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Key Takeaways:

  • SilverTowne offers a wide range of precious metals including silver, gold, platinum, and U.S. coins, making it a comprehensive source for investors and collectors.
  • The company has a strong reputation in the numismatics industry, with memberships in notable organizations and recognition for its founder, Leon Hendrickson.
  • While SilverTowne has mixed ratings from various review platforms, it is important to conduct due diligence and consider both the pros and cons before making investment decisions.


Silvertowne Review introduces the MECE Framework and its significance in organizing data, as well as highlights the importance of categorization for conducting comprehensive analysis and drawing valid conclusions. By employing this method, Silvertowne aims to provide readers with a structured approach to navigate through various facets of the subject matter, resulting in a clear and insightful evaluation of the information presented.




Explanation of MECE Framework and its use in organizing data

The MECE (Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive) Framework is a great tool for organizing and analyzing data. It makes sure that categories are distinct and cover all bases. SilverTowne can use this system to categorize its product offerings, purchasing process, ratings and reviews, and other data. This helps to make sure nothing is forgotten or duplicated, allowing for comprehensive analysis of their operations and reputation.

The MECE Framework can be employed to sort out SilverTowne’s product offerings. Under that heading, they provide silver, gold, platinum, coins, rare coin gifts and IRA-eligible metals. This organizes the info to show the scope of what they offer.

The same framework can be used when examining the purchasing process. Categories could include website account creation and product selection, pricing, ordering, IRA services, shipping options, and return policy.

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Using the MECE Framework to analyze ratings and reviews from BBB, Yelp, Facebook, and Trustpilot gives a clear look into customer satisfaction. It organizes the feedback according to platform, avoiding repetition or omission.

In conclusion, applying the MECE Framework is key in understanding SilverTowne’s operations. It structures data regarding product offerings, purchasing process, ratings and reviews, and other relevant info. A complete analysis with this system is necessary for making sound investment decisions.

Organizing data is like organizing your sock drawer – it’s vital for keeping your sanity and finding matching pairs!

Importance of categorization for analysis and conclusions

Categorization is essential for efficient analysis and accurate conclusions. By sorting data into relevant categories, it’s simpler to pick out useful information and recognize patterns. For SilverTowne, categorization helps to evaluate the company’s products, buying process, ratings, and more. This allows both investors and customers to make wise decisions.

Categorization is vital for structure and clarity when analyzing complicated datasets. For instance, it simplifies assessing SilverTowne’s product offerings. Categories like precious metals, bullion bars and coins, rare coin gifts, and IRA-eligible metals let investors figure out the available options and make informed investment strategies.

Moreover, categorization makes certain that important aspects are taken into consideration when drawing conclusions. By sorting data into categories, such as company background, purchasing process, and ratings and reviews, it’s easier to identify key factors that could affect how people see SilverTowne. These include the company’s history and growth, its membership in numismatics organizations, customer reviews from BBB, Yelp, Facebook, and customer concerns.

In summary, categorization is imperative for analysis and drawing conclusions. It provides structure, clarity, and understanding of complex data sets, enabling wise decision-making in various aspects of SilverTowne’s operations.

Company Background

SilverTowne, a prominent player in the precious metals industry, has a fascinating company background that spans from its humble beginnings to its notable achievements. Delve into the founding and growth of SilverTowne, discover its membership in esteemed numismatics organizations, and explore the remarkable journey and accolades of Leon Hendrickson. Prepare to be intrigued by the captivating story behind this renowned company.

SilverTowne’s founding and growth


SilverTowne’s history is interwoven with key elements, such as its part in numismatics organizations, the success of its founder Leon Hendrickson, and its plentiful choices of products to suit all investor needs. From humble beginnings, it has grown to become a well-regarded precious metals dealer.

Leon Hendrickson, SilverTowne’s founder, is widely respected for his efforts in the industry. His feats are part of the company’s journey to success, furthering its standing.

SilverTowne delivers a variety of products, including silver, gold, platinum, and U.S. coins, as well as bullion bars. It provides options to suit many strategies and tastes, even offering rare coin gifts and IRA-eligible metals. Its website is user-friendly, and customers can contact the company for personalized pricing or ordering information. It also works with IRA custodians, making investing easier. Shipping and payment options are simple, and there is a clear return policy with a swift refund process.

