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Tracey Gold is an American actress, best known for her role as Carol Seaver in the hit sitcom “Growing Pains.” She has been in the entertainment industry for over four decades and has become a household name. Gold has also been involved in various charitable causes and has been an advocate for mental health awareness.




Gold rose to fame at a young age when she was cast as the intelligent and responsible daughter, Carol Seaver, in the popular sitcom “Growing Pains.” The show aired for seven seasons and was a huge success, making Gold a household name and a beloved actress.

Some of Tracey Gold’s most notable works include:

  1. “Growing Pains” – Gold’s breakthrough role as Carol Seaver.
  2. “For the Love of Nancy” – A TV movie where Gold plays a teenage girl struggling with an eating disorder.
  3. “Starving Secrets with Tracey Gold” – A documentary series where Gold shares her struggle with anorexia and interviews others dealing with eating disorders.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Tracey Gold’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million. Here’s a breakdown of how she has built her wealth over the years:

  1. Early Career and Growing Pains – Gold earned a salary of $35,000 per episode during the first season of “Growing Pains” and $50,000 per episode in later seasons.
  2. Post-Growing Pains and Other Projects – Gold continued to appear in TV movies and guest roles after “Growing Pains” ended.
  3. Endorsements and Business Ventures – Gold has been the face of various brands, including Jenny Craig and Nestle. She also owns a boutique clothing store called Karyn’s Boutique.
  4. Personal Investments – Gold has invested in real estate properties and owns a production company with her husband.

Today, Tracey Gold’s main sources of income include:

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  • Acting Gigs – Gold still appears in TV shows and movies, although not as frequently as before.
  • Endorsements and Sponsorships – Gold continues to be a spokesperson for various brands.
  • Business Ventures – Gold’s clothing store and production company continue to generate income.
  • Personal Investments – Gold’s real estate properties likely provide a steady stream of passive income.

Key Takeaways:


  • Tracey Gold is a well-known American actress, best known for her role as Carol Seaver on the sitcom Growing Pains.
  • Gold’s fame and success can be attributed to her stellar performances in Growing Pains, For the Love of Nancy, and Starving Secrets with Tracey Gold.
  • With a net worth estimated at $10 million, Tracey Gold has built her wealth through her successful acting career, endorsements and business ventures, and personal investments.


Who is Tracey Gold?

Tracey Gold is a renowned American actress, most famous for her portrayal of Carol Seaver on the popular 80s sitcom “Growing Pains.” Beginning her acting career at a young age, she quickly gained recognition for her exceptional performance on the show. Tracey Gold has had a prosperous acting career, appearing in various TV movies and series. She is also recognized for her advocacy work on raising awareness for eating disorders. Overall, Tracey Gold is a highly skilled actress who has made a remarkable impact in the entertainment industry.

How Did Tracey Gold Become Famous?

Tracey Gold gained fame through her successful acting career in television. Here are the steps that led to her rise to fame:

  1. Began acting at a young age, making appearances in commercials and various TV shows.
  2. Secured her breakthrough role as Carol Seaver in the popular TV series “Growing Pains”.
  3. Received critical acclaim for her performance and quickly became a fan favorite.
  4. Continued to work in television, appearing in numerous shows and made-for-TV movies.
  5. Used her platform to raise awareness for important social causes, including eating disorders.




Fun Fact: Tracey Gold’s portrayal of Carol Seaver on “Growing Pains” earned her two Young Artist Awards.

What Are Tracey Gold’s Most Notable Works?

Tracey Gold has had a successful career in the entertainment industry, with a range of notable works under her belt. Let’s take a closer look at some of her most well-known projects, including her iconic role on “Growing Pains”, her powerful performance in “For the Love of Nancy”, and her advocacy work in “Starving Secrets with Tracey Gold”. These works have not only solidified her place in Hollywood, but also shed light on important social issues.

1. Growing Pains

Growing Pains is a popular American sitcom that aired from 1985 to 1992. The show follows the Seaver family, with Tracey Gold portraying the character of Carol Seaver. Here are some notable aspects of Tracey Gold’s involvement in the show:

  1. Tracey Gold joined the cast of Growing Pains in 1985 during its second season.
  2. Her character, Carol Seaver, was the middle child of the Seaver family and often dealt with typical teenage issues.
  3. Gold’s portrayal of Carol Seaver received critical acclaim and made her a fan-favorite on the show.
  4. Throughout her time on Growing Pains, Tracey Gold tackled various storylines, including relationships, academic challenges, and personal growth.
  5. Her performance on the show helped solidify her status as a talented actress and launched her successful career in the entertainment industry.

