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Key Takeaways:

  • Patriot Trading Group offers a limited selection of gold and silver coins, with no options for platinum and palladium. This may limit investment choices for those looking to diversify their precious metals holdings.
  • There is a lack of online reviews and information available about Patriot Trading Group, making it difficult to gauge their reputation and reliability as a gold dealer.
  • Setting up a precious metals IRA with Patriot Trading Group is not clearly outlined, leaving potential investors unsure about the process and requirements.
  • When compared to other companies, there are better options available with a wider selection of precious metals and more positive reviews, making them worth considering for investments.
  • Patriot Trading Group has transparent pricing and provides detailed product descriptions, offering transparency to investors who are concerned about pricing and quality.
  • Despite limited information and reviews, Patriot Trading Group has gained a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable gold dealer in the industry.
  • For experienced investors, it may be worth reconsidering Patriot Trading Group and exploring alternative companies that provide a wider range of options for precious metals investments.


Patriot Trading Group is an investment firm that deserves a closer look. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the inner workings of Patriot Trading Group, exploring its services, track record, and client satisfaction. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a curious novice, join us as we uncover the key factors that make Patriot Trading Group a prominent player in the financial industry. Prepare to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions about your investment ventures.




Exploring Patriot Trading Group: A Comprehensive Review


Patriot Trading Group is an investment firm with a special focus on gold and silver. This review will look at their background, products, red flags, comparisons with other companies, and positives. So investors can make informed decisions about their precious metals investments.

The firm has a rich history and extensive experience in the metals industry. They use their expertise to provide valuable guidance to diversify portfolios. Through connections, they offer a range of coins for purchase.

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However, there are some potential red flags. Limited options for coins, no online reviews, and no info on setting up a precious metals IRA. Alternative companies have wider selections and better reviews. So investors may want to consider them.

On the plus side, Patriot Trading Group provides clear pricing info and detailed descriptions. Plus, they have built a reputation as a reliable gold dealer. Offering peace of mind to investors.

Background of Patriot Trading Group

With a rich history and extensive experience in the precious metals industry, Patriot Trading Group emerges as a prominent player. Delve into their background to uncover the intriguing story of their journey and the valuable expertise they bring to the table.

History and Experience in the Precious Metals Industry

Patriot Trading Group has a long story. They have a lot of experience in the precious metals market. For their high-quality services and products, they have earned a good reputation.

They have been in the precious metals industry for many years. They know the ups and downs of the market. This gives them the ability to handle different economic situations with confidence. They can provide useful advice to their customers about investing in precious metals.

Plus, they have good connections with suppliers. This helps them to get quality gold and silver coins. They are able to provide a large selection of products that meet the needs of investors.

Offered Products and Services

With a wide range of offerings, Patriot Trading Group provides a diverse selection of products and services for investors. Delve into the world of precious metals investing as we explore the availability of gold and silver coins for purchase. Discover how Patriot Trading Group offers a strategic Metals Program to help you increase your precious metals holdings. Get ready to unlock new possibilities in safeguarding your wealth with their comprehensive range of products and services.

Gold and Silver Coins Available for Purchase

Patriot Trading Group has a range of gold and silver coins to diversify your precious metal portfolio. Check out the table:

Coin Type Description
Gold Coins 1 oz American Eagle, 1 oz Canadian Maple Leaf
1 oz South African Krugerrand
Silver Coins 1 oz American Silver Eagle, 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf, 1 oz Austrian Philharmonic

Choose what you need from the gold and silver coins range. But there’s a catch. Patriot Trading Group’s options are limited when it comes to platinum and palladium. If you’re keen on diversifying further with these metals, consider their ‘Metals Program for Increasing Precious Metals Holdings’. Who doesn’t want to hoard shiny stuff like a dragon?




Metals Program for Increasing Precious Metals Holdings

Patriot Trading Group’s Metals Program is designed to help people build up their precious metals portfolio. It allows for regular purchases of gold and silver coins. Cost averaging helps minimize the impact of market fluctuations. Plus, investors can adjust the number and frequency of their purchases. Prices are transparent, ensuring fair value for acquisitions.

The program doesn’t offer platinum or palladium coins. Therefore, people seeking to diversify across different metals may need other options.

The Metals Program is a great choice for people wanting to acquire gold and silver coins. However, reviews and reputation should also be considered when evaluating it for investment objectives.

Patriot Trading Group is a reliable gold dealer, but there are some red flags that could make investors think twice.

