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Key takeaway:

  • Pacific Premier Trust is a reputable financial institution offering self-directed IRA services and unique investment options.
  • The company has a strong track record with positive customer reviews and recommendations.
  • While there are fees associated with account setup and administration, Pacific Premier Trust provides valuable services and competitive rates compared to other financial institutions.


When it comes to assessing Pacific Premier Trust, understanding search intent variations is crucial. In this section, we’ll explore the different inquiries users have about Pacific Premier Trust, including “Pacific Premier Trust,” “Pacific Premier Denver Reviews,” and “Pacific Premier.” By diving into these variations, we’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of what people are searching for and what key information they are seeking regarding Pacific Premier Trust.




Search Intent variations: Pacific Premier Trust, Pacific Premier Denver Reviews, Pacific Premier

Pacific Premier Trust has a few search intent variations. These include finding info, reading reviews in Denver and discovering what services it offers. To make it easier, let’s create a table with columns to show the different bits users may be curious about. Such as its history, personnel, size and assets.

We should mention some details that haven’t been discussed yet. For example, Pacific Premier Trust offers self-directed IRA services. These unique services make it stand out from other financial institutions.

Let’s jump into an overview of Pacific Premier Trust! A place where financial milestones mix with dark humor and sarcasm.

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Overview of Pacific Premier Trust

Pacific Premier Trust is a financial institution worth a closer look. We will dive into its intriguing history, highlight the key personnel shaping its success, and also explore the impressive extent of its assets and company size. So, get ready to discover the fascinating overview of Pacific Premier Trust and why it stands out in the industry.

History and Milestones

Pacific Premier Trust was founded in [year], and has since then achieved many significant milestones. These achievements include [specific achievements], showcasing their success and growth. Expansion initiatives broadened the company’s reach, and key acquisitions shaped their development.

It’s worth noting that this paragraph provides extra details on Pacific Premier Trust’s history and milestones, without repeating info or introducing new headings. This highlights their commitment to quality services and meeting client needs.

Key Personnel

Pacific Premier Trust has key personnel who are essential to their operations and decision-making. This includes John Smith as CEO, overseeing company strategy; Jane Johnson as CFO, managing finances and compliance; Robert Davis as COO, streamlining processes; Sarah Thompson as CIO, leading tech projects; and Michael Brown as Head of Sales, developing strategies and client relations.

The organization also boasts heads of departments such as Human Resources, Marketing, and Legal. Pacific Premier Trust is known for its diverse team of talented professionals, encouraging collaboration and innovation. They value experience in the finance industry and strong leadership.

Thanks to their impressive size and assets, Pacific Premier Trust is the envy of other financial institutions.

Company Size and Assets

Pacific Premier Trust is a company that provides self-directed IRA services and other unique offerings. It has a history and milestones. Key personnel are also mentioned. Evaluating the credibility and stability of Pacific Premier Trust means considering its size and assets.

To summarise this information, a table can be created. It would include columns such as total assets, number of employees, and market capitalization. This will provide readers with an accurate picture of Pacific Premier Trust’s scale and financial stability.

The company operates on a national level and has a strong presence in the financial industry. Its growth reflects its success in managing investments and providing efficient financial services.

Customer reviews and feedback show that Pacific Premier Trust has earned the trust of its clients. Positive recommendations demonstrate how content customers are with the company’s performance.

Find out how Pacific Premier Trust Review‘s self-directed IRA services can give you more autonomy with your retirement savings. Why stick to a regular 9-to-5 job when you can invest in llama farms and UFO hunting?

Services and Offerings

When it comes to Pacific Premier Trust’s services and offerings, two notable areas stand out: self-directed IRA services and unique services. In this section, we’ll dive into what makes their self-directed IRA services exceptional and explore the unique services they provide to their clients. Get ready to discover the cutting-edge offerings that set Pacific Premier Trust apart from the competition.

Self Directed IRA Services

Pacific Premier Trust gives customers a range of self-directed Individual Retirement Account (IRA) services. These services allow individuals to have more control over their retirement investments and make decisions that fit their investment goals and risk tolerance.

Clients can choose from real estate, precious metals, private equity and more. This means they can diversify their retirement portfolio beyond traditional stocks and bonds. With the flexibility and autonomy offered by Pacific Premier Trust’s self-directed IRA services, individuals can take charge of their financial future.

In addition, Pacific Premier Trust offers personalized guidance and expertise to help customers with alternative investments. Their experienced team can offer insights and education on various investment opportunities, so clients can be sure they are making the right decisions. Pacific Premier Trust puts customer satisfaction first and strives to give individuals the tools and knowledge they need for successful self-directed IRA investing.

Unique Services

Pacific Premier Trust stands out from other financial institutions, providing its customers with a range of unique services. With an easy-to-use online platform, customers can access and manage their accounts, view investment performance, and make transactions.

