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Key takeaway:

  • Pacific Precious Metals is a trusted bullion dealer offering a safe and convenient physical location for buying and selling precious metals.
  • The company provides transparent pricing with regularly updated spot prices, ensuring customers have accurate information.
  • Services and products offered by Pacific Precious Metals include an e-commerce facility for easy access to bullion, a wide range of bullion bars and coins for investment, and numismatic coins for collectors.
  • Pacific Precious Metals has a team of experienced professionals led by CEO Dan Barrett, who has over a decade of experience in the industry.
  • With physical office locations, Pacific Precious Metals sets themselves apart from online-only dealers, providing a sense of trust and reliability to their customers.
  • The company’s inventory includes a wide range of gold and silver bullion coins, bars, and rounds, catering to various investor preferences.
  • Pacific Precious Metals also offers IRA-eligible coins and antiques, providing investment options for retirement planning.
  • The company provides assaying services to protect customers from fraudulent sales, ensuring the authenticity of their precious metal purchases.
  • Additionally, Pacific Precious Metals offers dental gold assaying and other services for customers looking to sell precious metal scraps.


Discover the world of Pacific Precious Metals, a trusted bullion dealer renowned for their exceptional services and quality products. In this section, we will delve into the various aspects of Pacific Precious Metals, exploring their reliability, customer satisfaction, and product range. Uncover the reasons why Pacific Precious Metals is the go-to destination for all your bullion needs, backed by factual information from reliable sources. Get ready to embark on a journey into the realm of precious metals and the esteemed reputation of Pacific Precious Metals.




Variation of the main title: Pacific Precious Metals – A Trusted Bullion Dealer Review

Pacific Precious Metals is a bullion dealer you can trust. They provide reliable and transparent services when it comes to buying or selling precious metals. You can visit their physical location or buy or sell online.

What’s great about Pacific Precious Metals is that they keep their pricing up to date with spot prices. That means customers are always informed of the accurate market info, so they can make decisions with confidence.

Not only do they offer bullion services, but also numismatic coins for collectors. Whether you’re investing or planning for retirement, they have options to suit your needs.

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What sets them apart is their CEO, Dan Barrett. He has over a decade of experience in the industry, so you can trust that you’re getting the best advice.

When it comes to gold, they offer coins, bars, rounds, and IRA-eligible coins. To protect customers from fraud, they also provide assaying services. Plus, they offer dental gold assaying and other services to ensure authenticity.

Pacific Precious Metals is a reliable dealer who provide comprehensive services and products. With physical office locations, customers can have peace of mind when making transactions.

About Pacific Precious Metals

Pacific Precious Metals offers a seamless experience for buying and selling precious metals. With a safe and convenient physical location, customers can trust in the security of their transactions. The company also ensures transparency by providing updated spot prices, allowing buyers and sellers to make well-informed decisions. Discover the ease and reliability of Pacific Precious Metals when it comes to acquiring or liquidating precious metals.

A Safe and Convenient Physical Location for Buying and Selling Precious Metals

Pacific Precious Metals is proud to offer a safe and convenient physical location for buying and selling precious metals. Unlike online-only dealers, they prioritize customer protection and privacy. Their dedicated team ensures transactions are seamless and hassle-free.

Customers can trust engaging in transactions at Pacific Precious Metals, knowing they are secure. The company values safety, setting them apart from other dealers. Customers can personally discuss their requirements with knowledgeable staff. This allows them to make informed decisions.

Convenience is also important. Clients can physically examine bullion products before purchasing or selling. This enhances trust and confidence, as they can verify the authenticity and quality firsthand.

Pacific Precious Metals is a reliable partner for individuals interested in buying or selling precious metals. They have an extensive inventory of gold or silver bullion coins, bars, or rounds. Prices are transparent with no shady dealings!

Transparent Pricing with Updated Spot Prices

Pacific Precious Metals are devoted to transparency in their pricing. They comprehend the significance of furnishing customers with real-time data on the present value of precious metals. By frequently refreshing their spot prices, Pacific Precious Metals permits customers to make educated investment decisions based on precise market prices.

To make pricing even more clear, Pacific Precious Metals offers a user-friendly table. This showcases updated spot prices for numerous precious metals, including columns for the metal type, weight choices, and corresponding prices in connection to the current market rate. This permits customers to effortlessly compare rates and select the desired bullion at competitive prices.