Red Flags to Consider

When it comes to Patriot Trading Group, it’s important to be aware of the red flags to consider. Whether it’s the limited options for gold and silver coins, the lack of platinum and palladium options, the absence of online reviews and difficulty in gauging reputation, or the lack of information on setting up a precious metals IRA, understanding these potential warning signs is crucial for making informed decisions.

Limited Options for Gold and Silver Coins, Lack of Platinum and Palladium Options


Patriot Trading Group is a company that’s known for selling gold and silver coins. However, they don’t offer platinum or palladium coins. This may disappoint those who want to diversify their precious metals portfolio with platinum and palladium.

Gold and silver are popular, but other companies offer more, including platinum and palladium coins. So, the limited options at Patriot Trading Group might restrict investment opportunities.

Before making a decision, potential investors should think if Patriot Trading Group’s offering matches their investment goals. It’s important to remember: while Patriot Trading Group has strengths, there is a limitation in their product offerings.

Lack of Online Reviews and Difficulty in Gauging Reputation

Potential investors have a concern about the lack of online reviews and difficulty in gauging the reputation of Patriot Trading Group. Compared to other companies offering precious metals, Patriot Trading Group has limited info available. This makes it tough to assess their dependability.

Transparent pricing and detailed product descriptions may be positives for Patriot Trading Group. But, no reviews and customer feedback raises red flags. Customer insights are valuable for evaluating a company’s quality of products and services, and their overall reputation. Without this, it’s hard for investors to make an informed decision on trusting Patriot Trading Group.

The absence of an online presence and customer reviews also implies limited reach and exposure for Patriot Trading Group. In today’s digital world, having an online presence is vital to establish trust and attract customers. The lack of this presence raises doubts about their reliability among investors, who rely heavily on online information before investing.

Investors are recommended to check out other companies that offer a wider selection of products with more positive reviews from customers. This way, they can make investments with companies that have earned trust within the industry.

Absence of Information on Setting up a Precious Metals IRA

When assessing Patriot Trading Group as an investment option, the lack of info on Precious Metals IRA is a downside. It is not included in their products and services, which could be a concern for investors who want to benefit from a Precious Metals IRA.

This means that potential investors can’t get the info they need to understand the process and advantages of investing in precious metals for retirement. Other companies may provide guidance and resources, but Patriot Trading Group does not.

Investors must have access to detailed info and help when deciding to include precious metals in an IRA. This involves understanding eligibility requirements, contribution limits, tax implications, and custodial services.

Therefore, individuals should look into alternative companies that give comprehensive info and support for setting up a Precious Metals IRA. Researching reputable companies that specialize in these investments will help investors get the guidance and expertise they need to make informed decisions about their retirement savings.

Comparison with Other Companies

When comparing Patriot Trading Group with other companies in the market, you’ll find better options with a wider selection and more positive reviews.

Better Options Available with a Wider Selection and More Positive Reviews

Research suggests other companies provide more precious metals and have better reviews than Patriot Trading Group. These companies have gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins. Many reviews show customers are satisfied with these businesses. Compared to Patriot Trading Group, these firms offer more options. So, investors can create a portfolio which fits their goals. The reviews also show these businesses are reliable.

Plus, they provide info and help to set up a precious metals IRA. Investors use this to gain tax advantages and diversify portfolios. Experienced investors may want to look elsewhere for investments in precious metals.

Patriot Trading Group stands out with transparent pricing and product descriptions. This solidifies their reputation as a dependable gold dealer. Importantly, our research did not show any connection between our authors and Patriot Trading Group.

Positive Aspects of Patriot Trading Group

With transparent pricing and detailed product descriptions, along with a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable gold dealer, Patriot Trading Group offers an array of positive aspects that set them apart in the market.

Transparent Pricing and Detailed Product Descriptions

Patriot Trading Group’s pricing? Transparent! Customers can easily understand how much it costs to buy precious metals. Plus, detailed product descriptions give customers all the info they need.

What’s for sale?

  • Gold Coins | Varied selection | Prices vary by weight and market value.
  • Silver Coins | Big selection | Prices depend on weight and market rates.

Customer satisfaction a priority for Patriot Trading Group. They make sure customers are happy with their purchase by providing excellent service and guidance.

Don’t miss out! Invest in precious metals with Patriot Trading Group. Enjoy transparency and detailed product info. Contact them today to find the perfect option and secure your future.




Reputation as a Trustworthy and Reliable Gold Dealer


Patriot Trading Group is renowned for its dependability as a gold dealer. With years of experience in the market, they have garnered trust through transparent pricing and product info. Their commitment to providing accurate information shows their commitment to reliability.

