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No matter what stage of life you’re in, your credit matters. That’s especially true if you want to refinance your debt and pay less interest.

Quizzle.com is a credit monitoring tool that promises to optimize your debt strategy. But does it deliver?

Quizzle offers free credit score and excellent credit analysis. However, Quizzle’s recommendation engine didn’t yield great results.

Plus their contact methods for refinancing might be too aggressive for some users.

Do the pros outweigh the cons?

That’s for you to decide.

Here’s what you need to know about Quizzle.

Helpful Credit Analysis

Quizzle’s flagship product is their credit analysis. The credit analysis contains seven elements: credit score, credit report, score analysis, timeline, trending and comparison. You can get all seven elements for free. We loved this feature, so we recommend enlisting Quizzle for credit analysis.

Quizzle does not advertise debt products through their credit analysis. This means that you can get objective insights from the platform. You can use Quizzle to track, understand and fix your credit score. Below we outline what you can expect to learn from each element.

Credit Score

Like Credit Karma and Credit Sesame offers visibility to your Vantage 3.0 Credit Score. The Vantage Credit score is a real credit score, but it’s the better known FICO 8 Credit Score that banks use for mortgage underwriting. How do they vary?

The two scores consider the same information, but they weight it differently. For example, Vantage considers both your balances and your available credit. On the other hand, FICO considers your debt to available credit ratio. The widest variance comes with each model’s weighting of negative information. Vantage does not count paid collections items as negative information, but FICO 8 continues to count these items against you.

If you’ve had accounts in collections, you may need to take your credit score with a grain of salt. Your Vantage Score and your FICO 8 score will often fall in the same range.

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Credit Report

Quizzle offers full credit report from the TransUnion credit bureau. The conveniently segregate your report into accounts, credit inquiries, public records and personal data. This makes it easy to understand.

your credit report details

Each account if further divided into account details, payment history and contact information. This detailed information can help you identify and remove negative information on your credit report. The contact information is often omitted from other credit tracking sites. But this information helps if you need to pursue a pay for delete removal strategy. We love that Quizzle included it.

accounts listed

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Score Analysis

Quizzle offers a robust analysis of your credit score. They explain the top four factors that prevent you from achieving credit score perfection. This section will help if you can’t understand why your score isn’t where you need it to be. Remember, Quizzle analyzes your Vantage score.


The credit score timeline offers some high (and low) lights from your credit history. The timeline representation gives you a clear picture of where you’ve been, so you know where you need to go. You shouldn’t look at the timeline for action tips. Instead, use it as a visual representation of your credit history.

One thing you should note about the timeline. It doesn’t include information from closed accounts. If you recently paid off an auto loan or a student loan, it won’t appear on the timeline. Don’t worry, banks still see that excellent credit behavior.

timeline of all your credit actions


Longtime Quizzle Users will gain insights from the trending insights. Trending tracks your performance across metrics including credit score, utilization, balances, and available credit.

The graphs update every three months when Quizzle pulls a new copy of your credit report. If you’re working towards a credit goal these graphs may motivate you.


The comparison module allows you to compare your current credit to your credit three months earlier. If you sign up for Quizzle’s $8/month Quizzle Pro program, you can compare snapshots on a monthly basis.

compare your score at quizzle

The comparison is a neat feature that gives helpful insights into why your score changed. However, it’s not worth $8 per month unless you have a compelling credit related goal.

Quizzle’s Offers

Quizzle can offer free credit analysis to you because they earn commissions from product offers. They partner with banks and loan aggregators across most debt product categories. That means that you can get auto loan offers, home refinance offers, and more.

Then offers interface is robust, but their partners seem too limited. To see the detailed offers you have to agree to let partner’s call you. This struck me as intrusive when I may prefer a more casual approach.

Worse yet, their credit card offers didn’t suit my needs.

offers from quizzle

If you’re serious about refinancing or getting a mortgage, Quizzle will send you to Lending Tree. Lending Tree is one of the largest mortgage aggregators, so you can trust that you’re in good hands. However, Quizzle’s other recommendations aren’t robust right now. People looking for new credit cards or personal loans will find better offers through a search engine.

Understanding the Big Picture

One way that Quizzle differentiates is through offering credit guidance on Big Picture Questions. They offer insights about everything from buying a home to renting an apartment or buying a car.

guidance for home buyers

The articles were quick, to the point, and helpful. You could implement their suggestions right away. Quizzle didn’t reveal insider tips and tricks, but I thought the articles gave a nice overview. However, each article ends with Quizzle’s debt product offers. These could be helpful, but compare them to offers you find on your own. Most of the time, you can find better products without Quizzle.

Quizzle Money Management

Quizzle attempts to give you a snapshot view of your finances through their Money Management Module. The Money Summary gives a cashflow snapshot and calculates a debt to income ratio. Banks use these to determine your eligibility for a loan. However, users should be careful with these. You may have high fixed expenses outside of your debts that you need to consider.

available cash

It’s better to review your specific expenses before you take on a new loan.

They also offer a “Savings Plan” through their money management platform. Saving money is a good idea, but Quizzle doesn’t offer much guidance here. The “Savings Plan” is actually mediocre aggregator of CDs and bank accounts.

If you’re looking for a high yield savings account or a CD look for offers outside of Quizzle. You’ll find better rates and more flexible terms. Overall, the money management features disappointed.

Quizzle Pro+ Identity Theft Protection

Earlier in the review, we mentioned that you can upgrade to monthly credit reports for $8 per month. You can also upgrade to Quizzle’s $15 per month plan called Quizzle Pro+. This level gives you access to identity theft protection.

No company can prevent identity theft, and Quizzle doesn’t make that promise. However, Quizzle promises a high level of monitoring and help from a 24/7 identity theft resolution specialist if you’re a victim.

They also offer $1M in insurance to cover costs associated with your identity theft.

In general, $1M in identity theft insurance is too much to carry. Especially because the real value comes from the resolution services. If fall victim to identity theft, you will spend time unravelling the problem. But Quizzle’s resolution specialist will streamline the process for you if you purchase Quizzle Pro+.

This could be a good value, but Prosper Daily and Zander Insurance offer the same product at cheaper rates. If you want identity theft protection, choose one of those companies instead.

The Final Verdict

Quizzle’s credit analysis offers excellent insights at no cost. For that reason, we recommend checking it out. However, be careful of Quizzle’s product offers. You’ll find better debt and savings products on other websites.

Also, we don’t recommend the upgrades right now. Quizzle Pro and Quizzle Pro+ don’t offer enough value to be worth the cost.