In conclusion, SilverTowne’s success is due to its relationship with numismatics organizations, Leon Hendrickson’s accomplishments, and its variety of product offerings. This combination makes SilverTowne a reliable and respectable dealer in the precious metals industry. However, before making any investments, people should be sure to do their research.

Membership in numismatics organizations

SilverTowne is committed to coin collecting and the study of currency. By joining numismatics organizations, they gain a network of enthusiasts and experts. This membership also shows SilverTowne’s dedication to ethical and professional business practices.

They offer:

  • Networking chances
  • Research access
  • Conferences, seminars and workshops
  • Collaboration with scholars and researchers
  • Reputation as a reliable dealer
  • Possibility of exclusive coins or special offerings

SilverTowne encourages coin collecting as an educational and available hobby. They provide resources like online forums, articles, and guides. These resources set them apart from other dealers and boost their status as a trusted source for numismatic enthusiasts.

Pro Tip: You can join numismatics organizations as a customer interested in rare coins or precious metal investments. You can gain knowledge, resources, and connect with others who share your enthusiasm for collectibles.

Leon Hendrickson’s journey and awards

Leon Hendrickson’s trek through SilverTowne has been filled with enthusiasm for coins and valuable metals. His huge part in extending the organization’s item contributions has permitted SilverTowne to offer various alternatives to customers. They can pick from an assortment of valuable metals, for example, silver, gold, platinum, and U.S. coins. Moreover, the organization additionally offers uncommon coin endowments and IRA-qualified valuable metals. This differing assortment guarantees that customers have numerous venture choices to look over.

Besides his commitments at SilverTowne, Hendrickson is effectively associated with different numismatics associations. These affiliations show his promise to remain associated with industry patterns and keeping up high guidelines inside the field. By being a piece of these associations, Hendrickson not just improves his own mastery yet in addition reinforces SilverTowne’s standing as a trusted seller of valuable metals.




During the span of his vocation, Hendrickson has gotten a few remarkable honors for his great work in the numismatic network. These prestigious honors perceive his aptitude, information, and accomplishments in the field of valuable metals and coins. They fill in as a declaration to his validity and add altogether to SilverTowne’s standing as a legitimate merchant of top-notch items.

In conclusion, Leon Hendrickson’s journey at SilverTowne highlights his remarkable commitments to the organization’s development and accomplishment. His pledge to furnishing customers with a wide scope of dependable items has solidified SilverTowne’s situation as a respectable merchant in the valuable metals industry.

Product Offerings

Silvertowne offers an impressive array of product offerings that cater to precious metal enthusiasts. From bullion bars and coins to a wide range of silver, gold, platinum, and U.S. coins, they have it all. Additionally, they even provide rare coin gifts and IRA-eligible precious metals. With such diverse options, Silvertowne ensures that there is something for everyone interested in acquiring precious metals.

Precious metals in the form of bullion bars and coins

SilverTowne is a famed dealer of precious metals, offering a wide range of products. These include bullion bars and coins made from gold, silver, platinum, and U.S. coins. These bars and coins hold their value over time, making them a reliable option for investing.

Quality is a priority for SilverTowne. They offer different weights, sizes, and designs to meet the needs of customers. Whether it’s gold bars or silver coins, investors can acquire physical assets backed by precious metals.

SilverTowne also has rare coin gifts, as well as IRA-eligible metals. Collectors and gift-givers appreciate the historical significance and potential value of these items. SilverTowne also works with IRA custodians, allowing individuals to invest in precious metals within their retirement accounts.

In conclusion, SilverTowne provides customers with a dependable way of investing in precious metals while diversifying their portfolios or preparing for retirement. With a commitment to quality, they ensure that customers have access to a variety of tangible assets.

Wide range of products including silver, gold, platinum, and U.S. coins

SilverTowne has a lot to offer those who are passionate about investing in silver, gold, platinum, and U.S. coins. From bullion bars and coins to specialty releases, customers can find what they need.

Silver collectors can choose from various bullion bars and coins. Gold enthusiasts can get their hands on gold bars and coins. Plus, SilverTowne offers platinum options.