Their reputation of being reliable is furthered through their dedication to customer satisfaction. They’re well-known for their customer service, providing clients with guidance throughout the buying process. Such personal care and attention add to their trustworthiness.

Furthermore, Patriot Trading Group stands out in the industry due to their transparency. They give detailed descriptions of their products, like weight, purity, and minting source, so customers can make educated decisions.

Also, Patriot Trading Group has earned its reliability by providing high-quality gold coins. Many happy clients can vouch for the genuineness and quality of their purchases. These positive reviews support their dependability as a gold dealer.

Before investing in precious metals, investigate other options in addition to Patriot Trading Group.

Conclusion and Recommendation

As we reach the conclusion of our review, we will now explore alternative companies for precious metals investments and reconsider the suitability of Patriot Trading Group for experienced investors.

Exploring Alternative Companies for Precious Metals Investments

When investigating other organizations for precious metal investments, investors have factors to think about. Primarily, the products available and kind of variety. Patriot Trading Group has few gold and silver coins, but other companies offer a wider selection – like platinum and palladium.

Additionally, online reviews are crucial in judging the reliability of a company. Unfortunately, Patriot Trading Group has no reviews, making it difficult to trust them. Plus, no details on setting up a precious metals IRA on their website.

Given these warnings, it would be wise for investors to inspect other companies that offer more options and better reviews. Doing so can make sure they are dealing with reliable dealers.

Patriot Trading Group does have some positives, such as transparent pricing and product descriptions. But, it may not be suitable for experienced investors who want to diversify precious metals holdings. So, considering other companies that have a broader range of products and a better reputation in the industry is recommended.

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Reconsidering Patriot Trading Group for Experienced Investors

Experienced investors should look again at Patriot Trading Group when investing in precious metals. It is wise to look for firms that offer a variety of metals, like platinum and palladium, and that have good reviews. There are few reviews for Patriot Trading Group, so it is hard to know how reliable they are. Not offering these other metals can be bad for people wanting to mix up their investments more.

It is hard to know much about Patriot Trading Group’s history in metals. This means it is hard to judge their track record or trustworthiness. To avoid risks, experienced investors should choose companies with a good history. They need to check out other good companies and think about what meets their goals and level of risk.

To make an informed decision, experienced investors must do thorough research and check out different companies. They should look for ones that sell a range of metals, with good reviews and a good reputation. This way, they can find a partner that suits their needs.

Some Facts About Patriot Trading Group Review:

  • ✅ Patriot Trading Group is a precious metals investment company based in Phoenix, Arizona. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ They have been in business since 1996 and specialize in selling gold and silver coins. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Patriot Trading Group offers a metals program where individuals can increase their precious metals holdings through monthly contributions. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ They have limited options for gold and silver coins on their website and do not offer platinum or palladium options. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ There is a lack of online reviews from past customers, making it difficult to gauge the company’s reputation. (Source: Team Research)




FAQs about Patriot Trading Group Review

1. Does Patriot Trading Group offer a wide selection of gold and silver products?

Answer: No, Patriot Trading Group has a limited number of products available, mainly focusing on Pre-1933 gold coins, rare silver numismatic coins, and the Gold American Eagle.

2. Are there any third-party review sites that provide feedback about Patriot Trading Group?

Answer: There is a lack of online reviews from past customers, making it difficult to gauge the overall customer experience. However, some review sites like Bullion.Directory and Better Business Bureau have provided positive ratings for Patriot Trading Group.

3. Does Patriot Trading Group provide storage services for precious metals?

Answer: Patriot Trading Group has partnerships with Delaware Depository, which offers a state-of-the-art storage facility for precious metals.

4. Can I set up a Precious Metals IRA with Patriot Trading Group?

Answer: Patriot Trading Group does not provide information on setting up a Precious Metals IRA. However, they do facilitate Precious Metals IRAs through their partnership with Gold Star Trust Company, one of the popular IRA custodians in the United States.

5. Is Patriot Trading Group a recommended option for buying gold and silver?

Answer: Patriot Trading Group has received positive ratings and recommendations from customers, but it is important to consider personal preferences and financial goals when choosing a gold and silver dealer.

6. How long has Patriot Trading Group been in business?

Answer: Patriot Trading Group, formerly known as All American Gold, has been in business since 1996, serving customers from Phoenix, Arizona, and all 50 states in the US and its territories.

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