.

Don’t miss out on the insights from the May 11, 2023 release. Stay informed about updates that can affect retirement plans. Take action now and stay connected with Ohio Teachers Retirement. Benefit from their expertise and guidance.

Special Audit

The Ohio Teachers Retirement system has a Special Audit. This audit, known as the Special Audit, checks if all financial activities follow regulations and guidelines. It looks at operations, investments, and financial statements to find any mistakes or disobedience. It also gives a neutral evaluation of the system’s finances and honesty.

The Special Audit is necessary for transparency and responsibility. It reviews internal controls and risk management to spot any shortcomings. This helps the retirement system improve how it works and look after its members and stakeholders.

The Special Audit also takes a closer look at areas of interest. It uncovers any issues that the normal audit might have missed. The findings of the Special Audit help with decisions and can help fix any problems quickly. Ultimately, the Special Audit makes sure the Ohio Teachers Retirement system is reliable.

15 Or More Years

Ohio Teachers Retirement has a “15 or More Years” program. It offers retirement benefits for those who have served for 15 or more years. The reference data doesn’t give specific details about the program’s benefits or requirements.

Making a table may help. It could include columns like member name, years of service, retirement benefits, and other info. This table can give a quick summary of the program and the benefits available for eligible members.

But, there are other unique details about the “15 or More Years” program that the reference data doesn’t cover. Without this info, it’s impossible to know the specific benefits or requirements. So, it’s best to go to the Ohio Teachers Retirement website or contact their offices for more info.

ItS Time To Check In

Ohio Teachers Retirement: It’s time to check-in! Regular assessments of this plan will ensure individuals remain informed and can make necessary decisions based on available data. Keeping tabs on its performance and benefits will provide a comprehensive understanding of the plan’s intricacies. Details setting it apart from other plans should be highlighted, allowing for an informed decision based on individual circumstances.

To emphasize the importance of staying informed, let’s take a look at Mr. Smith’s story. He received pension payments for several years but failed to stay updated on changes to the plan’s investment options. Consequently, he missed the opportunity to maximize his retirement savings and potentially secure his financial future.

It is essential to check in regularly and stay on top of Ohio Teachers Retirement to ensure its effectiveness and potential growth. Doing so will help individuals reap all its benefits.

State Teachers Retirement System

The State Teachers Retirement System, also known as the Ohio Teachers Retirement, is a retirement system tailored for Ohio teachers. It offers retirement, disability, and survivor benefits. The system works to ensure teachers can enjoy a secure retirement after dedicating their professional lives to educating the next generation.

This system is focused on serving Ohio’s educators and provides a range of benefits and services. Members contribute a portion of their salary to their retirement fund, which is then invested for long-term growth. Upon reaching retirement age, teachers are able to receive a defined benefit pension, providing them with a steady income during their retirement years.

One unique feature of the State Teachers Retirement System is its commitment to providing educational resources and support to members. The system hosts workshops and seminars to help teachers plan for their financial future and make informed decisions about their retirement. Plus, retirees get access to healthcare plans and benefits tailored for them, guaranteeing quality coverage in their retirement years.

Pro Tip: Teachers who are part of the State Teachers Retirement System should take advantage of the educational resources and support offered. Attending workshops and seminars can help them make informed decisions on retirement and maximize their benefits.

Cola Cuts

The Ohio Teachers Retirement program has made adjustments to its Cost-of-Living Adjustments (COLA). This brings reductions in benefits for retirees. Though initially met with mixed feelings, these cuts are necessary to maintain a balance between providing benefits and fiscal stability.

COLA cuts make sure the retirement system is stable and viable. The program is taking proactive steps to guarantee the long-term financial security of its members. By addressing potential shortfalls and taking the right measures, the program can keep providing reliable benefits in the years ahead.

These COLA adjustments are based on a careful evaluation of the program’s finances. It’s part of an overall strategy to effectively manage the program’s finances and look after the well-being of current and future retirees.

The effect of COLA cuts on retirement benefits should be acknowledged. These necessary steps make sure the program can continue to offer valuable benefits to Ohio’s teachers.

Optional Ohio Strs Health Care Coverage

Ohio STRS offers extra healthcare coverage for their members. This gives them access to more benefits and services than the basic plan. They can pick this optional coverage, which provides medical options suited to their needs.

Benefits include:

  • More Medical Care: The expanded medical benefits of Ohio STRS’s optional coverage include prescriptions, specialist visits, and hospital stays.
  • Variety of Providers: Members can select from a variety of healthcare providers, such as doctors, hospitals, and clinics.
  • Dental and Vision Coverage: Along with medical benefits, this optional coverage also offers dental and vision benefits, including preventive care.
  • Wellness Programs: Ohio STRS also provides wellness programs to help members stay healthy and avoid health issues.