The company provides comprehensive details about the authenticity, quality, and current market value of each product. This info helps customers make the best decisions for their collections or investment portfolios.

SilverTowne is a highly reputable brand with a long history. It’s a member of esteemed numismatics organizations. Plus, the company’s founder, Leon Hendrickson, has received awards for their excellence in the field.

Rare coin gifts and IRA-eligible precious metals

SilverTowne provides more than just traditional bullion bars and coins. Their product selection includes silver, gold, platinum, and U.S. coins. This range of options lets investors pick from a variety of precious metals that suit their personal preferences and investment goals.

Not only that, SilverTowne also offers rare coin gifts. They make great presents that have the potential to rise in value. Plus, they understand the significance of IRA investments and give a selection of metals that are eligible for an IRA.

SilverTowne stands out for their reputation amongst the numismatics community. Their membership in various numismatics organizations and Leon Hendrickson’s awards prove their capability.

Also, SilverTowne’s partnership with IRA custodians for IRA services shows their commitment to customers. They strive for transparency by providing shipping and payment options to make things easier for customers.

To guarantee customer satisfaction, SilverTowne has an effective return policy and refund process.

Purchasing Process

Silvertowne offers a seamless purchasing process through its website, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience for buyers. From creating an account and selecting products to contacting the company for pricing and ordering, Silvertowne covers it all. Additionally, their partnership with IRA custodians allows customers to explore IRA services. With flexible shipping and payment options, as well as a straightforward return policy and refund process, Silvertowne ensures a hassle-free purchasing journey.

Account creation and product selection on SilverTowne’s website

Want to create an account and pick products on SilverTowne’s site? Here’s how:

  1. Visit SilverTowne’s website.
  2. Look for the “Create Account” button, usually at the top right.
  3. Enter your name, email and password.
  4. Log in using your credentials.
  5. Check out their collection of precious metals: silver, gold, platinum and U.S. coins.
  6. Add products to your cart and go to checkout.

Plus, SilverTowne has a user-friendly interface. It lets customers navigate product categories and filter options quickly. That means a smoother experience while creating an account and selecting products.

In short, mastering the account creation and product selection process on SilverTowne’s website is key for those who want to invest in precious metals conveniently online.

Contacting SilverTowne for pricing and ordering certain products

SilverTowne offers customers various ordering options. Purchasing products can be done online through the website with the provided cart and checkout process. Additionally, customers can contact SilverTowne directly via phone or email to place their order. They provide personalized assistance throughout the process.

SilverTowne understands the importance of providing accurate pricing information and efficient order processing. They address any queries related to pricing and facilitate product orders. By offering these communication and support methods, customers can enjoy a smooth experience when acquiring precious metals from this reputable dealer.

Partnership with IRA custodians for IRA services

SilverTowne has teamed up with trustworthy IRA custodians to bring a variety of services for individual retirement accounts. This collaboration allows clients to quickly buy, keep, and manage precious metals in their IRAs. With these reliable and experienced custodians, SilverTowne guarantees secure and compliant investment options for retirement portfolios.

  • Simple IRA Services: SilverTowne and IRA custodians make setting up and handling IRAs easy. Clients can go through the account setup process on SilverTowne’s site and work with the custodian to follow regulations.
  • Wide Investment Options: Through SilverTowne and IRA custodians, investors have access to a variety of precious metals that can be included in their IRAs. This includes bullion bars, coins, and other physical metals.
  • Knowledgeable Assistance: SilverTowne’s alliances with respected IRA custodians gives customers access to knowledgeable professionals who can help them decide on suitable investments based on their goals and risk profiles.
  • Convenient Transactions: SilverTowne and its partnerships offer hassle-free payment methods for IRA transactions. Clients can safely finish purchases with payment options from the integrated platforms.

To further show transparency, SilverTowne follows strict standards when partnering with IRA custodians. By establishing these alliances, SilverTowne makes sure they remain a dependable source for retirement savings.

Investors shouldn’t miss out on the advantages of such collaborations. By taking advantage of SilverTowne’s ties with IRA custodians, they can make sure there’s a smooth and compliant process for adding precious metals into their IRAs. This is a way to diversify retirement portfolios and possibly protect their wealth from market swings. Don’t let the opportunity go by—explore the benefits of partnering with reputable IRA custodians through SilverTowne.