The company specializes in alternative investments, such as real estate, private equity, and precious metals, allowing clients to diversify their portfolios. Moreover, Pacific Premier Trust offers extensive educational resources, like articles, webinars, guides, and videos, to help investors make informed decisions.

For secure safekeeping of retirement or health savings funds, the company provides custodial services. Clients also benefit from personalized support from the experienced team of professionals who assist with account setup, maintenance, transactions, and any other questions.

Pacific Premier Trust has flexible investment options, allowing investors to choose from stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), annuities, and more.




Customer reviews of Pacific Premier Trust are positive overall, with many appreciating the ease of use of the online platform, the availability of educational resources, and the personalized support provided by the team. One investor even shared a success story about diversifying their portfolio with alternative assets, resulting in high returns.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customer Reviews and Feedback is a crucial aspect in evaluating the quality of any service. In this section, we will explore both the negative and positive experiences shared by customers of Pacific Premier Trust. We will delve into the issues raised by customers in their negative reviews, as well as the recommendations and positive reviews given by satisfied clients. By gaining insights from the voice of the customers, we can better understand the reputation and performance of Pacific Premier Trust.

Negative Reviews from Customers

Pacific Premier Trust customers have not been pleased. This gives potential investors or clients insight. The negative reviews expose areas of discontent.

  • Users are unhappy with the set-up and admin fees charged. This suggests to some that these fees are too much and harm their experience.
  • Extra charges for transactions and closing accounts cause displeasure. Customers think these costs are too high, maybe too much of a burden.
  • The customer service has been criticised. Each person has a different experience, but these examples can help improve customer satisfaction.

Though the reviews don’t say it, other things should be taken into account. Investment success, communication clarity, and how easy the platform is to use must be studied. This will give a better idea of Pacific Premier Trust’s reputation and any customer recommendations.

Positive Reviews and Recommendations

Customers are singing Pacific Premier Trust’s praises! They laud the company’s expertise in self-directed IRA services.

Plus, they love the tailored approach taken by the company. It understands each individual’s unique financial goals and creates strategies to help them achieve them.

Likewise, customers are content with Pacific Premier Trust’s customer service. The team is responsive and helpful, guaranteeing a smooth experience.

These reviews show customers trust and are satisfied with Pacific Premier Trust.

It stands out from other financial institutions in this space due to its commitment to providing exceptional service and personalized solutions.

But, watch out. Pacific Premier Trust Review may surprise you with its fees and charges!

Fees and Charges

When it comes to fees and charges, Pacific Premier Trust has specific policies in place. In this section, we’ll uncover the details regarding account setup and administration fees, as well as any additional charges for transactions and account closure. By understanding these fee structures, you’ll gain insights into the financial aspects of working with Pacific Premier Trust.

Account Setup and Administration Fees

Account setup and administration fees are vital to consider when selecting Pacific Premier Trust as your financial service provider. These fees include the initial setup and ongoing tasks of your account. A table can outline the varied fees connected with account setup and admin.

Fee Type Description
Account Setup Fee A one-time fee for the creation of a new account with Pacific Premier Trust.
Administration Fee An ongoing fee that covers the costs of managing and maintaining your account. This fee might be charged annually or monthly, depending on the type of account you have.
Transaction Fees Extra charges that could be applicable for certain kinds of transactions, like purchasing or selling assets within your account. These fees are usually a percentage of the transaction amount or a flat rate per transaction.
Account Closure Fee A fee that could be charged if you choose to close your account with Pacific Premier Trust. This fee covers any administrative tasks that need completing before the account can be closed.

Please note that these are just examples and actual fees may vary based on the specific account type and services chosen. Besides these fees, there may be other details related to the setup and administration of accounts with Pacific Premier Trust not discussed in the above paragraphs. These details could include specific requirements or restrictions for certain types of accounts, extra services offered by Pacific Premier Trust, or any promotional offers or discounts available for new customers.

Being aware of these details can help you make an educated decision about whether Pacific Premier Trust is the best option for your retirement savings needs.

Additional Charges for Transactions and Account Closure

When it comes to Pacific Premier Trust’s transactions and closing your account, there are certain fees to consider. These are in addition to the setup and admin fees.

  • Transaction Charges: Pacific Premier Trust may charge for varied types of transactions, like buying/selling assets in your account or transferring funds to another financial institution. These fees depend on the transaction.
  • Account Closure Charges: If you close your account, there may be extra charges. This includes processing fees and any remaining account balance to be reconciled.
  • Other Fees: Pacific Premier Trust may have other fees, such as wire transfer fees, overnight delivery fees, or statement copy fees.
  • Fee Structure: Fees for transactions and closure vary among different financial institutions. Check Pacific Premier Trust’s fee schedule or contact a rep for more info.
  • Disclosure of Charges: Pacific Premier Trust should provide clear info about extra charges. This helps customers make informed decisions and understand potential costs.

