How to dispute your Transunion credit report?

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There are three major credit-reporting agencies in the United States that have an impact on your credit report. They do have a lot of power, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be reasoned with.

In fact, one agency, TransUnion, makes it easy to dispute errors on your credit report. You can dispute your credit report at TransUnion with these four simple steps.

Step One: Identify Errors

The majority of people don’t bother to monitor their credit history. If they wanted to they could access their credit report for free from a number of online sources.

The sites we recommend are FreeScore360 and Scoresense. If you want to have more choices we listed top free credit score websites here.

Services like Credit Sesame and Credit Karma allow you to see your credit activity and spot any mistakes on your credit report.

For example, one of my credit cards has a credit limit of $8,200 on it, but TransUnion states on my credit report with them that the limit is only $6,000.

Showing a lower limit can actually hurt me in terms of my ability to use credit and this could negatively affect my credit score. This mistake is something I intend to dispute.

credit card utilization from transunion and credit karma

Credit Karma can also be used to spot negative or questionable information.

If you have accounts that have gone to collections, repossessions, reports of late payments and the like, these would be considered negative information.

If the negative items you see are true and correct, you should aggressively do everything you can to repair and rebuild your credit.

There is no point in disputing information that is true and correct, plus it would be dishonest.

But, if you discover a mistake you should definitely lodge a dispute.

Before disputing a mistake with TransUnion, go to for a complete copy of your credit report with them.

For help in accessing it, watch this 4 minute video.

The point of this is to have actual proof of the mistake on your credit report.

Step Two: Initiate Dispute

Once you confirm an error, TransUnion makes it easy to dispute online.

First, go to TransUnion’s online dispute portal.

Do not use a Chrome Browser to start a dispute. You cannot upload documents to TransUnion’s site using Chrome.

button to start credit dispute

If you don’t have a user account at TransUnion, you’ll need to register. You will have to provide your address, your social security number and more.

creating new account with transunion

You’ll also have to confirm a few questions about your address, debt and more. TransUnion asks these questions to keep your identity secure.

terms and conditions

Before TransUnion allows you to make a dispute, you need to agree to standard terms and conditions.

One of the most important terms is that you agree to be honest and complete. Don’t initiate false disputes.

Once you complete your account, you can initiate a dispute.

TransUnion makes this simple.

In the portal, you’ll see all your personal information (which you can dispute). You’ll also see every account.

request dispute investigation with transunion

Find the account with the error, and choose “Request an Investigation.”

investigation details options page

TransUnion gives you a variety of reasons that you can dispute accounts.

These are the most common reasons you might dispute accounts.

Choose one of these reasons, then select continue.

You can dispute many accounts with a single investigation.

Step Three: Submit Documents

Now that you’ve selected your reason, you will be given a chance to make your argument. You will only have 250 characters to do this in, so be succinct. You can also upload any relevant documents to bolster your case.

These documents might include bank statements and/or letters from creditors. If there are affidavits proving Identity Theft or police reports on this matter, those might be necessary.

If you closed out of the website before uploading your documents or you hadn’t scanned them to your computer, you can send hard copies to:

TransUnion LLC
P.O. Box 2000
Chester, PA 19016

Include your File Number when you mail documents. Not sure what your file number is? You’ll see it on the top of your account summary when you hit submit.

confirmation of dispute submit

Step Four: Follow Up

TransUnion allows themselves 30 days when investigating disputes. When they complete their investigation they will send you an email with their results. However, during this time an agent from TransUnion may contact you for more information.

Be cautious. While you want to be helpful in giving them the information they request, they really need to get the information from the original source.

When providing follow up information, use this line with agents: “Here is the information I have in my possession. It is very important to me that you follow up and verify the information I’m giving you with the original source.”

If you do not have the information that the TransUnion agent requests, just say, “I do not have the documents you are asking me for. Please contact the original creditor and have them validate the information.”

Once the investigation has been completed, TransUnion will email you with their results, which you can immediately access online.

It should take no more than 15 minutes for you to get through TransUnion’s entire dispute process online.

You may want to check out our disputing guides for Experian and Equifax.

Just remember, if you spot a mistake on your credit report, take steps to get it resolved!