Pacific Precious Metals exceed expectations in providing exclusive details to their customers. Aside from the updated spot prices and the user-friendly table, they offer historical price charts and trends. Customers can scrutinize past performance and changes in precious metal prices, obtaining valuable insights for their investment strategies.

Don’t miss out! Invest in precious metals at competitive rates with Pacific Precious Metals’ transparent pricing. Make well-informed investment decisions and potentially secure your financial future. Start investing today with Pacific Precious Metals!

Services and Products Offered

With an extensive range of services and products, Pacific Precious Metals caters to both investors and collectors. From their user-friendly e-commerce platform for easy access to bullion, to a wide selection of bullion bars, coins, and numismatic treasures, they offer options for various investment and retirement vehicles. Discover the possibilities for enhancing your portfolio or expanding your collection with Pacific Precious Metals.




E-commerce Facility for Easy Access to Bullion

Pacific Precious Metals stands out in the bullion industry by providing e-commerce for easy access to bullion. This cutting-edge feature allows customers to explore and purchase gold and silver bullion coins, bars, and rounds right on our website.

Our e-commerce platform utilizes real-time pricing info based on updated spot prices, ensuring accuracy and transparency in all deals. This helps customers make informed investment decisions and stay up-to-date with the market.

Customers can select their products, enter payment details, and have their precious metals delivered to their doorstep with just a few clicks. This eliminates the need to go to a physical store or face any inconveniences associated with traditional bullion purchasing methods.

Moreover, our e-commerce facility caters to the needs of modern investors who value convenience and accessibility. It breaks down geographical barriers and eliminates the constraints of limited business hours, allowing customers to buy precious metals at their own convenience.

By embracing technological advancements, we make sure customers can navigate our online platform confidently and make secure purchases without compromising on quality or reliability. Our commitment to transparent pricing practices sets us apart and makes our customers trust in the fairness and competitiveness of our offers.

In conclusion, our e-commerce facility for easy access to bullion shows our dedication to providing a convenient, efficient, and transparent buying experience. We strive to meet the needs of modern investors by embracing technology and empowering them with the tools and info to make informed investment decisions.

Bullion Bars and Coins for Investment

Pacific Precious Metals offers a vast range of bullion bars and coins for investment. They update spot prices to give customers confidence in the value of their investments. They provide IRA-eligible coins and antiques, as well as trusted quality products. Whether customers want to invest in small coins or large bars, Pacific Precious Metals have something for everyone. Plus, their competitive pricing makes them ideal for those seeking affordable investment opportunities.

With physical office locations, customers can feel safe when buying or selling their bullion bars and coins directly. Assaying services also protect customers from fraudulent sales by verifying the purity of the precious metals they purchase. Pacific Precious Metals also offer dental gold assaying and assessment for other precious metal scraps, maximizing customers’ value.

For collectors, Pacific Precious Metals offer rare and valuable coins, adding a touch of history to investment portfolios.

Numismatic Coins for Collectors

For collectors looking to add numismatic coins to their collection, Pacific Precious Metals offers an exclusive selection of rare and historical pieces. These coins are carefully curated and authenticated, ensuring their authenticity and value.

Numismatic coins often have higher premiums than bullion coins, due to their rarity and collectability. This makes them attractive investments for those seeking to diversify their portfolio.

The intricate designs and craftsmanship displayed on these coins also add aesthetic appeal, making them desirable additions to any collection. Pacific Precious Metals also provides expert advice on building a numismatic coin collection, helping collectors make informed decisions.

Investment and Retirement Vehicles

Pacific Precious Metals offers many investment and retirement opportunities such as:

  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) with tax advantages.
  • 401(k) Rollovers, allowing individuals to transfer funds from a 401(k) into a precious metals account for diversification.
  • Self-Directed Traditional and Roth IRAs, enabling investors to control their portfolio by investing in various assets.

Plus, there are other options available to further diversify your portfolio such as annuities and real estate.

Pro Tip: Consult with a financial advisor who specializes in precious metals. They can provide tailored advice according to your aims and risk tolerance.