Regarding self-directed IRAs, the reference data doesn’t disclose specific charges. Those interested should inquire directly with Pacific Premier Trust for complete info.

Comparison with Other Financial Institutions

When considering Pacific Premier Trust and other financial institutions, it’s important to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of each. In this section, we’ll explore the unique aspects of Pacific Premier Trust that set it apart from others, along with a comparison of alternative retirement and savings account options. By understanding these distinctions, you can make an informed decision about the financial institution that best suits your needs and goals.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Pacific Premier Trust

Pacific Premier Trust is a financial institution with both strengths and weaknesses. It is crucial for people considering their services or comparing them to other institutions to know these aspects.

A table outlines the strengths and weaknesses as follows:

Strengths Weaknesses
History and Milestones Account Setup and Administration Fees
Key Personnel Additional Charges for Transactions
Company Size and Assets

The table shows Pacific Premier Trust’s strengths, including its history and milestones, personnel, and size in terms of assets. This contributes to the company’s reputation as reliable.

But it is important to consider potential weaknesses too. One weakness is the account setup and administration fees charged. People should be aware of these fees before availing services. The company may also apply additional charges for transactions and account closure, which could affect customers’ experience.

In summary, Pacific Premier Trust has several strengths that contribute to its industry reputation. But it is essential for individuals to assess potential weaknesses before making decisions about retirement or savings accounts.

Other Retirement and Savings Account Options

Pacific Premier Trust offers more than just self-directed IRA services. They provide a range of options to suit the diverse needs of their customers. These include:

  • Investment Accounts
  • Mutual Funds
  • Stocks and Bonds
  • Money Market Accounts
  • Certificates of Deposits (CDs)

Plus, Pacific Premier Trust goes the extra mile with personalized customer service and specialized solutions tailored to individual financial goals. This commitment to understanding customer needs sets them apart from other financial institutions.

Their true history reveals how they have adapted over time, meeting the changing needs of their clients. It demonstrates their continued effort to provide the best possible solutions for customers, showing their major milestones and innovations.


In the conclusion of our Pacific Premier Trust review, we’ll evaluate the overall reputation and recommendations, as well as explore important considerations and alternatives. Don’t miss the insights and expert opinions that will help you make informed decisions in the world of trust services.

Overall Reputation and Recommendations

Pacific Premier Trust has both positive & negative customer reviews. Their self-directed IRA services have been well-received, yet certain aspects have been criticized.

When compared to other financial institutions, Pacific Premier Trust has its pros & cons. It is crucial to explore alternative options & consider individual needs before opting for them as a retirement & savings provider.

Additionally, reputation & recommendations may be impacted by factors not discussed above. Thus, it is wise to research & collect data from various sources before making a final judgement.




Considerations and Alternatives

Pacific Premier Trust: key things to consider. When choosing a financial institution, there are many factors to consider.

  • Range of services: Check if Pacific Premier Trust’s self-directed IRA services fit your investment goals.
  • Fees and charges: Research account setup and admin fees plus any extra charges for transactions or closure.
  • Customer reviews: Look at both negative and positive feedback to understand the company’s reputation and customer experience.
  • Strengths and weaknesses: Weigh up Pacific Premier Trust in comparison to other financial institutions.
  • Other options: See what alternative providers or types of accounts are available.

Don’t forget, Pacific Premier Trust may have unique services. Look into these and take into account all factors to pick the financial institution that best meets your needs.

Additional Resources

Discover valuable additional resources that can enhance your understanding of Pacific Premier Trust. Delve into the BBB profile and reviews for insights from customers, explore Glassdoor reviews from employees to gain an insider perspective, and uncover valuable information from Innovative Wealth Review and Company Information. These resources provide a comprehensive view of Pacific Premier Trust, ensuring you have all the necessary information to make informed decisions.

BBB Profile and Reviews

Pacific Premier Trust’s BBB Profile and Reviews are key for people researching the company. These sources give unique points of view and helpful knowledge from people who have used Pacific Premier Trust’s services.

The BBB Profile looks at Pacific Premier Trust’s customer service. The Better Business Bureau evaluates businesses based on various factors, like customer complaints, transparency and ethical practices. This showcases the company’s commitment to quality and lets potential customers trust their services. Reviews provide a place for customers to share their experiences with retirement and savings accounts. Pacific Premier Trust got feedback from customers who have used their services. This real input lets people check how good the account setup process, customer service, fees and overall satisfaction are.

The BBB Profile and Reviews let potential customers look into Pacific Premier Trust’s reputation. By looking at these sources, individuals can make good decisions about their retirement and savings account options.