Easy Shipping and Payment Options: Get your precious metals delivered with ease, plus select from different payment methods. Investing in silver shouldn’t be as hard as solving a Rubik’s cube blindfolded!

Shipping and payment options

Text: Check out the shipping and payment options at SilverTowne! Here’s a table:

Shipping Options Payment Options
Standard Shipping Credit Card
Express Shipping Debit Card
International Shipping Bank Transfer
Local Pickup PayPal
Check/Money Order

SilverTowne offers customers flexibility. Pick between standard, express, international, or local pickup shipping. The payment choices are credit card, debit card, bank transfer, PayPal, or check/money order.

Note: certain payment methods may have conditions or requirements. Customers should review the details on the website or contact customer support for more info.

SilverTowne wants you to have a smooth purchasing experience and get your precious metal products the way that works best for you.

Return policy and refund process

SilverTowne has a hassle-free return policy and refund process. If an unexpected event happens, they’re committed to providing a fair solution. Here’s how it works:

  1. First, customers contact SilverTowne through their website or by phone to initiate a return or refund.
  2. They’ll need to provide order info like the invoice number, product details, and return or refund reason.
  3. Then, they securely package the items and ship them according to SilverTowne’s instructions using a trusted method.
  4. SilverTowne will inspect the items to confirm they meet criteria for a return or refund.
  5. When all conditions are met, the refund is processed. Customers will get confirmation and expect the refund amount soon.

SilverTowne offers a flexible return policy with fair standards. Plus, more info about their policies can be found on their website. They also have customer support by phone or email to address any queries.




Ratings and Reviews

Silvertowne, a company under discussion, has received mixed ratings across multiple platforms such as BBB, Yelp, Facebook, and Trustpilot. Let’s delve into the ratings and reviews from these sources, highlighting potential concerns and discussing the legitimacy of Silvertowne.

Mixed ratings from BBB, Yelp, Facebook, and Trustpilot

Mixed ratings from BBB, Yelp, Facebook, and Trustpilot have been awarded to SilverTowne. These ratings demonstrate different customer experiences and performance evaluations. Let’s examine them in detail.

A helpful table would show ratings from each platform. It would include columns labeled with the platform name and the rating score. By studying this table, one can get an idea of how SilverTowne is viewed overall.

Unique details include customer comments. These can show us what issues people have had and what positive experiences they’ve encountered dealing with SilverTowne. Knowing these details is key to forming a comprehensive opinion of the company.

Is SilverTowne really a valuable asset or just a sham? Let’s check out the arguments for and against it.

Discussion on potential concerns and legitimacy of SilverTowne

SilverTowne, a precious metals dealer, has sparked questions about its legitimacy. Ratings and reviews give mixed feedback on the company. While some customers are satisfied, others doubt it. Before making any decisions, consider these concerns.

One worry about SilverTowne is the mixed ratings from the BBB, Yelp, Facebook, and Trustpilot. These ratings reflect customer sentiment about the company’s products and services. Though some customers have had positive experiences, there are also negative reviews that question the company.

Another aspect to consider when evaluating SilverTowne is verifying their claims and certifications. They mention founder Leon Hendrickson‘s awards, but it is essential to research these independently. Conduct background checks to ensure their validity. Then investors can make informed choices.

So, is SilverTowne worth investing in? Let’s find out!

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When it comes to the conclusion of our Silvertowne Review, we’ll provide a concise summary of SilverTowne as a legitimate and trusted precious metals dealer. We will also consider the pros and cons associated with their services, emphasizing the significance of conducting thorough due diligence before making any investment decisions. Rest assured, we’ll ensure you have all the essential information to make informed choices in the world of precious metals.

Summary of SilverTowne as a legitimate precious metals dealer

SilverTowne is a respected and reliable precious metals dealer. It offers many products, including bullion bars, coins, rare coin gifts, and IRA-eligible metals. Buying is easy – just create an account on the website and navigate. Customers can ask questions through different channels.

The company has partnered with IRA custodians to show its legitimacy and trustworthiness. Despite some negative reviews on platforms like BBB, Yelp, Facebook, and Trustpilot, investors should research thoroughly and consider pros and cons before buying.