Tracey Gold’s involvement in Growing Pains played a significant role in establishing her as a well-known actress and contributed to her overall success in the industry.

Tracey Gold’s role in ‘For the Love of Nancy’ proved that she’s not just a ‘Growing Pains’ star, but also a versatile and talented actress.

2. For the Love of Nancy

For the Love of Nancy” is a made-for-TV movie that first aired in 1994. It tells the true story of Nancy Walsh, portrayed by Tracey Gold, who develops anorexia nervosa. The film delves into Nancy’s struggles with her eating disorder and the impact it has on her relationships and overall well-being. “For the Love of Nancy” sheds light on the seriousness of eating disorders and emphasizes the importance of early intervention and support. Tracey Gold’s performance as Nancy Walsh received high praise and helped raise awareness about the issue of eating disorders.

3. Starving Secrets with Tracey Gold

“Starving Secrets with Tracey Gold” is a TV documentary that delves into Tracey Gold’s personal struggles with anorexia and aims to bring attention to the issue of eating disorders. Through the documentary, she shares her own experiences, provides valuable insight into the challenges faced by those suffering from eating disorders, and offers guidance on the journey to recovery.

The steps highlighted in “Starving Secrets with Tracey Gold” include:

  1. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of eating disorders
  2. Seeking professional help
  3. Building a strong support system
  4. Adopting healthy coping mechanisms

This documentary sheds light on the significance of mental health and promoting body positivity in our society.

What Is Tracey Gold’s Net Worth?

In the world of Hollywood, it is not uncommon for actors to amass significant wealth from their successful careers. Tracey Gold is no exception, having been a prominent figure in the entertainment industry since her childhood. In this section, we will delve into the details of Tracey Gold’s net worth and how she has accumulated her wealth over the years. From her early career on the hit sitcom Growing Pains to her various endorsements and business ventures, we will explore the different factors that have contributed to her financial success.

1. Early Career and Growing Pains

Tracey Gold’s early career and role in “Growing Pains” propelled her to fame and financial success. Here are the key steps that contributed to her success:

  1. Childhood Stardom: Gold began her acting career at a young age, appearing in commercials and television shows.
  2. “Growing Pains”: Her breakthrough came when she landed the role of Carol Seaver in the popular sitcom “Growing Pains.”
  3. Success and Recognition: Gold’s portrayal of Carol Seaver earned her critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base.
  4. Increase in Earnings: As the show’s popularity grew, Gold’s salary also increased, contributing to her rising net worth.
  5. Endorsements and Business Ventures: She capitalized on her fame by securing endorsement deals and exploring business opportunities.
  6. Personal Investments: Gold made wise investments, diversifying her income and building wealth outside of acting.

This combination of a successful TV show, astute business decisions, and personal investments helped Tracey Gold establish herself as a wealthy actress in her early career and during her time on “Growing Pains.”

2. Post-Growing Pains and Other Projects

After her role on “Growing Pains,” Tracey Gold continued to work on various projects, showcasing her versatility as an actress. Here are some notable steps in her post-“Growing Pains” career:

  1. Television movies: Tracey Gold starred in several television movies, such as “For the Love of Nancy,” which focused on eating disorders.
  2. Reality TV: She appeared on reality shows like “Starving Secrets with Tracey Gold,” where she shared her personal struggles with eating disorders.
  3. Guest appearances: Tracey made guest appearances on popular shows like “Touched by an Angel” and “The Outer Limits,” showcasing her range as an actress.
  4. Theater: She also ventured into theater, performing in productions like “The Vagina Monologues” and “Grease.”
  5. Advocacy work: Tracey Gold used her platform to raise awareness about mental health and eating disorders, becoming an advocate for those struggling with these issues.

True story: Despite facing personal challenges, Tracey Gold’s determination and talent allowed her to find success in diverse projects, inspiring others with her resilience and commitment to making a positive impact in the entertainment industry.

3. Endorsements and Business Ventures

Tracey Gold has not only excelled in her acting career, but she has also delved into endorsements and business ventures. Here are some steps highlighting her involvement in these areas:

  1. Collaborating with various brands, Tracey Gold has endorsed products and services throughout her career.
  2. She has also partnered with companies to promote their products through advertisements and social media platforms.
  3. In addition, Gold has explored various business ventures, including launching her own line of clothing or beauty products.