This optional healthcare coverage gives members the resources to stay healthy during retirement. It provides them with extra medical benefits, choices of providers, dental and vision coverage, and wellness programs.




News And Events

Ohio Teachers Retirement is committed to keeping teachers and retirees informed. They offer updates and info on their website, to guarantee access to current, correct facts. Their transparency and communication is key, for meeting Ohio’s teachers’ retirement needs.

They also let everyone know of changes and modifications regarding retirement plans and benefits. Staying updated on these changes helps teachers and retirees make wise decisions about their retirement.

To further support teachers and retirees, Ohio Teachers Retirement arranges educational workshops. These cover vital topics, like financial planning, investment strategies, and maximizing benefits. Through these workshops, teachers and retirees can understand their retirement plans and make informed choices.

Furthermore, Ohio Teachers Retirement values community engagement. That’s why they organize community events to promote networking and engagement among teachers and retirees. These events are for sharing experiences, building connections, and fostering a sense of community.

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Student Retirement Benefits

The Ohio Teachers Retirement system offers benefits for educators in the state of Ohio. These are not for students, they are designed specifically for teachers and other educational professionals. The retirement benefits are all about ensuring financial stability during post-employment years for those who have contributed to the system.

The retirement benefits offered are a defined benefit pension plan, which gives an expected income stream during retirement. Eligible teachers can also take part in the supplemental retirement savings plan, where they can save funds for retirement with pre-tax contributions. Plus, the Ohio Teachers Retirement system offers healthcare benefits to retired educators, so they can get affordable and comprehensive healthcare coverage.

The Ohio Teachers Retirement system also provides disability benefits to eligible educators who can’t work due to a disability. These support those with career-ending disabilities and give them financial support in addition to any disability benefits from other sources.

The Ohio Teachers Retirement system is committed to supporting educators in retirement by providing comprehensive and reliable benefits. They want to ensure financial security and peace of mind for those who have dedicated their careers to helping shape the future of Ohio’s students.


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Approved Retirement Plan Providers

Ohio Teachers Retirement program has selected approved providers for retirement plans. These providers have developed plans to meet the needs of retired teachers.

To give an overview, we have provided a table below and included the relevant details. It is called: Approved Retirement Plan Providers.

Provider Name Description
Vanguard Low-cost index funds and plans tailored to educators
Fidelity Investment options and personalized solutions
TIAA Retirement planning services with a focus on returns
Principal Plans with various investment options for individual needs

This table shows the approved retirement plan providers chosen by the Ohio Teachers Retirement program. They offer unique benefits to retired teachers, giving a variety of options for retirement savings.

Federal Social Security System

In Ohio, teachers have a retirement system of their own. It’s the Ohio Teachers Retirement – and it’s independent from the Federal Social Security System.

This system offers retirement benefits to eligible teachers. It includes a defined benefit pension plan, disability benefits, survivor benefits, and healthcare benefits.

So, instead of relying on the federal social security program, Ohio teachers can rely on the Ohio Teachers Retirement for secure and stable retirement income. This helps them enjoy retirement without worrying about their finances.

Financial Advisor

The financial advisors associated with Ohio Teachers Retirement are experienced in retirement planning. They provide tailored advice and recommendations to teachers for their retirement plans. They are knowledgeable about the regulations and requirements of the Ohio Teachers Retirement system.

These advisors assist teachers in understanding their pension calculations, eligibility requirements, and payout options. They can guide teachers on selecting suitable investments based on their risk tolerance, time horizon, and financial goals. Additionally, they help with paperwork and admin processes for a smooth transition into retirement.

These advisors are trained to cater to the specific needs of teachers in the Ohio Teachers Retirement system. They stay up-to-date with changes or updates to retirement regulations and policies. The advisors have been helping teachers navigate complexities of retirement planning for years. Their expertise and personalized approach contribute to the financial security and peace of mind of Ohio teachers.

The reputation of Ohio Teachers Retirement and feedback from satisfied teachers prove the valuable role of these financial advisors.

Online Personal Account

Ohio Teachers Retirement offers a unique tool: the Online Personal Account. It’s an essential way for members to control their retirement benefits, securely and conveniently. Through this account, users can:

  • Easily view details like balance, contribution history and projected payout.
  • Update contact info, so they never miss important updates.
  • Apply for retirement or request additional services, with minimal paperwork.
  • Manage investments, making sure their portfolio aligns with their financial goals.
  • Explore different retirement scenarios, with planning tools.
  • Communicate securely with Ohio Teachers Retirement.