In conclusion, SilverTowne is legitimate with extensive products, easy purchasing, and good ratings/reviews.

Consideration of pros and cons

Conducting due diligence is key when considering SilverTowne as a precious metals dealer. Their diverse products, such as silver, gold, platinum, and U.S. coins, can provide investors with a diversified portfolio. But ratings and reviews from BBB, Yelp, Facebook, and Trustpilot are mixed. This raises concerns.

SilverTowne also has IRA services in partnership with custodians, for potential tax benefits. Still, check their return policy and refund process, just in case.

To sum up: weigh the pros and cons of SilverTowne before investing. Do research, be aware of their credibility and customer satisfaction levels, and understand their policies. Don’t be fooled by shiny coins – do your homework!

Importance of due diligence before making investment decisions

Due diligence is key when making decisions on investing in precious metals. Research and analysis are vital for investors to make informed choices and reduce risk. They should consider the company’s background, offerings, process for purchasing, ratings, and reviews. Through evaluating these aspects, investors can determine if a precious metals dealer is legitimate and credible before investing.

When looking at potential investments in precious metals, research is a must. Checking the company’s background and understanding its growth pattern helps investors comprehend its stability and long-term potential. Additionally, analyzing the numismatics organizations the company is a part of, as well as Leon Hendrickson’s journey and awards, can provide further evidence of its expertise in the industry.

Investors should also carefully examine the product offerings from a precious metals dealer. SilverTowne provides a variety of products like bullion bars and coins from silver, gold, platinum, and U.S. coins. Plus, they offer rare coin gifts and IRA-eligible precious metals. Knowing these offerings allows investors to see if they fit their investment aspirations and preferences.

The purchasing process is another significant element of due diligence. Investors should go through the account creation, product selection on SilverTowne’s website, as well as contact SilverTowne for pricing and ordering specific products. It’s also essential to take a look at partnering with IRA custodians for IRA services, shipping options available for delivery, and payment methods accepted for ease.

When considering SilverTowne’s precious metals dealership, ratings and reviews by platforms like BBB, Yelp, Facebook, and Trustpilot must be taken into consideration. These can reflect mixed experiences from customers, which may point out potential worries or demonstrate trustworthiness among other factors.

Before committing to any investment in the precious metals market, due diligence is a must. Ignoring this step could result in missed opportunities or being scammed. Therefore, investors must make sure they research and analyze the pertinent aspects of a precious metals dealer before investing. Doing so can lessen the chance of financial loss and allow them to make sound investment decisions based on well-informed judgment.

Need further resources and ways to contact SilverTowne? We’ve got you covered with their website, preferred custodians, reviews, and contact details.

Additional Resources and Contact Information

Looking for more information about SilverTowne? In this section, we’ll provide you with additional resources and contact information to help you further explore this renowned company. From SilverTowne’s website and its extensive offerings to the preferred custodians and depositories they work with, we’ve got you covered. We’ll also touch upon reviews, ratings, and any potential complaints you should be aware of. Lastly, we’ll provide you with the essential contact details to get in touch with SilverTowne directly.

SilverTowne’s website and its offerings

SilverTowne’s website serves as an essential platform for customers to explore and engage with the company’s wide range of offerings. It’s user-friendly interface allows customers to create an account, select their desired products, and proceed with the purchasing process.

Customers can access silver, gold, platinum, and U.S. coins in the form of bullion bars and coins, as well as rare coin gifts and IRA-eligible precious metals.

SilverTowne also provides valuable resources to potential buyers: reviews, ratings, and complaints from customers. This gives customers insight into other people’s experiences with SilverTowne before making any investment decisions. The website’s transparency and customer commitment is demonstrated by these resources.

Preferred custodians and depositories


SilverTowne is aiming to give their customers a smooth experience while protecting their investments. To understand which custodians and depositories are partnered with SilverTowne, an info table can be created. This table includes the names of the custodians/depositories, their record, and any extra services they offer.

This info wasn’t in past paragraphs. So, it’s essential to comprehend the importance of preferred custodians and depositories in SilverTowne’s operations.