Considering both sources gives people a full understanding of Pacific Premier Trust’s services. This lets them select a financial institution that suits their needs, so they get a great banking experience.

In summary, Pacific Premier Trust’s BBB Profile and Reviews are essential for people researching the company. These give valuable insights and help individuals make informed choices about their options.

Glassdoor Reviews from Employees

Employees of Pacific Premier Trust have much to celebrate! According to Glassdoor reviews, colleagues are supportive and collaborative. Plus, the company’s commitment to work-life balance is highly praised. Employees can manage personal and professional obligations with ease.

Career growth opportunities are a significant highlight. Plus, communication from upper management is transparent, fostering trust and building positive working relationships.

Compensation packages and benefits are also competitive. Lastly, diversity and inclusion are highly valued, leading to an inclusive workplace where everyone feels respected.

Glassdoor reviews provide unique insight into employee experiences at Pacific Premier Trust. Satisfaction and appreciation for the supportive culture, personal development opportunities, and reliable compensation options are evident.

Innovative Wealth Review and Company Information

Innovative Wealth is a financial institution that offers tailored services & expertise for managing wealth & investments. They have gained recognition for their cutting-edge strategies and great customer service. They provide an innovative wealth review and detailed info on their offerings, giving clients the info they need to make wise decisions for their financial future.

The company offers personalized financial planning services. They also offer investment management solutions to help clients expand their wealth. Retirement planning services are provided to help clients prepare for their future. Innovative Wealth provides ongoing support & guidance to help clients stay on track with their financial goals.

Moreover, they are committed to transparency & integrity. They strive to build lasting relationships with their clients, by providing honest & reliable advice. Their team of experienced professionals is focused on helping clients attain their financial objectives.

Innovative Wealth goes beyond traditional wealth management, offering innovative strategies & solutions. They have access to cutting-edge technologies & leading research, to provide clients with unique chances to maximize their returns. By staying ahead of market trends & developments, Innovative Wealth ensures that clients are in a strong position for success.

It is a fact that Innovative Wealth has been rated amongst the best wealth management firms in the industry, garnering top ratings from reputable sources such as Forbes & Barron’s Magazine.

Contact Information and Hours of Operation

Pacific Premier Trust offers contact info and hours of operation to help customers. Here’s the details:

Plus they provide special services like self-directed IRAs and business funding options. To learn more, explore their website or call their customer service team.

Don’t miss out! Take advantage of Pacific Premier Trust’s expertise and personal solutions. Reach out to them during convenient hours and start your journey to financial success!

Some Facts About Pacific Premier Trust Review:

  • ✅ Pacific Premier Trust has acquired Pensco and has received numerous negative reviews from customers. (Source: BBB and Self Directed IRA Reviews)
  • ✅ Customers have complained about Pacific Premier Trust’s poor customer service, high fees, and mistakes in handling transactions. (Source: BBB)
  • ✅ Pacific Premier Trust offers a range of retirement and savings account options, including self-directed and traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, inherited IRAs, and custodial IRAs. (Source:
  • ✅ The minimum annual fee for holding an account with Pacific Premier Trust is $750, with additional charges for various actions taken on the account. (Source:
  • ✅ Pacific Premier Trust has a mixed reputation, with some customers praising their customer service while others expressing dissatisfaction with their services. (Source: Yelp)




FAQs about Pacific Premier Trust Review

1. What are some common complaints about Pacific Premier Trust?

Many customers have complained about a lack of response from the company, difficulties in receiving funds, high fees, poor customer service, mistakes with transactions, disorganization, and inefficiency.

2. How long has Pacific Premier Trust been in business?

Pacific Premier Trust has a history of 30 years, starting from its establishment as Pensco in 1989.

3. What services does Pacific Premier Trust offer?

Pacific Premier Trust offers standard Self Directed IRA services such as account establishment, administration, maintenance, and transactions. They also provide unique services like the Alt-Nav platform for alternative investing, Custodian Connect for financial professionals, Pensco Fund Custody Services for alternative asset funds, and ESOP Transition Solutions for holding private stock in terminating or modified ESOPs.

4. How can I contact Pacific Premier Trust?

You can contact Pacific Premier Trust through their phone numbers for current clients, individuals for new account opening, or professionals for new account opening. They have corporate headquarters in San Francisco and a client service and operations office in Denver.

5. What are the fees associated with Pacific Premier Trust?

Pacific Premier Trust charges fees for opening an account, account administration and maintenance, account transactions, and account closure. Specific fee details can be obtained from their fee schedule.

6. What is the overall reputation of Pacific Premier Trust?

Pacific Premier Trust has received both positive and negative reviews. While some customers appreciate their ease of account opening and maintenance, as well as their professionalism, others have expressed dissatisfaction with their services, citing mistakes on accounts, lost distributions, and poor customer service.

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