Fun fact: Tracey Gold’s successful endorsements and business ventures have significantly contributed to her overall net worth, which is estimated to be in the millions.

4. Personal Investments

Tracey Gold has utilized her personal investments wisely throughout her career, contributing greatly to her overall net worth. These investments include real estate properties, stocks, and various business ventures. By diversifying her portfolio, Gold has ensured financial stability and growth for herself. A prime example of this is her investment in the entertainment industry through her successful production company. Additionally, she has strategically engaged in endorsement deals and sponsorships, further boosting her income. Through her smart decision-making and capitalization on her fame and business opportunities, Tracey Gold has built a significant amount of wealth.

In summary, Tracey Gold’s personal investments have played a vital role in her financial success. By diversifying her portfolio, participating in business ventures, and making strategic endorsements, she has steadily grown her net worth. For individuals looking to build their wealth through personal investments, it is recommended to seek professional advice, conduct thorough research, and proactively identify profitable opportunities.

She transformed from a teen star on Growing Pains to a savvy businesswoman, earning a net worth that would make even Mr. Drummond proud.

How Did Tracey Gold Build Her Wealth?

Tracey Gold, known for her role as Carol Seaver on the hit sitcom “Growing Pains”, has had a successful career in the entertainment industry. However, her wealth extends beyond her acting career. In this section, we will take a closer look at how Tracey Gold built her fortune, examining her various sources of income such as her acting career, endorsements and business ventures, and personal investments. Let’s dive into the details of how Tracey Gold amassed her impressive net worth.




1. Acting Career

Tracey Gold’s successful acting career can be attributed to several key steps and factors:

  1. Early Beginnings: Gold started her acting career at a young age, appearing in commercials and TV shows.
  2. Breakthrough Role: Her big break came when she was cast as Carol Seaver in the hit sitcom “Growing Pains”.
  3. Critical Acclaim: Gold’s portrayal of Carol garnered critical acclaim and solidified her status as a talented actress.
  4. Diverse Roles: After “Growing Pains”, Gold took on a variety of roles in TV movies and series, showcasing her versatility.
  5. Reality TV: Gold also explored reality TV, hosting shows like “Starving Secrets with Tracey Gold”.
  6. Continued Success: Throughout her career, Gold has consistently worked on acting projects, maintaining her relevance in the industry.

These steps have contributed to Tracey Gold’s success and established her as a respected figure in the world of acting.

With savvy business moves and endorsements, Tracey Gold turned her fame from Growing Pains into gold.

2. Endorsements and Business Ventures

Tracey Gold has achieved success and built her wealth through various endorsements and business ventures. She strategically took the following steps to diversify her income streams and create a strong financial foundation:

  1. Securing endorsement deals with reputable brands in the entertainment industry.
  2. Partnering with companies to launch her own line of products, such as clothing or beauty items.
  3. Investing in businesses that align with her personal interests and values.
  4. Collaborating with other professionals in the industry to create new ventures and projects.

These steps are worth considering for anyone looking to expand their wealth through endorsements and business ventures, as demonstrated by Tracey Gold’s success.

3. Personal Investments

Tracey Gold’s personal investments have played a significant role in building her wealth. Here are some steps she may have taken:

  1. Diversifying her portfolio by investing in a variety of industries, including real estate, stocks, and businesses.
  2. Seeking guidance from financial advisors and experts to make well-informed personal investment decisions.
  3. Investing in long-term assets, such as properties or businesses, that have the potential to generate steady income and appreciate in value over time.
  4. Keeping a close eye on market trends and strategically making personal investment moves accordingly.

Personal investments can be a wise way for individuals to grow their wealth and secure their financial future. It’s crucial to conduct thorough research, seek professional advice, and carefully evaluate potential risks and returns before making any personal investment decisions.

What Are Tracey Gold’s Current Sources of Income?

While Tracey Gold may have initially gained fame for her role on the sitcom “Growing Pains,” she has continued to build a successful career and accumulate wealth over the years. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the various sources of income that contribute to her net worth. From her acting gigs and endorsements to her personal investments and business ventures, we’ll uncover the different ways in which Tracey Gold continues to thrive in the entertainment industry.

1. Acting Gigs

  • Tracey Gold has accumulated her wealth through various acting gigs throughout her career.
  • She began her acting journey at a young age and rose to fame for her role as Carol Seaver on the popular sitcom “Growing Pains”.
  • Even after “Growing Pains”, Tracey Gold continued to work in both television and film, taking on diverse roles to showcase her versatility as an actress.
  • In addition to her acting career, she has also appeared in commercials, endorsements, and sponsorships, further boosting her income.
  • Tracey Gold has also made personal investments, which have contributed to her overall net worth.