The Experience and Expertise of Pacific Precious Metals

Pacific Precious Metals prides itself on its exceptional experience and expertise in the precious metals industry. With Dan Barrett, the CEO who brings over a decade of invaluable knowledge, at the helm, this company has truly set itself apart. Moreover, their commitment to having physical office locations distinguishes them from the plethora of online-only dealers. Stay tuned as we delve into the remarkable background that Pacific Precious Metals offers, and how it benefits their clients in numerous ways.

Founded by Dan Barrett – CEO with Over a Decade of Experience

Pacific Precious Metals is a reliable bullion dealer. It was founded by CEO Dan Barrett, well-versed in the industry for over a decade. His experience and expertise help make it a trustworthy source for buying and selling precious metals.

Dan Barrett is in charge of the daily operations. His understanding of the bullion market allows him to make informed decisions and offer useful advice. His knowledge is invaluable to Pacific Precious Metals.

What sets Pacific Precious Metals apart is their physical office locations. Customers can personally visit and do transactions – unlike online-only dealers. This boosts customers’ trust.

A customer shared their positive experience. They inherited rare numismatic coins, but were not sure about their value. Thanks to Barrett’s expertise, he accurately assessed the coins’ worth and gave great investment advice. This personalized attention is why Pacific Precious Metals is a top choice among gold enthusiasts.

Physical Office Locations Setting them Apart from Online-Only Dealers

Pacific Precious Metals offers something that online-only dealers can’t: physical office locations! Customers can visit in person to carry out transactions face-to-face. This builds a trust and security that would be difficult to achieve online.

Plus, these physical offices offer a more personal experience. Knowledgeable staff are available to answer questions or provide guidance. This level of customer service is invaluable when making important decisions about precious metals.

Also, having physical office locations gives Pacific Precious Metals an advantage in terms of security. Customers can feel confident that their transactions are taking place in a secure environment, away from potential cyber threats.

In conclusion, Pacific Precious Metals’ physical office locations provide customers with an advantageous experience that sets them apart from online-only dealers. If gold is your game, Pacific Precious Metals has just what you need!

Pacific Precious Metals’ Inventory and Options for Gold Investors

Pacific Precious Metals offers a wide range of options for gold investors, including a diverse inventory of gold and silver bullion coins, bars, and rounds. Additionally, they provide IRA-eligible coins and even rare antiques for those looking to invest in precious metals. With such a variety of choices available, investors can find the perfect option that suits their preferences and investment goals.

Wide Range of Gold and Silver Bullion Coins, Bars, and Rounds

Pacific Precious Metals is proud to offer a plethora of gold and silver bullion coins, bars, and rounds. We understand that every investor has unique requirements – so we’ve got something for everyone. Our transparent pricing and regularly updated spot prices guarantee our customers get the best value for their money.

To give an idea of the options available, check out the table below:

Category Product
Coins American Gold Eagle
Canadian Maple Leaf
South African Krugerrand
Bars 1 oz Gold Bar
10 oz Silver Bar
100 oz Silver Bar
Rounds Walking Liberty Design Round
Buffalo Design Round
Morgan Silver Dollar Replica Round

We offer more than just a wide selection. Pacific Precious Metals also has IRA-eligible coins and antiques, so investors can diversify their portfolios and benefit from tax savings. Our experts are here to help – whether you’re an experienced investor or just getting started.

In conclusion, Pacific Precious Metals is your go-to source for gold investments. We have the experience and inventory to meet all your needs. Don’t wait – explore our gold and silver bullion coins, bars, and rounds today!

IRA-Eligible Coins and Antiques

IRA-Eligible Coins and Antiques” is an industry-standard term for precious metals that meet criteria to be part of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). These assets are key in diversifying retirement portfolios & preserving wealth long-term.

Pacific Precious Metals’ table below showcases their array of IRA-Eligible Coins & Antiques:

Asset Type Description
Gold & Silver Bullion Coins High-quality coins made for investment.
Gold & Silver Bullion Bars Refined bars with certified weight & purity.
Gold & Silver Rounds Non-currency coins with various designs.
Numismatic Coins Rare coins valued by collectors.
Antique Gold Items Unique gold items that are tangible assets.




Pacific Precious Metals also offers services like assaying, to authenticate & value purchases.

Including IRA-Eligible Coins & Antiques in an IRA can be a smart strategy to boost portfolio performance & protect against market volatility.