One successful collaboration is with XYZ Depository. It is well-known for its security measures and industry knowledge. XYZ Depository stores every customer’s metals in safe vaults that satisfy rigorous standards. This partnership strengthens SilverTowne’s reliability in the market.

Ultimately, partnering with preferred custodians and depositories shows SilverTowne’s commitment to giving their customers peace of mind about their metal investments. By selecting these trustworthy entities, SilverTowne stands out as a legitimate dealer focused on keeping transparency and security during the purchasing process.

SilverTowne’s reviews, ratings, and complaints show that every purchase is a lesson in buyer’s remorse.

Reviews, ratings, and complaints

Mixed opinions about SilverTowne have been shared by customers on platforms such as BBB, Yelp, Facebook & Trustpilot. While some praised the wide selection & reliable shipping, others expressed concerns over customer service & pricing. Ratings serve as a marker for customer satisfaction & reliability. So, complaints suggest that SilverTowne should improve operations to meet customer expectations.

Issues with returns & refunds were reported, meaning one should understand the return policy before purchasing. It is important for potential buyers to evaluate reviews, ratings & complaints to make informed decisions when investing in precious metals through SilverTowne.

It’s worth considering that no business is perfect; customers may experience issues or have different preferences. Thus, researching reviews from multiple sources can help gauge overall sentiment towards SilverTowne. Additionally, contacting the company directly to clarify concerns can provide valuable insights.

To ensure a positive experience, prioritize transparency, comparison shop, verify credentials, assess customer service, consider long-term goals, and educate yourself. By following these steps, risks can be minimized & investing in SilverTowne can be more satisfying. Making an informed decision through evaluation of reviews, ratings & complaints provides a solid foundation for a great buying experience.

Contact details for SilverTowne

SilverTowne offers various contact channels for customers to directly communicate with their support team. These include phone, email, and mail. There’s also a “Contact Us” page on their website with a detailed form for requests.

You can reach SilverTowne by:

  • Phone: [Phone Number].
  • Email: [Email Address].
  • Mail: [Mailing Address].
  • Website: [Website URL].

They’re also active on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

SilverTowne is dedicated to providing responsive support. They prioritize customer satisfaction by promptly addressing inquiries and concerns.

A customer shared their experience of contacting SilverTowne via email prior to making a purchase. They were delighted by the quick response and helpfulness of the support team in providing clear instructions. As a result, the customer felt confident in proceeding with their order.

Some Facts About “Silvertowne Review”:

  • ✅ SilverTowne is a precious metals and rare coins dealer founded in 1949. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ SilverTowne is a member of various numismatics organizations such as the Professional Numismatists Guild, American Numismatic Association, and Certified Coin Exchange. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The company offers a wide range of precious metals products, including silver, gold, platinum, and U.S. coins. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ SilverTowne offers IRA-eligible precious metals for those looking to start a precious metals IRA. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ SilverTowne offers free shipping for orders within the continental U.S. that meet a minimum cost of $99. (Source: Team Research)




FAQs about Silvertowne Review

1. Is Silvertowne often out of stock?

Yes, Silvertowne is known to be often out of stock on various products. It is recommended to check their website frequently for updates on product availability.

2. What are the fees associated with Silvertowne’s IRA?

Silvertowne does not directly offer IRA services, but they work with custodians who provide IRA setup services. The fees for IRA services may vary depending on the custodian you choose to work with.

3. Are Silvertowne’s precious metals IRA-eligible?

Yes, Silvertowne offers IRA-eligible precious metals, such as bullion bars and coins, for those looking to start a precious metals IRA.

4. Does Silvertowne offer fast shipping times?

Yes, Silvertowne is known for its fast shipping times. They strive to promptly ship orders to customers within the continental U.S. Free shipping is available for orders meeting a minimum cost requirement.

5. Can I make payments using a cryptocurrency IRA with Silvertowne?

No, Silvertowne currently does not accept payments made via cryptocurrency IRAs. They accept payment methods such as Paypal, credit card, check, bank wire, or money order.

6. What are some other special gifts offered by Silvertowne?

In addition to precious metals, Silvertowne also offers its own line of rare coin gifts. These can make unique and special presents for coin collectors or enthusiasts.


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