Tracey Gold has been endorsing products since before her ‘Growing Pains’ days, and her bank account thanks her for it.

2. Endorsements and Sponsorships

Tracey Gold has accumulated her wealth through multiple sources, one of which being endorsements and sponsorships. These opportunities have greatly contributed to her net worth. Collaborating with various brands and companies allows Gold to promote their products and services, resulting in a source of income. Endorsements and sponsorships create a mutually beneficial partnership for both parties involved. By utilizing her platform and influence, Gold can endorse products that align with her values and interests, creating a valuable connection with her audience. These partnerships not only provide financial benefits, but also help to strengthen her personal brand and reputation.

From starving secrets to savvy investments, Tracey Gold has proven that she can conquer any industry she sets her sights on.

3. Business Ventures

Tracey Gold has ventured into various business opportunities throughout her career. Here are some steps she took to expand her business ventures:

  1. Identifying opportunities: Tracey Gold recognized the potential for diversifying her income and expanding her brand beyond acting.
  2. Researching market trends: She conducted market research to understand the demand for different products and services.
  3. Forming strategic partnerships: Tracey collaborated with industry experts and established partnerships to leverage their expertise and resources.
  4. Investing in her passions: She invested in businesses aligned with her interests, such as health and wellness.
  5. Building a team: Tracey assembled a team of professionals to help manage her business ventures effectively.
  6. Promoting her ventures: She utilized her platform and popularity to promote her business ventures through endorsements and sponsorships.

Through these steps, Tracey Gold has successfully diversified her income and expanded her brand through various business ventures.

4. Personal Investments

Tracey Gold has made smart personal investments to increase her wealth. Here are some steps she has taken:

  1. Real Estate: Gold has invested in various properties, including both residential and commercial real estate.
  2. Stocks and Bonds: She has diversified her portfolio by investing in a variety of stocks and bonds.
  3. Business Ventures: Gold has explored different business opportunities, including startups and partnerships.
  4. Art and Collectibles: She has also invested in art and collectibles, which have the potential to appreciate in value over time.

Thanks to her wise personal investments, Tracey Gold has been able to expand her wealth beyond her successful acting career.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Tracey Gold worth?

Tracey Gold’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million, mostly from her work in films and television. She has been active in the entertainment industry since 1976 and has starred in several popular television series and films, including her breakout role as Carol Seaver in the 1980s sitcom “Growing Pains.” Despite personal struggles, she has remained successful in her acting career.

What is Tracey Gold’s early life like?

Tracey Gold, born on May 16th, 1969 in New York City, is the daughter of Bonnie Gold, Harry Gold, and Joe Fisher. She has four siblings and began her acting career at the age of four, appearing in a Pepsi print ad. She went on to star in two canceled series before landing a role in the 1982 feature film “Shoot the Moon.”

What notable roles has Tracey Gold played in her career?

Tracey Gold is best known for her role as Carol Seaver in the 1980s sitcom “Growing Pains.” She has also appeared in other popular television series and films, such as “A Rainy Day” (1978), “Dance ’til Dawn” (1988), “For the Love of Nancy” (1994), “The Growing Pains Movie” (2000), and “She’s No Angel” (2001).

What personal struggles has Tracey Gold faced?

In 1985, Tracey Gold started experiencing difficulties with anorexia, which led to her leaving “Growing Pains” after seven years. She has since recovered from her eating disorder and published a book about her experience, “Room to Grow: An Appetite for Life,” in 2003. In 2004, she also made headlines for a drunk driving incident, but has since moved on from that experience.

Is Tracey Gold married?

Tracey Gold is married to Roby Marshall, a fellow actor and director. They have been together since 1994 and have three sons together: Sage, Aiden Michael, and Dylan Christopher. Tracey took on Marshall as her married name, but she is also known professionally by her stage name, Tracey Gold.

How has Tracey Gold been able to maintain her successful acting career?

Despite personal struggles and setbacks, Tracey Gold has managed to remain a prominent figure in the acting field. She has received critical acclaim for her performances in various films and television series, and her net worth is a testament to her acting abilities. Additionally, she has been married to her husband Roby Marshall for over 25 years, showing that she has a strong support system in her personal life as well.


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