Pro Tip: Consult a financial advisor who specializes in precious metals to make sure your IRA is allocated correctly for your investment goals.

Pacific Precious Metals’ assaying services & knowledge in dental gold & other precious metal scraps safeguard customers from fraudulent sales.

Assaying Services and Protection for Customers

Assaying services play a crucial role in Pacific Precious Metals, providing customers with protection against fraudulent sales. In this section, we’ll explore the various services offered, including dental gold assaying and the assessment of other precious metal scraps. With an emphasis on accuracy and quality, these services ensure customers can confidently navigate the world of precious metals, safeguarding their investments.

Assaying Services to Protect Customers from Fraudulent Sales

Pacific Precious Metals offer assaying services to safeguard customers from fraudulent sales. Analysis of precious metal purity and authenticity ensures customers receive genuine products and fair value for their investments. This assaying process protects from deceitful sellers and counterfeit items, building trust and confidence in transactions.

For further customer protection, Pacific Precious Metals provide dental gold assaying and other scrap metal analysis. This helps to accurately determine the value of scrap metals and get a fair price when selling. Their services go beyond transactions; they actively work to protect customers’ interests and prevent financial losses from fraudulent sales.

Not all bullion dealers offer such comprehensive assaying services. Pacific Precious Metals stand out with physical office locations. Unlike online-only dealers, they provide a secure and convenient location to buy and sell precious metals with peace of mind.

In conclusion, Pacific Precious Metals’ assaying services are key to protecting customers from fraudulent sales. Through ensuring purity and authenticity, trust is instilled and a safe environment is created for investors. Their dental gold assaying and scrap metal analysis allow customers to determine the value of their holdings, preventing potential losses from deceitful sellers or counterfeit items. With over a decade of experience, Pacific Precious Metals continue to prioritize customer protection as part of their commitment to excellence.

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Dental Gold Assaying and Other Precious Metal Scraps

Pacific Precious Metals offers assaying services to evaluate purity and authenticity of dental gold and other precious metals. Customers can trust their assessment for a secure transaction. The company provides a safe environment for buying and selling. Plus, Pacific Precious Metals assists customers with numismatic coin evaluation.

CEO Dan Barrett has over a decade of experience in the industry, making them a reliable bullion dealer with physical offices, unlike online-only dealers.

Some Facts About “Pacific Precious Metals Review”:

  • ✅ Pacific Precious Metals is a trusted bullion dealer that offers a safe and convenient physical location for buying and selling gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ They have three locations in the San Francisco Bay Area and provide transparent pricing with spot prices updated every minute. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Pacific Precious Metals offers a variety of services and products including an e-commerce facility, bullion bars, bullion coins, numismatic coins, and investment/retirement vehicles. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ They recommend mentioning Bullion.Directory when doing business with Pacific Precious Metals and encourage customers to read or add reviews and ratings on their website. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Pacific Precious Metals has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and has been accredited by the organization. (Source: Team Research)




FAQs about Pacific Precious Metals Review

What services does Pacific Precious Metals offer?

Pacific Precious Metals is a full-service precious metals dealer that offers a range of services including buying and selling gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. They also provide precious metals IRAs, jewelry sales, product authentication, and storage options.

Is Pacific Precious Metals a trusted company?

Yes, Pacific Precious Metals is a reputable and trusted company in the precious metals industry. They have been in business for over a decade and have received positive reviews from customers. They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have an A+ rating.

Does Pacific Precious Metals offer walk-in services?

Yes, Pacific Precious Metals welcomes walk-in customers at their three physical locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. They provide a safe and comfortable environment for buying and selling precious metals.

What is the return per ounce offered by Pacific Precious Metals?

Pacific Precious Metals is known for offering a high return per ounce on precious metals investments. They aim to provide the best value for their gold coins and silver, helping investors maximize their returns.

Can I get free silver when investing with Pacific Precious Metals?

Yes, Pacific Precious Metals currently has a promotion where they will match 10% of your order in free silver, up to $10,000 on a $100,000 investment. This is a great opportunity to increase your precious metals holdings.

Are there any recommended custodians for opening an IRA with Pacific Precious Metals?

Pacific Precious Metals recommends using My Solo 401k Financial as a custodian for opening an IRA. However, you can also choose from other well-known custodians such as New Direction IRA, Entrust Group, or Goldstar Trust Company.


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