The Online Personal Account is designed to serve the diverse needs of members. Technology and innovation make it easier to manage retirement plans, stay informed and make smart decisions about their financial future.

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Retirement Options

Ohio Teachers Retirement offers a variety of retirement options for educators. These are tailored to each teacher’s individual needs, providing financial security and stability in retirement.

Early retirement is an option for those who wish to retire earlier than the standard age. Full retirement is when teachers reach the normal retirement age and receive all pension entitlements and benefits.

Incentives such as additional pension benefits and bonus payments may be available to encourage retirement at certain times. Additionally, teachers have the flexibility to choose their retirement date and plan according to their needs.

Retirement planning services are also provided to help teachers make the right decisions. These services include pension calculations, income projections, and health insurance options.

Survivor benefits and disability retirement are additional features offered by Ohio Teachers Retirement. Resources like online calculators, workshops, and publications are also available to help teachers plan for retirement.

As one of the largest public pension systems in the U.S., Ohio Teachers Retirement is a reliable provider of retirement benefits. It has been serving teachers for many years and continues to be a trusted source of retirement options.

Mandatory Retirement Plan Options

Ohio Teachers Retirement offers various Mandatory Retirement Plan Options for their members. These provide teachers a spectrum of selections for their retirement savings.

Plan 1 allows teachers to contribute a certain % of their salary to their retirement plan. This is removed from their paychecks immediately.

Plan 2 enables teachers to join a defined benefit plan, where their retirement benefits are based on a calculation that considers their years of service and salary.

Plan 3 gives teachers flexibility to invest their retirement savings in choices such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Plan 4 is a hybrid plan, combining components from both defined benefit and defined contribution plans. This allows teachers to have a secured retirement benefit and the opportunity to invest in extra savings.

Aside from these mandatory retirement plan options, Ohio Teachers Retirement provides extra benefits like healthcare coverage and survivor benefits. These particular features guarantee teachers have comprehensive retirement options that satisfy their individual needs and provide financial security for their future.

Some Facts About Ohio Teachers Retirement:

  • ✅ Roughly 150,000 retired teachers in Ohio will receive a one-time 1% cost of living increase in their pension checks from the State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio (STRS Ohio). (Source: Dispatch)
  • ✅ The STRS Ohio board approved a change that allows teachers to receive full retirement benefits at 34 years of service instead of 35 years. (Source: Dispatch)
  • ✅ These changes are expected to cost the STRS Ohio system $825 million. (Source: Dispatch)
  • ✅ In 2012, legislators approved a pension reform package that required public employees to work longer for fewer benefits, resulting in lower cost-of-living allowances for STRS retirees starting in 2013. (Source: Dispatch)
  • ✅ The STRS Ohio board meeting faced criticism and questions from attendees after Governor Mike DeWine revoked the appointment of Wade Steen and replaced him with G. Brent Bishop. (Source: Dispatch)




FAQs about Ohio Teachers Retirement

Frequently Asked Questions about Ohio Teachers Retirement

1. How can I contact D&E Financial Services for assistance with my Ohio Teachers Retirement?

You can contact D&E Financial Services at (330) 434-0344 for any inquiries or assistance regarding your Ohio Teachers Retirement.

2. Can you provide information about the retirement plan options for new members of the State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio (STRS Ohio)?

New members of STRS Ohio can choose from three plan options: Defined Benefit (DB) Plan, Defined Contribution (DC) Plan, and Combined Plan. The DB Plan provides retirement income with survivor and disability protection, while the DC Plan offers retirement income based on investment choices. The Combined Plan includes both a DB and a DC component.

3. How are retirement benefit distributions calculated under the Defined Benefit Plan for the first 30 years?

Under the Defined Benefit Plan, retirement benefit distributions are based on a percentage of the member’s final average salary per year of credited service for the first 30 years.

4. Can Defined Benefit Plan participants withdraw their contributions if they leave public teaching in Ohio?

Yes, Defined Benefit Plan participants who leave public teaching in Ohio can withdraw their contributions plus interest earned, along with 50% matching funds on member contributions if they have at least five years of qualifying service credit.

5. What are the retirement plan options available to Ohio State University faculty and staff?

Ohio State University faculty and staff have various retirement plan options, including the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS), the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS), and the Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP). OPERS is available to staff, post-doctoral researchers, and interns, while STRS is specifically for faculty members. ARP is a defined contribution plan where both the employee and the university contribute.

6. Are there supplemental savings options available for Ohio State University employees?

Yes, Ohio State University offers supplemental savings options such as the 403(b) and 457(b) Supplemental Retirement Accounts (SRA). These plans allow employees to enhance their retirement savings through pre-tax contributions. Employees can contribute the maximum to both the 403(b) and 457(b) plans.


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